AA member John Michael Siscoe committed one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history, when he brutally and sexually tortured a man he met at an AA meeting. AA World Services is well aware of the diabolical criminal people in the rooms.

Here is a quote from the co-founder of AA in Tradition Three 12X12 page 139 ” No matter who you are, no matter how low you’ve gone, no matter how grave your emotional complications-even your crimes-we still can’t deny you AA. We dont want to keep you out. We aren’t a bit afraid you will harm us never mind how twisted and violent you may be”.

Why not be afraid that the twisted, violent, emotionally complicated would harm you? What a bizarre statement. AA has proved that they meant that statement!  Why not implement safety measures? Yet knowing the most twisted people walk through their doors, they continue to invite young people knowing the grave dangers, and do nothing to protect them.

If you have a problem with this please call AA World Services Inc. at 212-870-3400. They are located in New York City. You can also contact your elected officials in all levels of government.

Tortured man kept in a closet three years ago still suffers in body and mind, court hears

Published on Tuesday December 18, 2012

The nights are the worst.

Nearly three years after police discovered him naked and malnourished in a bloodstained closet, the man tortured with razor blades, burning, savage beatings and sexual abuse for three months cannot sleep without medication to drive his recurring nightmares away.

“I have to have a night light,” he wrote in a childlike scrawl for a victim impact statement read on his behalf at his wife’s sentencing hearing Tuesday. “Can’t stand being in the pitch black. I hate it.”

Face downcast, his wife listened from the dock. In January, she and her lover, John Michael Siscoe, pleaded guilty to several crimes including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm.

The victim’s identity is protected by a publication ban that also prevents his wife’s name from being disclosed.

His ears are still painful and he staggers when he walks, he writes. It’s the legacy of having cartilage ripped from them with pliers by Siscoe in the west-end apartment the three shared in Toronto.

He is paranoid, angry, frustrated and anxious “to the point of wanting to disappear and never be found and to die somewhere.”

Some of the statement is directed at his wife: “How can I discribe (sic) the feeling of being so hurt and heartbroken … it feels like the vows meant nothing to her, leaving me feeling betrayed and left to die, never to even trying to call the police to help me or someone else.”

They were married for three years before he met Siscoe at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 2008 and invited him over on New Year’s Eve. The marriage was already on the rocks by then and his wife entered into a sexual relationship with Siscoe and later became pregnant.

The three lived together in a B.C. town (it was “awesome,” said the woman in a police interview) and in September 2009 they moved to Toronto. The abuse began around Halloween and continued until Jan. 19, 2010.

Siscoe committed the violence, while the victim’s wife witnessed it. The woman is considered by experts to be intellectually impaired and easily manipulated, with an IQ of only 59.

She has admitted to holding her husband still as Siscoe sewed up his wounds and yelled at him to “shut up,” as he was being abused for fear that the social services would come and take her baby away.

“(She) clearly understood that the abuse was wrong and even illegal,” stated a psychologist’s report. She “likely submitted to (Siscoe’s) authority like a young child would do.”

However, Crown attorney Paul Leishman, who is seeking a substantial prison sentence for the woman, suggests that her initial lies to the police when Siscoe was arrested show “callous disregard to the man she’s married to.”

The woman first denied she knew her husband was in the apartment at all, then said: “(He) has a big mouth and probably got into a fight,” to explain his wounds.

The hearing will continue on March 22. In the meantime, Justice John McMahon has requested a medical opinion of the victim’s current state to make sure he is getting the help he needs.



    • Toronto AA Member In Court Over Tortured Husband

      Woman who helped in horrific torture feared for herself
      Says Doctor

      December 18th 2012 TORONTO – The “mildly mentally retarded” woman who helped her boyfriend inflict unspeakable sexual and physical torture upon her ex-husband feared reprisals against herself, a psychologist testified Tuesday.

      John Arrowood said the now 31-year-old woman believed if she reported John Michael Siscoe to police, he would kill her husband’s parents in B.C. She also feared for herself and her own family.

      The woman has extremely low intelligence and has the coping and communication skills of a child 7-11 years old, Arrowood said.

      “She would not have been able to critically analyze how Mr. Siscoe would be able to harm her husband’s parents who were living in B.C. when he was living in Toronto,” wrote Arrowood. “She likely submitted to his authority just like a young child would do.”

      She has admitted she was an accomplice as Siscoe perpetrated three months of torture against her ex-husband while the trio shared an Eglinton Ave. W. apartment in fall 2009.

      The trio met in B.C. and moved together to Toronto in September 2009.

      Both the woman’s and victim’s identities are covered by a publication ban.

      Siscoe burned the now 40-year-old man’s genitals and inserted pins into his penis, scrotum and lips. The victim suffered five fractured ribs and two collapsed lungs. He lost so much blood that most of his stained clothing was tossed.

      In January, the woman and Siscoe, 41, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and sexual assault causing bodily harm in a reign of terror that lasted from Oct. 31, 2009, until Jan. 19, 2010, when police rescued the man after being notified by neighbours.

      Crown attorney Paul Leishman asked if the woman’s conduct — watching her husband’s genitals being mutilated or burned — could indicate she lacks empathy.

      Arrowood said that is one possible conclusion but all of the circumstances must be considered. The woman, who was witnessing horrendous violence daily, was coerced into submission, he told Justice John McMahon.

      The woman provided two lies to police: One that she didn’t know the victim was in their apartment and later blaming the horrific injuries on him, saying he “has a big mouth and probably got into a fight.”

      “Doesn’t that lay bare her internal state of mind?” asked Leishman.

      Arrowood disagreed, saying domestic abuse survivors often lie “for their partners.”

      The sentencing hearing will resume March 22.


  1. This poor man that trusted this guy that he met in an Alcoholics Anonymous meetings ended up half dead because of the nutcases AA brings into the their fold. If it were not for someone who drinks calling the police I am sure this man would of died.

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