Woman Stabs Boyfriend in the Heart with BBQ Fork Goes to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Woman who stabbed boyfriend with BBQ fork avoids prison, gets 90 days in jail

Victim who is ‘very lucky to be alive’ begs judge to keep ex-girlfriend out of prison.
AUG 14, 2013
A 27-year-old Wakeman woman was given jail time and ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend more than $18,000 in connection with stabbing him in the heart with a barbecue fork.

Katie Lou Brooks, of Ohio, was convicted of aggravated assault during a previous hearing of the Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Tuesday, a tearful Brooks apologized to the victim and his family for the injuries he sustained during a drunken domestic dispute at a Norwalk location.

The victim underwent open heart surgery to repair the damage done during the assault and medical reports indicate his body hasn’t fully recovered, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said during the hearing. NA Daytona meetings in Holly Hill Florida.

“I know what I did was very wrong. I understand violence isn’t the answer to anything. I am not a violent person,” Brooks told the court. AA Daytona meetings in Sunrise Park.

Since the incident in May, Brooks told the court she has been regularly attended Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, counseling and volunteering around Norwalk. “I’m trying to show I am not an evil person. That this was a mistake, a big mistake,” Brooks said. Continue reading

Another Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor Murdered By His Sponsee

Utah  AA Sponsor David Woodrow Brown Murder Victim

Utah AA sponsee  Christopher John Wiggins murdered his Sponsor David Woodrow Brown Oct. 15, 2011 after breaking into his home. AA realizes the danger they put members in asking them to do service work by being sponsors to dangerous criminals and mentally unstable individuals. Sometimes the sponsors fit this description as well in which case we have the blind leading the blind. 

Midvale man sent to prison for killing his ‘role model’

MugShot Christopher John Wiggins Salt Lake City, Utah

By , Deseret News

Published: Friday, March 8 2013 12:52 p.m. MST

WEST JORDAN — David Brown had an enlarged heart in every sense. Physically — it ran in his family — and metaphorically.

“I’ve seen David go without lunch to feed someone else,” John Brown said of his brother. “One time, I saw him give his last dollar. … No matter what he was doing, no matter what was going on, if you made a phone call, he’d drop everything to be there.”

When he saw a struggling Christopher John Wiggins, a young man he had once sponsored in Alcoholics Anonymous, he offered him a place at his home.

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Man Arrested For Shooting Up Neighbors Cabin Then Bonds Out and Goes To AA Meetings


 AA Member  David R. Willer 66, is found guilty of felony endangering safety by reckless use of a firearm. This after he fired into a neighbors cabin. Now this guy is crazy! You have got to read this article. The court did an evaluation on him saying he had a narcissistic personality disorder and characteristics of a sociopath. In jail he threatened to kill the jailers, the SWAT team that arrested him and stack them like a cord of wood. The SWAT team found 14 firearms at his house. He had previously threatened to kill his own wife and burn a house down.

After the arrest, he gets out on bond and goes to a 12 step Rehab at Resurrection Behavioral Health in Chicago. Then he goes to AA meetings! Yes! Just the kind of man you would want to hold hands with in AA, right?

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Man Charged With Pulling Handgun on Two Men Goes to AA Meetings is Given Light Sentence

AA Member Andrew Peterson got the  AA get out of jail card by getting a 6 month suspended sentence after he attended AA meetings prior to sentencing. This is very common for attorneys to tell their clients to go to AA meetings because it will look good to the court. So even before the courts mandate 12 step meetings, attorneys nationwide are encouraging the criminals they represent to go to AA and NA Meetings.

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AA member John Michael Siscoe committed one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history, when he brutally and sexually tortured a man he met at an AA meeting. AA World Services is well aware of the diabolical criminal people in the rooms.

Here is a quote from the co-founder of AA in Tradition Three 12X12 page 139 ” No matter who you are, no matter how low you’ve gone, no matter how grave your emotional complications-even your crimes-we still can’t deny you AA. We dont want to keep you out. We aren’t a bit afraid you will harm us never mind how twisted and violent you may be”.

Why not be afraid that the twisted, violent, emotionally complicated would harm you? What a bizarre statement. AA has proved that they meant that statement!  Why not implement safety measures? Yet knowing the most twisted people walk through their doors, they continue to invite young people knowing the grave dangers, and do nothing to protect them.

If you have a problem with this please call AA World Services Inc. at 212-870-3400. They are located in New York City. You can also contact your elected officials in all levels of government.

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