Drunk Driver Driving to an Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting in Head on Collision Will do Jail Time

A drunk driver who caused a head-on collision after driving on the wrong side of the road was on her way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the time.

Mother-of-three Briege O’Hara is starting a nine-month jail term after she caused grievous bodily injury by dangerous driving to another driver. NA Daytona Meetings In Daytona.

The 61-year-old, from Belfast’s Antrim Road, was driving over the legal limit and was on her way to an AA meeting when she caused the collision near her home on August 27 last year. AA Daytona in Holly Hill Parks not paying rent.

O’Hara knew the man she injured and was “entirely remorseful” for what she had done, Belfast Crown Court heard yesterday. Daytona DUI Schools in Volusia County.

She pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily injury by dangerous driving and also driving with excess alcohol.

The van’s driver, a man in his mid 60s, sustained a fractured breast bone and left hand in the collision and lost his job as a delivery driver as a result.

Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland handed O’Hara an 18-month sentence, half of which will be spent in custody, and the remainder on supervised licence.

O’Hara was also banned from driving for three years.


AA is Ruining The World Says Addiction Expert Stanton Peele

AA is Ruining the World

I was invited to the UK and Denmark to speak by harm reduction activists who are worried about the impact of AA and the 12 steps in their countries. Both Patrick O’Hare, who founded in Liverpool the organization now called Harm Reduction International, and Nanna Gotfredsen, founder and director of Copenhagen’s Street Lawyers, who run a clean needle program and other services for drug users and addicts, watch with alarm as the gains they have made dealing with addicts over previous decades erode. You see, both the British and the Danish governments are increasingly buying into the AA line that abstinence is the best and most achievable goal, both for individual addicts and for their nations. Daytona NA meetings in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Holly Hill and Ormond.

Oddly, in Denmark, the newly-elected socialists are most susceptible to AA’s abstinence uber alles message, while in Britain it is David Cameron’s conservatives who seem to be swallowing the AA message hook, line and sinker. Politicians of all stripes tend to like magic bullet solutions, especially ones that hold out the promise that their constituents will stop taking drugs. Drinking is a thornier matter, since politicians and public health servants themselves drink, and the issue there is obviously over-drinking. (Of course, in reality, drugs present the same problem.)

Here are four reasons AA is harmful and will hurt their societies.

AA denies reality. I present data generated by the American government’s own research showing that each age cohort after the 18-25 age group has a substantially lower percentage of problematic drinkers and drug users — including alcoholics and addicts. Yet, the large majority of former abusers do not enter treatment or join AA — they have simply “matured out.” Since the 12-step mantra is that substance use problems only grow worse without their intervention, AA members must deny this reality (“All the youthful drug users have died!”). I then ask how many members of the audience have quit smoking — which they acknowledge to be the hardest drug addiction to quit. Of the large number who raise their hands, I then ask how many did so due to medical treatment (e.g., nicotine gums and patches) or support groups. If 1 in 10 former smoking addicts present raise their hands, it’s a lot. Continue reading

Two Men Who Met at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Sexually Assault 16 Year Old Boy in Remote Novia Scotia Cabin

Tim Krochak/Halifax Chronicle-Herald/CP

A member of the RCMP forensic team enters a home on Faulkner Road in Upper Chelsea, N.S. where a teen was held captive for a week.John Leonard MacKean is shown arriving at court on Monday, March 17, 2014 in Bridgewater, N.S.

John Leonard MacKean is shown arriving at court on Monday, March 17, 2014 in Bridgewater, N.S.

The sick criminals that attend AA meetings is undeniable. Alcoholics Anonymous has stated there is no one too sick to be an AA member.


John Leonard MacKean found guilty of sexually assaulting blindfolded boy, 16, held captive in remote N.S. cabin

 | March 21, 2014

A Halifax man was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting a blindfolded 16-year-old boy who said he was kept captive in a remote cabin for more than a week.

A jury also found John Leonard MacKean, 64, guilty of communicating for the purpose of obtaining sexual services from a person under 18. He will be sentenced June 24.

The verdict came after more than four hours of deliberations. The trial, which began Monday, heard MacKean and the victim each give their accounts of what happened on the day of Sept. 20, 2012. NA Daytona Beach meetings in Daytona, Holly Hill and Port Orange.

The teen testified that he was blindfolded with a sleeping mask and his hands and feet were chained to a bed when a man sexually assaulted him at a cabin in rural Nova Scotia where he was held against his will for eight days. Continue reading

‘Face Gnawer’ of Women Sentenced to AA Meetings after Pleading Guilty to Terrorist Threats, Indecent Exposure and More

Oh God help us! Man who tackled women and gnawed thier faces, broke into a house, hit an EMT personal is mandated to AA Meetings. PLEASE,PLEASE do not send your kids or teens to AA/NA meetings. You never know who you will be sitting next to and told to hug and hold hands.

  • ‘Face gnawer’ is sentenced

  • Receives 90 days to 23 ½ months in prison
  • By Kelly Waters    Updated May. 2, 2013
  • — A man accused of gnawing at a woman’s face is now in jail.

    On Thursday morning in the Wayne County Courthouse, Richard Cimino, 21, was sentenced for an incident that occurred on Sept. 7, 2012.

    His total sentence from Judge Raymond Hamill is 90 days to 23-1/2 years in prison at the Wayne County Correctional Facility. Cimino also has to pay the cost of prosecution, pay $15,693.11 in restitution at a minimum of $200 a month, pay a $50 per month supervision fee, refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol, undergo drug and alcohol testing, attend a minimum of one AA meeting per week and pay a $200 fine for count 8, criminal mischief.

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Another Con Man With Atrocious Long and Violent Criminal Record Mandated to AA Meetings

There is no criminal too dangerous to mandate to your local AA meeting. Here is more proof!  Wagner is classified as a high-risk offender due to his “atrocious” criminal record.  This man has a three-page record of numerous offences including well over nine assaults, four robberies and attempted robberies and two of uttering threats. na daytona  aa daytona

Missing violent con found hitchhiking in Sudbury

Harold Carmichael The Sudbury Star  

It was perhaps pure luck that a Saskatoon man with a long and violent criminal history was spotted hitchhiking in the Greater Sudbury area on April 1. Continue reading

Man Charged With Pulling Handgun on Two Men Goes to AA Meetings is Given Light Sentence

AA Member Andrew Peterson got the  AA get out of jail card by getting a 6 month suspended sentence after he attended AA meetings prior to sentencing. This is very common for attorneys to tell their clients to go to AA meetings because it will look good to the court. So even before the courts mandate 12 step meetings, attorneys nationwide are encouraging the criminals they represent to go to AA and NA Meetings.

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