Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Member has been arrested for cocaine possession and battery, violating his drug offender probation. This NA Member has been arrested  66 times in his criminal career, which includes burglary. Henry Wheeler was the star witness in convicting the drug dealer Melvin Brown JR who killed his friend. Henry Wheeler ripped off Melvin Brown Jr over a 50.00 crack deal, which provoked the killing.

This is typical of who the courts are mandating to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings!  Stewart Marchman and Vince Carter Rehab Centers refer teens to Daytona AA and NA upon release to continue the 12 step brainwashing they received in SMA and Vince Carter. This practice puts these minors in grave danger.

Career criminal turned star witness in killing back in jail

By Jennifer Edwards
Published: Monday, September 10, 2012


A career criminal who ripped off a drug dealer, resulting in the death of an uninvolved New Smyrna Beach man, was sentenced to drug offender probation over the summer because he helped convict the killer.

Now, Henry Ford Wheeler, 47, of Edgewater is back in jail for violating his probation after he was charged Saturday with battery-second offense and possession of cocaine, according to Volusia County Branch Jail records.

Wheeler’s testimony was key in convicting Melvin Brown Jr., 34, in June in the death of Jeremy Markley, 25, on July 19, 2009. Circuit Judge Randell Rowe in July sentenced Brown to life plus 105 years. Brown is in the Liberty Correctional Institution in Bristol, state Department of Corrections records show. In Wheeler’s July 13, 2012, sentencing, Judge R. Michael Hutcheson gave Wheeler credit for time served and probation after prosecutors said he seemed to have turned his life around, perhaps because he quit drinking.

“My understanding was that Mr. Wheeler was the lynchpin in that case, ” Hutcheson said at the time. “You will be on a short leash. Please keep in mind you still have the possibility of prison time over your head” if Wheeler violates the probation. Family members had asked for the maximum for Wheeler, which was five years in prison.

State records show Saturday’s arrest is No. 66 for Wheeler.

“I can only say that Mr. Wheeler is presumed innocent until proven guilty and I am sure we will do our best to give him the best defense possible,” Wheeler’s defense attorney, David Damore, said Monday. Hutcheson said at the time of Wheeler’s sentencing that he deserved the maximum but would get less because he helped convict Brown.

Wheeler was charged with violation of probation in the drug deal.

A jury convicted Brown in June of shooting into the vehicle Markley was riding in after Wheeler gave Brown a $5 bill made to look like a $50 for crack, then smashed Brown’s windshield after Brown drove at him. Wheeler hopped back into Markley’s vehicle, which Markley had just bought that day, and Brown chased it through residential neighborhoods before blasting into the vehicle, witnesses said.

The bullets struck Markley, who was riding in the back, killing him. At his sentencing, the judge gave Wheeler was credit for serving a year-and-a-half in the county jail.

Daytona Beach News-Journal article-


  1. Here’s a local interest story. ARRESTED AND LET OUT AGAIN TO GO TO AA/NA meetings in the park/playground, HOW MANY TIMES ??????
    I clearly remember him being at the park meetings!

  2. Mr. Wheeler is exactly where he deserves to be. He was the cause of the death of this young man with his drug addict ways. He is a danger to society and the three years he is looking at is not enough. To think-Henry is also now a father. What a role model! Come on Volusia County..clean up the streets!

  3. I agree, when you go to and click on” inmate info ” in the list of options in the 2nd column on the right-hand side of the homepage, you can put in any name and retrieve the dated mugshots related to that person’s arrests in Volusia County.

    You can click on the more recent mugshots to obtain basic information regarding that particular arrest.

    I think most people would be shocked to see just how many times and for what some of these court mandated AA/NA members have been arrested.

    Many are arrested for violent crimes including assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking and sex offenses among other things. They then are simply let out to attend AA/NA meetings, only to commit more crimes, and eventually get caught again to go through the revolving door over and over!


    Narcotics Anonymous encourages these repeat offenders to come to Centennial Park, advertising the park/playground as their regular place of business.

    They set up shop in Holly Hill Parks because it’s free, they can chain smoke and because Holly Hill lacks the basic Park standards that all other jurisdictions in Volusia County have. These guidelines prevent ANY ORGANIZATION from monopolizing a public park/playground as a place to conduct their regular business.

    Compare Park regulations for Holly Hill with all other parks in Volusia County at

    Narcotics Anonymous completely takes over Centennial Park’s parking and Pavilion area monopolizing the park on a regular basis as a” freebie, totally disregarding their 7th tradition which states they should pay their own way.”

    Daytona AA/NA do not hold their meetings in Daytona or other parks in Volusia County.

    Check out and look up NA member William Hull for yourself. This young man in his 20s had been arrested 22 times prior to this arrest in Volusia County alone! More recent mugshots reveal public information like assault with a deadly weapon etc. etc.


  4. 66 times!!!???? When are the judges going to stop letting these people back on the street? He only got 1 1/2 years in jail for being a principle player in the man getting killed.

    No treatment center like SMA that has a Residential Adolescence Program (RAP) should be sending teenagers to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. They are filled with criminals like Henry.

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