Court Ordered AA Member Attempts To Remove Child from Elementary School

Winchester man charged for trying to take child from school

Mandated AA Member James A. Tolson arrested for attempting to take child from elementary school. He had already been previosly mandated to AA.

Tolson is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday on his latest case. He was scheduled to be in Clark District Court Monday on a previous conviction for fourth-degree assault. He was convicted of alcohol intoxication, criminal mischief and assault in January after breaking out the windows of a woman’s car, pulling a knife and cutting her sister’s finger. He pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 180 days in jail with 150 of them conditionally discharged and was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and anger management classes

Winchester man charged for trying to take child from school

By Kendall Sparks  May 2, 2013
A Winchester man has been arrested after he went to Central Elementary School this morning and attempted to check out a child Continue reading

Feds: Alcoholics Anonymous Host Sold Drugs at AA meetings


Alcoholics Anonymous host allegedly sold drugs at meetings

By Michael Harthorne Published: Mar 13, 2013

CBS/AP) SEATTLE – Michael Martin Shepard, the owner of a South Seattle nonprofit club that regularly hosted Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, was arrested Monday for allegedly selling oxycodone before and after meetings,CBS affiliate KIMA reports.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Seattle Police Department was alerted in November that Shepard, the owner of Nomadian Community Resource Center, was dealing illegal drugs.

“We took a closer look and realized what we had here was a pretty significant drug operation,” Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, of the Seattle Police Department, said. Continue reading


A Minor was Molested at an Alcoholics ANonymous meeting In Nashville, Tennessee. AA member Jeremy Bartles was arrested for the sexual battery of a young girl during an AA Meeting. Continue reading

Young People In AA Are Falling Through The Cracks


Young People are being failed by AA in more ways than even this article outlines. In this Washington Post article author Chelsea speaks about the drug connections and party buddies she met at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Continue reading

NA Meetings Run By The Bloods Gang In New Jersey Halfway House

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings are being run by the Bloods Gang in New Jersey Halfway House called Bo Robinson Treatment Center. They are dealing drugs in the NA meetings and violence is typical in the NA meetings. Some inmates are so scared they ask to go back to jail! There is so much drug dealing going on in the NA meetings, the younger crowd who typically scorn AA/NA meetings attend to get drugs. Continue reading