12 Step Vince Carter Employed Corey Hodges After His Felony Arrest at Tomoka State Prison For Smuggling Drugs


Corey Hodges was hired by Vince Carter Sanctuary in 2008 located in Flagler County. They said he passed a background check. Oh really? I guess they did not care that Corey Hodges had been charged with a felony, and was fired while working as a correction officer at Tomoka State Prison for bringing drugs into the prison in 2007.

 There is no way they could of missed the fact that he also completed Daytona Beach Stewart Marchman’s Act’s own ADI program! This is an Anti-Drug Initiative Diversion Program which was court mandated by Volusia County Court because of Corey Hodges drug problems. Doing a background check does not do much good if you totally disregard that he had been arrested for a felony at another facilty, and only got off by completing a Volusia County Drug Treatment program through Stewart Marchman Act themselves! This is totally irresponsible that he was hired in the first place by Vince Carter Santuary that is owned by Stewart Marchman. They knew exactly who they were dealing with. Then when he was investigated  this year for inappropriate sexual verbal conduct with a resident in Flagler, they did not fire him then! They just moved him to another facility like the Catholic Church is so good at. 12 steppers are so good at sweeping sexual misconduct under the rug. When are the authorities going to put their foot down?

They even planned to allow him to come back to Vince Carter Sanctuary after the patient had left treatment! What a slap in the face to the girl and her family.  I hope they have  good molestation Insurance! Because of 12 Step Stewart Marchman’s and 12 Step Vince Carter’s irresponsible actions, a young girl has now been molested at Stewart Marchman Act Adolescent facility. They finally decided to fire him. The question is why was he hired in the first place?

Any other victims or anyone with information about Hodges is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office’s Sex Crimes Unit at (386) 323-3574.

Stewart-Marchman child specialist fired after allegations of child molestation investigated previously

By Patricio G. Balona    STAFF WRITER

Published: Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Stewart-Marchman employee fired after accusations he molested a teen in his care was also the focus of a previous investigation at another facility in Flagler County, an agency official said Friday.

Corey Hodges, 34, of Palm Coast, who worked as a child specialist in the Residential Adolescent Program at Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare in Daytona Beach, was arrested Tuesday.

He was charged with lewd or lascivious molestation and lewd or lascivious conduct, Volusia sheriff’s investigators said.

Hodges, whom Volusia deputies said touched a teen inappropriately at the facility on Tiger Bay Road in Daytona Beach, is being held in the Volusia County Branch Jail on $60,000 bail, a booking officer said Friday.

John Harrell, spokesman for the Department of Children and Families, said his agency is also investigating the allegations.

Hodges was reassigned to the Daytona Beach facility in February after he was investigated for alleged “inappropriate verbal interaction with a client” at the Vince Carter Sanctuary in Bunnell where he was employed, said Chet Bell, chief executive officer for Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare.

Stewart-Marchman runs the Vince Carter Sanctuary.

Hodges, who was president of the Flagler County Police Athletic League basketball program, started working at the Vince Carter Sanctuary in 2008 and passed a background check. In February of this year, the corporate compliance department of Stewart-Marchman investigated Hodges for the “inappropriate verbal interaction,” Bell said.

Bell said agency investigators presented him with their findings. There was nothing criminal in nature, so Bell decided that “Hodges should be counseled regarding the alleged behavior and reassigned to an open position in another program until the client who made the allegation completed treatment at Vince Carter Sanctuary.”

The move was temporary, but Hodges then applied for permanent work and was hired, Bell said.

On Aug. 9, Hodges was fired as soon as officials at Stewart-Marchman were able to verify that he violated agency policy, a violation captured on video, Bell said.

A Sheriff’s Office report said Hodges is seen on video going into a girl’s bedroom and touching her inappropriately. He also violated policy when he drove the girl to a hospital after she broke her finger playing football and rubbed the girl’s thigh as he took her back to the facility, the report shows.

3 thoughts on “12 Step Vince Carter Employed Corey Hodges After His Felony Arrest at Tomoka State Prison For Smuggling Drugs

  1. Any updates on Stuart Marchman’s incompetence for putting these underage, at risk girls under the control of this man? Are they willing to admit their flawed screening policies or are they trying to act like they’ve done nothing wrong?

  2. Here is the initial story about Stewart Marchman Act hiring Corey Hodges in Feb 2012. The first story failed to mention that the reality was he was hired since 2008 at their Vince Carter Rehab in Flagler. Looks like they are doing there best to cover this story up. Good reporting Daytona Beach News Journal! Keep it up! Find out why they hired this man in the first place after a felony arrest and Drug Treatment program.


  3. This is outragious! They do a “background check” at Vince Carter in 2008 while he had just been arrested in 2007 for a felony drug charge? What good does a background check do if you totally ignore the results, and do not care what you find? What is Stewart Marchman’s and Vince Carter’s hiring policies? They are working with adolescents after all! To think this guy was the president of the Youth Flagler County Police Athletic basketball Program makes my skin crawl. How in the world did he get that position? He then is allowed to stay hired by Stewart Marchman by sending him to the Daytona Beach Adolescent SMA program, when accused of sexual harrassment of a patient? I hope someone gets fired over this, and new policies are put in place. This 12 step facility has some real problems on their hands. They should go through all the applicants of those they work with and see who else they have hired with the arrest record of Corey Hodges.

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