Did They Really Tell Stalkers Going to AA Meetings and Ala-non Meetings is Helpful?

This is stalking awareness month. Stalking comes in many forms including online stalking. AA members are known for stalking anti-AA bloggers. Many cannot handle any criticism of the 12 steps, The Big Book or Bill W. Bloggers beware. But there is also many other forms of stalking and it can lead to death. I cannot believe this article below actually tells people that might think they are a stalker, to go to AA meetings and Al-anon meetings! I mean we already have the courts mandating stalkers to 12 step programs. So before you go to an AA or NA meeting, or a 12 step based co-dependency support group (CoDA) realize you could be sitting next to a stalker thanks to our courts and others who think it is a fine idea!

” It is a form of harassment and can lead to death. If you have stalking tendencies, there are things you can do to prevent yourself from being a stalker as well. The majority of them have an obsessive pattern which they lose control of. They become co-dependent upon the person, which means they believe they cannot exist without the other person.¬†Going to a Co-Dependency group can help as can going to AA or Al-Anon. Stalkers usually self medicate with drugs and/or drinking as well.”

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