AA Member John Michael Siscoe Declared a Dangerous Offender and Sentenced in the Worst Case of Torture In Canada

John Michael Siscoe.John Michael Siscoe

This is one of the case of torture in Canada. John Siscoe met his victim in an AA meeting. This one an extremely sick twisted dangerous man who was a 12 stepper looking for another victim to brutally attack. 

A dangerous offender designation is reserved for only the worst of Canadian criminals — and an indeterminate sentence is the harshest possible penalty.

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John Michale Siscoe: ‘Sick and deviant’ abuser’s dark, cruel history revealed in court

An abused child turned “horrific” abuser, who confined and tortured a friend in his home for nearly three months, was declared a dangerous offender  Friday.

By:  GTA,  News reporter, Published on Fri Dec 06 2013

Warning: extremely graphic content.

 For nearly three months John Michael Siscoe confined and tortured his lover’s husband in a Toronto apartment. John Siscoe met him at an AA meeting.

When the man was not kept in a tiny bloodstained closet, Siscoe beat him with broomsticks and hammers, poured lighter fluid all over his body and set it alight, cut him with razor blades, stuck him with pins, viciously sexually assaulted him and threatened to kill both him and his parents. Orange Papers does AA work?

Often the man’s wife, then pregnant with Siscoe’s child, watched. The woman, who like both her husband and Siscoe is developmentally delayed, was sentenced to eight years in prison in May. NA and AA Daytona meetings in Port Orange, Holly Hill and Ormond Beach.

By the end, the man was so battered and broken that if the police hadn’t found him on Jan. 19, 2010, he would be dead, said Justice John McMahon.

On Friday McMahon declared Siscoe a dangerous offender and sentenced him to indefinite incarceration. McMahon called him a “sick and deviant individual” capable of “human depravity of such a nature that it shocks the conscience.” Continue reading


Wife of brutally tortured man sentenced to eight years in prison

“The victim met Siscoe during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a small B.C. town in 2008. The victim and his wife had been married for three years.”

The woman helped her lover confine her own husband in the closet of their Toronto apartment for two and a half months.
By:  News reporter, Published on Thu May 30 2013

The woman who helped her lover confine and brutally torture her own husband for 2½ months in a Toronto apartment was sentenced to eight years in prison Thursday.

“This is the worst case of abuse and torture seen in Canada,” said Justice John McMahon, adding the “almost unspeakable” acts performed showed “a human nature of such depravity it is beyond conscience.”

The 32-year-old woman, who cannot be named to due a publication ban that protects her husband, pleaded guilty in January 2012 to aggravated assault, sexual assault causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

She watched her lover and the father of her child, John Michael Siscoe, beat her husband with a broom handle until it broke, cut him with razor blades and pour lighter fluid — or sometimes hairspray or aftershave — over parts of his body and set it alight, according to the agreed statement of facts. Continue reading

Wife of AA Member Allowed Fellow AA Member John Siscoe to Brutally Torture Husband

The AA member that tortured John Michael Siscoe is considered one of they worst crimes committed in Toronto history. Siscoe met the man at an AA meeting! Siscoe’s wife is in court for her part in covering up the torture. You cannot be too careful in AA meetings. More and more people are reported being murdered, raped and mutilated by people they have met at AA and NA meetings.

Here is original story- AA Daytona Meetings


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AA member John Michael Siscoe committed one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history, when he brutally and sexually tortured a man he met at an AA meeting. AA World Services is well aware of the diabolical criminal people in the rooms.

Here is a quote from the co-founder of AA in Tradition Three 12X12 page 139 ” No matter who you are, no matter how low you’ve gone, no matter how grave your emotional complications-even your crimes-we still can’t deny you AA. We dont want to keep you out. We aren’t a bit afraid you will harm us never mind how twisted and violent you may be”.

Why not be afraid that the twisted, violent, emotionally complicated would harm you? What a bizarre statement. AA has proved that they meant that statement!  Why not implement safety measures? Yet knowing the most twisted people walk through their doors, they continue to invite young people knowing the grave dangers, and do nothing to protect them.

If you have a problem with this please call AA World Services Inc. at 212-870-3400. They are located in New York City. You can also contact your elected officials in all levels of government.

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