AA Member Convicted for Selling Drugs at AA Meetings gets Probation

The outside of Michael Shepard’s treatment facility, where the 65-year-old held AA meetings — and also dealt painkillers to patrons.

How common is this practice of dealing drugs at AA Meetings?


Sunday, April 6, 2014,

House arrest given to Seattle man accused of dealing painkillers at AA meetings

Michael Shepard, 65, avoided jail on charges he provided painkillers to people who supposedly sought treatment at a facility he owns. The prosecutor said Shepard, whose health is deteriorating, was in such bad health that he could not serve a prison sentence. Holly Hill NA Meetings in the Parks.

A 65-year-old Seattle man — who admitted to dealing prescription drugs to addicts he met through a treatment center he managed — was spared prison due to his deteriorating health. AA Daytona Beach Meetings in Ormond By The Sea and Port Orange.

Federal prosecutors recommended Michael Shepard, a Vietnam veteran who was wounded during the war, receive probation, according to KOMO News, which reports the alleged drug dealer is barely mobile and has severe heart trouble.

“But for his severe and deteriorating medical condition … he would be incarcerated,” wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Kate Vaughan in court papers.

A judge sentenced Shepard to one year house arrest and five years of probation Friday, reports TV Station KIRO.

He told the station “of course” he feels bad about what he did and would tell others to think twice before dealing drugs. Holly Hill Florida Police Department Complaints.

Shepard was arrested last year for selling painkillers from the Nomadian Community Resource Center in Seattle, which he owned. The nonprofit facility hosted Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and Shepard would sell the drugs to the supposedly reformed addicts after the meeting, the website reported.

Authorities began coming to the center in November 2012 and Shepard sold more than 800 pills to undercover officers, KOMO News reported.

“Although he appears to have viewed himself as providing some kind of service to the community, in fact he preyed on the vulnerable by selling prescription narcotics to drug addicts, thus fueling the very disease they sought to escape,” the prosecutor wrote.

Shepard joined the Army when he was 17 and was awarded the Purple Heart after he was blown out of a helicopter, the website reported. But he was ultimately dishonorably discharged after being caught stealing.

Although he appears to have viewed himself as providing some kind of service to the community, in fact he preyed on the vulnerable by selling prescription narcotics to drug addicts.

When he returned he spent many years homeless and addicted to drugs, the website reported. Daytona Beach Police Complaints.

And with his debilitating health, his defense attorney Jesse Cantor said in court papers his client does not pose a threat to the community. Orange Papers Anti-AA Site.

“He spends most of his day either sleeping or at the hospital,” Cantor wrote. “Mr. Shepard is not in any condition that would cause one to be concerned that perhaps he would repeat his offenses.”

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