CBS 48 HOURS ‘The Sober Truth’ on Violence and Addiction in Alcoholics Anonymous


A Must watch tonight, AA finally being exposed on a national level for the dangerous organization that they are and how Karla Mendez Brada lost her life because of it at the hands of AA member Eric Earle.

Reporter’s notebook: Addiction and domestic violence

|Correspondent Maureen Maher takes you behind the reporting of this week’s all-new “48 Hours” and discusses the sensitive, but serious topics of addiction and domestic violence. Watch “The Sober Truth” Saturday, Nov. 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. NA and NA Daytona meetings in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange are very dangerous and full of predators.

Here is the full length now online!

8 thoughts on “CBS 48 HOURS ‘The Sober Truth’ on Violence and Addiction in Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. Hi Anti-Denial! I am posting an excerpt of my latest post on this blog… Thank you for all you do to keep people informed & SAFE!!!

    CBS 48 Hours – The Sober Truth – Karla Brada Mendez

    <3 <3 <3 "Hug Your Karla!" <3 <3 <3

    Does Your Daughter's Life Matter Less? Karla Brada is Everyone's Daughter

    Let’s examine what happened to Karla Brada Mendez. What is really ironic and heartbreaking is that there is intense discrimination against and lack of empathy for women who are beaten and raped by their partners if those women also seek help for Substance Use or are known to be Substance Use Disordered. The Elements Behavioral Health website states that, "Recognizing that culturally-ascribed roles and gender expectations affect society’s attitudes toward women with substance abuse." (SEE: Elements Behavioral Health: Attitudes About Women) Society's attitude toward these women has to have a significant impact on the lives of women dealing with substance use challenges. It is as if women are expendable if they have a Substance Use Disorder…but few people in society will openly admit to having this bias. Some may not even be aware that they hold women with substance use issues in any lower regard than they hold other women. It is, however, quite apparent that this is the case.

    The investigation of the brutal murder of Karla Brada Mendez was evidently delayed due to her being identified as a woman who struggled with Substance Use Disorder, as if that made Karla’s death less worthy of full and immediate investigation. Hometown Station reports, “What took the longest was the official autopsy report,” Hernandez said. “It was deferred for many, many months as they looked into the victim’s medical history and allegations of drug use because she had been in a rehab program.” (SEE: )

    There is no valid reason for the investigation into Karla’s death to have taken any longer or have been any more or less complex than anyone else’s death. She was someone's daughter; Jaroslava and Hector Mendez's oldest child. She was a beloved sister and friend. Karla was a human being. Her life mattered. Regardless of her personal and/or public struggles, Karla had a heart of gold and enriched the lives of all who had the blessing to know her. Actually, she dealt with the same issues that many young Americans currently struggle with. According to the CDC, Substance Use Disorder has reached epidemic proportions in this country among young adults and teens. (SEE:

    Do we as American parents feel that our sons and daughters lives are worth less (or worthless) just because our children may have fallen into an unfortunate struggle with drinking or with drugs as so very many American teens and young adults have? (SEE: No one's child is immune. The loss of their child is a parent's worst nightmare regardless of the struggles the child may have. Her death deserved immediate investigation and the only consolation to the heinous delays in Karla’s case is the fact that AA member, Eric Earle has…READ MORE:

  2. With 2 decades in and out of AA, short term and long term treatment centers, one strictly for women but we were taken to outside co-ed meetings, I can tell you those who want help get it and those who want to continue to use find like minded people and are equally guilty of using each other, situations and usually continue criminal lifestyles under the guile of recovering to pull more heart strings,pull the wool over the eyes of everyone that can benefit them. It’s a symptom of the disease which Carla and her Killer chose to practice. sue the Disease-not-AA.

  3. What an excellent piece of journalism! Thank you CBS for exposing AA!
    What a monster AA member Eric Earle is for beating Karla Brada to death.

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