NEW Trailer for “The 13th Step” is here!!! Please     share everywhere…and thank you all for participating in our film.

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Here is the 7.5 min trailer


I spent the day on a stage in Venice, CA filming some of the finest VO actors in Hollywood reading public posts written on my  blog from way back when… till recently. It was mind blowing to hear these actors speak your works …OMG the insanity that is going on in AA it abominable!!!

Many of you reached out to me with your sad tales of rape, controlling sponsors, assault and 13 stepping. I cried when I saw the new trailer for the first time yesterday.
I have spent hundreds of hours with your stories in my head , in my files and on my computer. But now you are all coming to life privately in a cinematic way, to change how the world sees AA with all of the lies and criminal activity as well as the cult aspect is and was captured today on film.

I have one more video that’s about 3 1/2 min long that has more alternatives to AA footage that I will release in January 2014.  It has been a long journey, but I do plan to release the film in spring of 2014 and to submit to film festivals worldwide.

NO ONE has EVER made an exposing critical Documentary of Alcoholics Anonymous and people like controversy film so I am sure we will find distribution.
I was surprised how many Actors were also pissed off how one sided this issue is handled to this day!

Love you…

Hi everyone…I have a new trailer ready and its it up on youtube right now. Please share and feel free to contact me if you want.

Although we are raising money again… I am really posting here for you to see the progress I have made and what the new footage looks like. Please spread the word.

This story is too controversial, untapped and never told. Hollywood loves that sh*t.

We know the truth here. Now the rest of America and the world converted to AA Bullsh*t needs to know it too!


 The 13th Step film has been awarded fiscal sponsorship through the International Documentary Association. This sponsorship has made the film eligible to receive tax deductible donations and grants to further our funding efforts.

Our first fundraising campaign through Indiegogo raised over $24,000. With those funds we have been able to hire a professional crew that includes a Producer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Documentary Film Editor and support staff. We are filming new footage using Canon 5D cameras.  Below is a link to the new trailer that we have created with your generous contributions.

 NEW Trailer for “The 13th Step”

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 I continue to receive sexual predatory stories on my blogs weekly, and am still seeking people who are willing to share their stories. If you would like to speak to me privately, please e-mail me at


The 13th Step is about the criminal and sexually predatory behavior that occurs systemically in Alcoholics Anonymous. This behavior goes unchecked by A.A’s world headquarters, despite repeated warnings from respect board members and longtime members. This behavior is exacerbated by the systematic sentencing of criminals and sex offenders to AA meetings without the knowledge of the AA members.

Man That Set Mother’s House on Fire and Assaulted Daughter is Mandated to AA Meetings

rosewell rear.jpg

Tory Bryant is considered mentally ill and plead guilty for assault and battery for hitting his daughter. In a plea deal they dropped 3 attempted murder charges when he set the house on fire with his mother, daughter and other child were inside. The judge mandated Tory Bryant to AA or NA meetings, anger management and a psychological evaluation!

Tory Bryant admits setting fire to his mother’s Springfield house

By Buffy Spencer, The Republican 
on September 24, 2013

Tory Bryant’s mother Rosalyn Bryant asked Judge Tina S. Page in Hampden Superior Court on Tuesday to find a way to get him help he needs.

Rosalyn Bryant said her son would never have set her house on fire – with her, his 5-year-old daughter, and another 7-year-old inside – if he hadn’t been drunk and high on drugs.

Page said since she was appointed to the bench 15 years ago, she has repeatedly talked about the need for a secure facility to which she could sentence people with mental-health issues such as the 24-year-old Bryant.

But since there is no such facility, Page imposed a 2 1/2- to four-year sentence to state prison. Tory Bryan pleaded guilty to charges, admitting he set the fire at the family home.

Assistant District Attorney Clarissa A. Wright showed Page photos of the Rosewell Street house, which had about $40,000 in damage as a result of the fire. Bryant’s mother, daughter and the other girl got out safely after the alarm sounded, and they saw smoke, according to the prosecutor. Continue reading

Man Hospitalized After Fight Behind Alcoholics Anonymous Building

Drinking behind Alcoholics Anonymous leads to fight  Thursday, 20 June 2013A 42-year-old Lawton man was hospitalized with injuries received Tuesday behind the Alcoholics Anonymous building, he said, during some daytime drinking followed by an epithet that could have resulted in his own epitaph. AA NA Daytona Beach Meetings

LPD Sgt. J.R. Helms said he met with the man at Comanche County Memorial Hospital where the man was being treated for a cut right eye/cheek and left side of the head as well as a possible broken arm. The man told Helms he’d been drinking with a group of people behind the AA building at Southwest 12th and F Avenue around noon when he’s said a racial epithet. A 40-year-old black man he knew only as “Michael Jackson” allegedly picked up a piece of wood and began beating the man with it, the report states. “Jackson” then left the area and the injured man walked to the hospital where he called police. Continue reading

Killer Goes to AA Meeting After Slitting the Throat and Strangling Mental Health Counselor

Lia Yera Tricomo who was known to have mental problems and had been treated at the Pro 12 Step Behavioral Health Resources in Olympia Washingon. This is where she met victim John Alkins as a patient. It appears she was an AA member, considering after the killing she went to an AA meeting to confess. 

May 3rd 2013

Accused killer had moved in with victim on the day of slaying at Sunset Beach Drive

Former Behavioral Health Resources counselor John Alkins, 58, was fired in December after he “violated BHR policies concerning professional boundaries.” Five months later, a 27-year-old Olympia woman who says she was a former patient of Alkins’ at BHR is accused of slitting Alkins’ throat with a folding razor knife at his Sunset Beach Drive home. She told police she later strangled him with an extension Continue reading

Man Stabs Mother Gets Probation and Mandated to AA Meetings

Bozeman man sentenced for stabbing mother

A 45-year-old Bozeman man was freed from jail Monday after serving 131 days there for stabbing his mother in the leg while drunk last year.

Instead, Gallatin County District Judge Mike Salvagni sentenced Alexander Scott Sawicki to a four-year suspended sentence and ordered him to regularly attend a community support group like Alcoholics Anonymous for at least a year.

The suspended sentence comes as a result of the plea agreement reducing Sawicki’s charge from felony assault with a weapon to the lesser felony of criminal endangerment.

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Did They Really Tell Stalkers Going to AA Meetings and Ala-non Meetings is Helpful?

This is stalking awareness month. Stalking comes in many forms including online stalking. AA members are known for stalking anti-AA bloggers. Many cannot handle any criticism of the 12 steps, The Big Book or Bill W. Bloggers beware. But there is also many other forms of stalking and it can lead to death. I cannot believe this article below actually tells people that might think they are a stalker, to go to AA meetings and Al-anon meetings! I mean we already have the courts mandating stalkers to 12 step programs. So before you go to an AA or NA meeting, or a 12 step based co-dependency support group (CoDA) realize you could be sitting next to a stalker thanks to our courts and others who think it is a fine idea!

” It is a form of harassment and can lead to death. If you have stalking tendencies, there are things you can do to prevent yourself from being a stalker as well. The majority of them have an obsessive pattern which they lose control of. They become co-dependent upon the person, which means they believe they cannot exist without the other person. Going to a Co-Dependency group can help as can going to AA or Al-Anon. Stalkers usually self medicate with drugs and/or drinking as well.”

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Another Woman Murdered By Man She Met at an AA Meeting

AA Member Corey Dean Thomas and multi convicted violent felon murdered a woman after meeting her at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. This man was court mandated to attend AA meetings and on probation at the time he strangled and stuffed her body into a crawl space at her apartment. This is similar to the Karla Brada murder by a man she also met at an AA meeting. Karla Brada’s parents are suing Alcoholics Anonymous World Services.

 Thomas had four violent felonies to his name when mandated to AA meetings! 

He was released from prison in June. He pleaded guilty in Ramsey County District Court in 2009 to two counts of second-degree assault. According to those charges: Thomas had been drinking and argued with his then-girlfriend, who was trying to break up with him. He punched her in the head and body a few times and pushed her to the floor.

The girlfriend’s stepfather tried to pull Thomas away. Thomas pulled a box cutter and cut the man and the girlfriend on their heads, the complaint said.

Thomas threatened to murder everyone in the house and chased a 14-year-old with the box cutter, court documents show. He later told police that although he had no memory of committing the acts, voices in his head told him to do it.

This is the demographic that attend AA, yet they are campaigning teens to go to the same meetings with no one in charge, or professionally trained.  In fact many Teen Drug Courts are mandating minors to attend as well. When is this madness going to end?

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