Teen Goes to AA and NA Meetings to Avoid a Prison Sentence

Teen who fled cops twice, wrecked cars gets probation

December 18, 2014  • 

A 19-year-old Onalaska woman who drove her car into a driving school and a police car while on probation for fleeing cops was sentenced Dec. 10 to three years probation with the threat of prison if she does not comply.

In November 2013, just two months after being sentenced for attempting to flee police while driving drunk, Abrianna Marr was reported for driving erratically while high on methamphetamine. Daytona AA and Daytona AA Meetings in Holly Hill and Daytona.

When police attempted to talk to her, Marr started her car and drove away, striking a squad car and a tree, plowing into the side of Zimmerman Driving School in West Salem and eventually hitting a garage. NA Daytona Predators in Holly Hill Parks.

Marr told police she had been up for five days using meth, heroin and “every drug under the sun.”

Since the second arrest, Marr racked up charges for sexual assault, theft, forgery, bail jumping and stealing a car. She eventually pleaded guilty to attempting to flee an officer and a single count of bail jumping; the remainder of the charges were dismissed.

Marr’s grandparents told the judge they’ve seen a dramatic change in her behavior in the past month: She has enrolled in college, is attending AA and NA meetings, and has cut ties with most of her drug-using friends. AA Daytona Predators in Holly Hill Parks.

“She’s acting like a good kid again,” said Ethan Marr. “She’s following the rules.”

As part of the plea agreement, the state did not recommend a sentence, but prosecutor Edward Minser said Marr’s behavior is concerning for public safety.

Judge Scott Horne gave Marr 1½ years in prison and another two years on supervision, which he stayed for three years; he withheld sentencing her on the auto theft charge, adding that if her probation is revoked he would impose the maximum 1½ year term on top of her other sentence.

“In no way, shape or form can any society condone or accept that type of behavior,” Horne said. “I would be fully justified in sending you to prison.”


12 thoughts on “Teen Goes to AA and NA Meetings to Avoid a Prison Sentence

  1. I really don’t think that any faith based recovery group is going to help this person in any way and the sentence is totally wrong. With some proper guidence she may turn her life around but she will not get that in a 12 step group which is not appropriate for a young person who clearly does not really have any respect for other people, and who needs to change quickly or end up in jail soon.
    I expect that she will get caught doing something else very soon and then end up in the prison system where she won’t be helped either.
    I don’t think anyone benefits from court ordering.

    • Well if the only help she is getting is going to AA and NA meetings! This girl needs help. Plus she can be vulnerable to the Violent Eric Earle older AA members sending her down even a darker path.

    • My thinking is what kind of deranged behavior will she get into and get away with if she takes the “program” seriously? She might just meet up with people who can help her take her activities to the next level.

      • @Rob: You’ve addressed a huge problem right there- she won’t be around people who give her a sense of right vs. wrong, but instead, the attitude ‘anything goes.’ And frankly, I think, that’s one of the most dangerous things about the programs.

  2. That’s downright creepy. And seems to be a good example of one reason these 12-Step programs are as bad and useless as they are: they don’t attempt to differentiate between what is and isn’t a drug/alcohol issue, and they don’t attempt to differentiate between situations that are quite minor and situations that are extreme.

    If I can add: there was one individual who committed crimes that had nothing to do with alcohol/drugs, had no desire to quit drinking, ended up dead after around a year of A.A. In another case, a jerk in his mid-twenties who’s been in trouble since he was a young teen is going through the same system. Individual #1 needed a psychiatrist; individual #2 should be incarcerated. But “send ’em all to A.A.” seems to be the route for everybody. No wonder it doesn’t work.

    • AA often strikes me as a dumping ground for those that have issues of some kind but don’t come from money to hide/erase/mitigate their issues. It’s like a place to put people and then let them sink or swim in the sea of insanity that AA is all about – no wonder there is so much darkness in AA that is finally coming to light. Long overdue, but at least finally coming to light.

  3. OMG- this girl has issues, here is the article about the sexual assault.

    Onalaska woman charged in sexual assault

    January 24, 2014 • By Anne Jungen

    Criminal charges are pending against an Onalaska woman accused of sexually assaulting a teenager with a hairbrush, according to court records.

    Abrianna Marr, 19, is expected to be charged Friday with first-degree sexual assault of a child when she appears in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

    The victim said she was 15 on July 1 when Marr assaulted her with the hairbrush at a West Salem apartment after the teen passed out from drinking alcohol, police reports stated.

    Another woman witnessed the assault, which was reported to police on Monday.

    Marr told police she was poking the victim with the brush to wake her and denied assaulting her, reports stated.

    Marr is jailed on a $25,000 cash bond.

    She was charged in November with driving into a building and striking a sheriff’s deputy’s squad car after taking “every drug under the sun,” according to reports. Marr is set to enter a plea in that case in March.


  4. Hey I found this about this incident-

    Teen Leads Police on Week-end Chase
    Monday, 05 August 2013
    A young mother from Onalaska with a few pending criminal charges now faces a few more after a week-end high speed chase through La Crosse. Cops say 18 year-old Abrianna Marr led cops on a chase through the northside after bartime on Sunday and was eventually tracked down with the help of police dog Brutus. They say Brutus flushed her out of a dark wooded area near the northside community garden. Sank some teeth in her during the process. Among the new charges Marr faces include drunk driving and hit and run. She apparently hit a car and a light pole during the chase. Also cut her leg pretty good while on foot.

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