Daytona Beach “Just For Today” Narcotics Anonymous Meeting at Hollyland Park Continues to Harass Citizens


This story told by 4thechildren about the Just For Today NA Meeting in Holly Hill deserved it’s own post.

On Memorial day weekend, a volunteer who was cleaning up trash at Hollyland Park, had to listen to excessive swearing from members of the Daytona Beach NA group, “JUST FOR TODAY” who were holding their large meeting directly in the middle of the playground.

Someone had properly rented the park’s main pavilion for a family reunion gathering. This Daytona NA group’s non-traditional chairperson decided to take over the pavilion in the middle of the playground which was about 30 to 40 feet from the family reunion event!

Too bad if the children of the family reunion were hoping to use the playground!

The volunteer was so sick of hearing the foul language and witnessing the inappropriate behavior from this group on Memorial day weekend that he decided not to visit the Holly Hill park last Sunday.

He considered not going again this weekend but then asked himself, why should any citizen allow this group, who takes over the park every Sunday morning, to deny one from enjoying a typical park experience because of their foul language and inappropriate aggressive behavior?

So at about 11:30 a.m., after purchasing a sub from Subway, he decided to stop by and eat his brunch in the park at a nice shady picnic table across the field and away from the meeting.

He got out with his book to read and paused from time to time to watch some batting practice going in the ball field as he ate his food.

The citizen just continued to read his book. Even at this distance one could not help but hear swearing. He also heard a lady who apparently was walking with a small child coming closer to where he was sitting. As she got closer she heckled the citizen with an extremely derogatory and critical remark.

Then two other Daytona NA members came by where the citizen was sitting and muttered derogatory comments about him to one another as they passed.

I guess they are retaliating because this citizen has had to call the police in the past when Daytona Beach NA members illegally smoke and harass citizens etc.

What happened next was much worse! AA Daytona Meetings in Daytona Beach Florida Volusia County

As the citizen continued with his book and some NA members were getting in their vehicles, a newer,tan diesel truck drove toward the citizen.The truck pulled up tightly behind the citizen’s car, which was the last one in the parking area. THEN THE DRIVER AGGRESSIVELY MANEUVERED THIS TRUCK AROUND THE CAR, WAY UP ON TO THE GRASS, TIGHT TO AND PART WAY AROUND THE TREE AND PICNIC TABLE!

HE THEN SAT STARING RIGHT AT THE CITIZEN, WHILE PARKED APPROXIMATELY 10 FEET FROM THE CITIZEN’S SIDE OF PICNIC TABLE, ON THE GRASS WITH HIS DIESEL MOTOR RUNNING! Every time the citizen looked up from his book, the aggressive man in the truck was staring right at him!

After many minutes had gone by the citizen started to pick up his food and book to put it in his car. The man in the truck just kept staring and then pulled his truck sideways right behind the car, blocking it. The citizen just calmly continued to put his things in his car and then thought it best to check the license tag of this truck!

At that point the Daytona NA man in the truck made some aggressive and unusual maneuvers, backing his truck up across the grass, way over towards the nursery. The man in the truck continued to stare at the citizen from his truck. The citizen then walked diagonally across the field to get the license number from the truck. After realizing that the citizen was getting his tag number the truck quickly left the area.

The citizen stayed a while longer and watched some batting practice to relax but then it began to rain so he decided to leave.

As the citizen reached the stop sign at the edge of the park and prepared to pull out, the same truck pulled slowly in front of him on the street and then stopped in the road just past the intersection.

The citizen then pulled out onto the road and went in the opposite direction of the truck to avoid further aggression from this man. At that point the man in the tan, crew cab, diesel truck quickly pulled into Centennial Park and stopped right in the entrance way.

As the citizen headed east, the man in the truck peeled out of Centennial Park and you could hear his tires squealing 3+ blocks away!!


Knowing the long criminal and violent history of some of these anonymous members and the completely unsupervised nature of their meetings, it boggles the mind to think of them being permitted to take over a playground just to avoid paying for an appropriate space.

This would not be allowed in Daytona, Ormond or Volusia County Parks!

Their organization’s 7th tradition expects them to pay their own way and they always recite how their traditions are

7 thoughts on “Daytona Beach “Just For Today” Narcotics Anonymous Meeting at Hollyland Park Continues to Harass Citizens

  1. It is not a good idea to be in Holly Hill parks while these NA/AA members are having their weekly rehab business meetings! Unruly, members continue to intimidate and threaten people when they want to and can get away with it!

    These organizations admit that they are non-accountable and claim zero responsibility for the actions of their members. When you look up the police records of some of these members and see what they were arrested for, how many times they have been arrested, let out and sent back to these meetings, you understand they are used to getting away with all kinds of things!

    I love Holly Hill ! I hope Holly Hill will soon get caught up with other parks systems in the area who all have guidelines that prevent any organization from conducting regular business in parks and playgrounds in this way! Monopolizing a public park for regular business meetings upsets the intended purpose and natural flow of the park and therefore is not allowed in Holly Hill’s adjoining cities and most other updated Park systems.

    Holly Hill is a beautiful place with wonderful people! Many things are improving but after last weekend it is clearly still unsafe to be in the park when police are not present and these group’s members are hanging around!

    Maybe one day law-abiding citizens, who have been repeatedly threatened by AA/NA members in Holly Hill parks, will be able to feel safe in the park again.

  2. Paul P.

    This guy is posting some seemingly innocuous videos but giving them rather ominous titles as far as the activity of an AA Alano Club. I really do not know what to make of what I am seeing in these videos.

    Nevertheless… Just the existence of people going to AA and NA meeting sites all over this country and making secret videos of meetings and attendees ought to put them on some kind of notice if they ever want to take their heads out of their asses and victims’ underpants.

    • That would be a great thing to do to expose AA and NA for what their meetings are really made of and what goes on in them.

      If they are in a public Park like Holly Hill it would be easy to make videos and show the world on You Tube. There is no expectation of privacy in a park or an AA or NA meeting that is open to the public. Most meetings are open to the public thus one could video tape or take pictures.

      • Yes, it is amazing AntiD. You know, I think changes are going to come sooner than we may have anticipated. Anyone is free to tape or video in a public place and with YouTube no one is required to sign a release…I guess.

        I am unsure of the legality, but what NA or AA member will care about legalities when he or she sees and/or hears themselves sharing at a table on THE WORLD WIDE WEB?! Those of them that stumble onto our sites are actually lucky; at least they are being forewarned. No one at an AA or NA meeting is gonna warn them!

        Many will be MORTIFIED when they realize that this kind of secret recording of 12 step “closed” meetings is being done more and more. Everyone KNOWS that any damned body can go into those meetings and pretend to be ‘whatever’ is needed.
        Just look and listen to this meeting that is readily available online; a so-called “anonymous” meeting wherein no one’s confidentiality is really broken…but we can see how easily that line even can be crossed (just look at what is happening with our government these days)

        Secretly Taped AA Meeting:

        Those who oppose us and support the 12 step racket may not agree that AA and NA meetings are unsafe due to the predators that attend them and so they may feel totally at ease. Will they feel at as much ease with the 12 Step Secret Paparazzi taping their “SHARES” and posting them to YouTube?

        Will they wake up and smell the weak free coffee…or keep being brain-washed-bill-kabobs?

        Just how brain washed are they?

        We’ll soon see, huh?


  3. Thank you 4thechildren for sharing this harrowing experience with the Holly Hill NA Meeting. It is scary how aggressive they are being. More people need to complain to NA Headquarters in California and the City Of Holly Hill. Of course we know NA World Services cannot actually change anything their own members do. They can “share” their experience with them though. I know they do not approve of how the Just For Today Group is handling the problems in the park and their refusal to pay rent. They realize they are not following the traditions.

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