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I am Monica Richardson, the Founder of a grass roots movement to Make AA Safer. We took direct action to do so, but at every level Alcoholics Anonymous, including at the District and Southern California Area levels and the AA World Headquarters in NYC, voted to not do anything about Safety in Meetings.

The problem is that there are 3rd level sex offenders and violent criminals being sent to AA by the courts. AA World Headquarters is aware of this practice.

I have become an activist, and an advocate for victims who have been harmed in AA.

This campaign is for Karla Brada and her family (Jaraslava and Hector Mendez) and her sister Sasha Mendez, to continue with the Lawsuit and case that will bring justice for Karla.

What We Need & What You Get

We are asking for $8,000.00 to continue the current lawsuit.

The money you give is going to the Lawyers. 

If you or someone you know has been harmed you can join us in activism that we plan to take part in outside Superior Courts in Los Angeles.

Even if we don’t reach our goal, which I believe we will, the money is going to legal fees. 

The Impact

We know that Karla is not the first murder. Kristine and Saundra Cass were murdered in Hawaii in August of 2010 by Claybourne Connelly who also was sentenced to AA as part of a plea deal. We intend to change the laws.

You can spread the word by telling your Doctor, Therapist, Teachers, Lawyers, Fireman and Police Officers and talking at your local PTA, informing them what is going on in the rooms of AA.

We are currently creating literature to educate the public on the other choices for help with alcohol abuse problems.  Smart Recovery, SOS, Amy Lee Coy’, Hank Hayes- On Track and Beyond, Dr. Marc Kern for Moderation, Steven Slate for ST Judes Retreat, Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes and Dr Ed Wilson for non 12 step help, Harm Reduction for alcohol with Ken Anderson and Drink Link Moderation with Donna Cornett.

Other Ways You Can Help

Let’s raise awareness for Karla. Empowered not powerless is our slogan.

DONATE HERE to help The Karla Brada Legal Fund-


Here is our story on the Karla Brada Murder By AA Member



  1. I’m sorry to bring this up, but healthy women who get battered by a man leave the first time they get hit. Most women with battered women’s syndrome were abused as children. Is there somebody in Karla’s past who is more responsible for this than AA?

    • @Joe: “oh bunk” on both counts. There are plenty of reasons battered women do not and often cannot leave. I don’t know what Karla Brada’s reason was- and neither do you.
      But of course leave it up to “Steppers” to think everything has something to do with ‘the past.’

    • I read some women were abused as children who go onto being battered, but that is not always the case at all. It certainly was not the case with Karla Mendez Brada as she had a very loving caring family.

      Even if someone in AA did have trauma from childhood as many do that have addiction issues, that is more reason for AA and NA do implement safety guidelines and to not comingle predators like Eric Earle in the rooms with vulnerable members of society.

      It makes no sense for 12 step programs to want to make the rooms a safer environment. By inviting the sickest, twisted people into the same rooms as women and minors is just sick and irresponsible at a minimum.

  2. I am so happy to see this page. A member who accepted a ride home in NY NY AA was raped. She had at least ten yrs of clean time.
    I have been stalked by groups of addicts , my landlord paid for this . I met divorcees who were driven insane by gaslighting and “st theater” in NA and AA. They do something very obvious and laugh and point at u. When u ask them what are u doing that for ? They say what what and get up in your face. They are very young come in and text the others. they stalk u in grocery stores during the day. They are paid but sometimes they pick a loner as a target. I love AA. But this followed me the last five yrs . I am in Asheville NC now i was a teenager here. They spread lies and even break in your home , cut up your clothes , etc. Overseas when i tried to get away. They brought in serious sick addicts to harrass me and use electronic devices. This Hong Kong meeting was fantastic for bout 40 yrs had nice ppl . The nice ppl stopped coming to that meeting. One was in a catholic church across from the US Embassy. They told me the last time i went to the embassy , We have several in custody. Ny NY locked some up but i dont see it in the news or newspapers. If i go in a precinct they say they dont understand what i am talking about . HELP. Who do i talk to I am susan berton on facebook i am so desparate for help i am saying that here. i dont get my email. I have alot of ppl who lie about being a victim of this crime. see photobucket gangstalker or flickr . I dont photograph in meetings. One at 2 pm today was crawling with creeps trying to get a reaction out of me. it was in W Asheville and was an ok meeting before but some odd ppl come in NA non w. tall tales.

  3. HAPPY 1,000+ VIEWS!

    A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: The Karla Brada Story, video has finally reached over ONE THOUSAND views! 😀


    So, I would like to say THANK YOU! And thank you to everyone who has taken the time to SHARE the video whenevere, wherevere, how-ever she or he can. YOU ARE APPRECIATED EVERY ONE OF YOU!

    And thank you for creating and moderating NA Daytona. The work you are doing save lives. You are a REAL PERSON filled with such compassion and care for others. You have been such a genuine BLESSING. Please keep doing what you do…countless, nameless, blameless people who you may never know by name are being saved by this work just the same.

    (Does this sound “love-bombish”? Sorry…I still have to question everything I say and do in my deprogramming process. I hope it does not…but if it does–IT IS NOT! I mean what I say!)


    Thank you to ALL who helped the Karla Brada video reach over 1,000 views. It has taken a while, but we did it! The goal moving forward now is to PUSH it to 5,000+ views…getting it closer to exponential growth and exposure.

    Every time a new family is exposed to the information in that video a life (or lives) are potentially saved because what parent is not going to look more into this IF they currently have a daughter, son or any loved one being sent by the courts to these meetings where violent criminals are also sent?

    I won’t let my grown children go within 10 damned feet of NA or AA! And I would rather DIE (as those who know me know) than to return to that INSANITY and mental abuse.

    So, thank you!

    Let’s keep moving FORWARD!


    • Thankyou Illbefree for all your creative work. This is such an important story and I pray that Karla gets justice! This story also is a message to present and future AA meeting attendees how dangerous AA and NA is.

  4. Jaroslava Mendez, Karla Brada’s mother shared a slide show with me yesterday that Karla’s sister made for her.

    It is so BEAUTIFUL…
    And so sad too…

    Every time I look at a video or photo of this beautiful young woman whose life was brutally taken from her due to being made to rely on the bogus 12 step racket…it makes me so sad and frustrated…

    Because I KNOW that more lives are at stake everyday that more people are sent to these meetings for help that they will likely never find.

    Please watch the video that Karla’s sister made for her and SHARE it with everyone you know who cares and wants to help us change this awful situation where women, minors and vulnerable adults are thrust into harm’s way for the sake of the 12 step racket that harms more people than it helps.

    A quick link to your FB page…or a send to a friend is a little thing, but it means a lot when we all share Karla’s story TOGETHER…

    The first law suit hearing is scheduled for August… Let’s see how many more people can join us in getting justice for Karla and helping to raise more money for the legal fees as we move forward…


    • Thanks Illbefree for posting this. What a wonderful tribute to Karla. It shows she was not just a statistic, she was a living, breathing beautiful woman who would still be with us if it were not Alcoholics Anonymous covering up the crimes of their members and enabling them- even in murder.

      I pray Karla will get the justice she deserves and that it will be the beginning of giving justice to all those that went before her.

      AA needs to made accountable, period.

  5. So…if a woman (or man) seeks help for a substance use or over use problem, is she less worthy of protection for battery or murder?

    Are addicts and alcoholics worth LESS in this society?

    It took months to get an autopsy done on AA member, Karla Brada…even though there was blood all over her condo when her body was recovered… even though she lived with a violent criminal with a rap sheet as long as a trip to hell.

    Do proponents of Stopping Violence Against Women, care as much when the woman battered or killed has a history of drinking alcohol or using drugs?

    How safe are any of us with such prejudices in place? How safe are our children?

    Last night President Obama announced the passing of the violence Against Women Act— BRAVO! Will it equally protect women with substance over-use issues?

    I’m just askin…

    SEE: Obama STOP Violence Against Women Ban Violent Criminals Sent to Meetings

    • But WHY are we so damned STUPID though?

      It ought to become common knowlege that anything you say at AA meetings or to your AA sponsor can be brought out in court because of the slippery slope that AA rides in trying to have it both ways.


      Seriously…. Are people really willing to gamble their entire lives on this 12 step thing that has mushroomed beyond anything those old drunks from 1939 could have ever imagined?

      Human beings…

      “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
      ― Albert Einstein


      • Happy V-Day!

        Karla Brada’s was such a needless, senseless and savage murder. If only she was battered and murdered as she was, it would be far, far too much… The entire world suffered a great loss with this young woman’s death.

        But it happens quite often. Th eworld suffers many losses of precious lives–DAILY. Women who attend AA and NA meetings are in INCREASED danger of violence just by attending those meetings.

        It is unbelievable that the American public is having this situation hidden from them right under their noses. Is AA and NA really this POWERFUL that they can set women and children up this way and NOTHING is done to stop this?

        Say it isn’t so!!!

        Today I became part of the revolution of women and men who will WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to violence against women and girls on 2.14.13.

        V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls, refuses to watch as more than one billion women experience violence.

        ONE BILLION RISING is a promise that on February 14th, 2013, we will ensure that millions of women and men rise up around the world to say, “ENOUGH. The violence ends NOW.”

        I hope you will join us…


        And please go LIKE the Karla Brada video and share it with at least one person today…please?


        • I am on board too illbefree! That was great to hear Obama’s commitment to violence against women.

          It is horrifying how AA is able to continue to put women in harms way for decades now. They are treating women who have addiction issues and their children like second class citizens. Also so many people do not even know what is going on at these AA meetings.

          Thanks for helping to get the word out!

  6. I immediately thought of some of the things you have shared while watching Marti Hill’s story on 48 Hours last night. A handy man who she had recently paid $500 to do some work for her showed up back at her house some days later. He said there was a need to do some additional work that he noticed was needed during his previous work for her. He suddenly and viciously attacked, strangled and slit her throat leaving Marti for dead. No one…even Marti can figure out WHY he did this but he has a long history of violence against women. I searched just a bit but could find no alcohol or drug connections…but only from my cell. I’ll bet there much MORE to this? http://www.MartiHill.com She is a very sheroic and courageous woman indeed. There is no stated AA or NA crime connection but it reminds us on her site that most murders are committed against us by people that we “know”… Shall I add the obvious regarding getting to “know” criminals via AA and NA that one would have never otherwise come into contact with?

    • There was a story about a well to do woman who met a man at an AA meeting that ended up killing her husband at her request. She probably would not have met somebody in her normal social circles that would have carried this deed out. Many people who would normally not cross paths, do in AA and NA meetings. Like your average little kid or teen do not know 1st hand by name, rapist, killers and other violent felons. But they are exposed to them in AA meetings with a false sense of security.

  7. Parent’s Worse Nightmare — Domestic Violence, Anonymity, Death of Your Child — The Story of Karla Brada

    Based on articles written by Laura Tompkins & Matt Reynolds

    The articles used as reference material for this video are:
    Parent’s Worse Nightmare — Domestic Violence, Anonymity, Death of Your Child — The Story of Karla Brada by Laura Tompkins

    Parents Accuse AA of Harboring a Predator
    By Matt Reynolds



      • Thank you so much AntiDenial!

        I could not have pieced it together without the talent, courage & skills of Laura Tompkins and Matt Reynolds, who have the compassion, integrity & guts to actually write and report on Karla’s story.

        Now let’s pray other reporters follow their lead and get this case the attention if deserves!

        Parent’s Worse Nightmare — Domestic Violence, Anonymity, Death of Your Child — The Story of Karla Brada

        The articles used as reference material for this video are:
        Parent’s Worse Nightmare — Domestic Violence, Anonymity, Death of Your Child — The Story of Karla Brada by Laura Tompkins

        Parents Accuse AA of Harboring a Predator

        To learn more about Karla’s case & where to send donations please visit:

        To get more information and updates on crime in AA & NA please visit:

        If you or someone you know is dealing with an alcohol or drug problem, please make a list of the following resources. Contact them. Someone will be very happy to connect you with real, safe help:

        HAMS (Harm Reduction, Abstinence and Moderation Support)

        My Way Out (MWO)

        Moderation Management (MM)

        SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training)

        Women For Sobriety (WFS)

        SOS (Save Our Selves)


        Rational Recovery (RR)


        I pray this video helps the many sincere efforts to make Karla and all of the countless other victims along with women, children, teens and vulnerable adults who would-be victims…less easy to ignore!

        Karla has not died in vain! Together WE have the POWER to see to that.

        I still believe in the American People. I believe that the only reason they allow this to go on is because it has been hidden from them. Once they know that AA & NA are putting Our Children in danger, they will not stand for it.

        I KNOW they won’t!

        No more…

        No more!

        Please share this video daily. Post it to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, News sites, Social Service & Government Sites…

        Specifically please go to the Social Media sites for news outlets all over the country. They all have them and they encourage feedback from viewers. Post this video on their Facebook pages with a request that a reporter investigate and report on this case.


        • Great advice to send this to Social network sites and also to TV stations Facebooks and newspapers. I agree, when parents around our country and also our young people in Colleges learn about the injustices going on by our court system and AA – that they too will demand change. I do think there might be some apathy to deal with, but I think this sort of coverage should motivate even the pessimistic.

  8. Strange… I was trying to set up a petition on Change.org to have people to sign to stop the practice of unconstitutionally sending felons to AA and NA meetings…but the form just goes blank when I try to start.

    Please take a look:


    Cause get a lot of attention via Change.org

    At first I thought my entry was not going thru due to length… So, I cut it down to 5…then only 3 sentences. It still would not go thru.

    I will try again when I get to another computer to see if that is the problem. I think it would really help to get more attention to Karla’s case if we can get a petition started here.


    Here my statement as to the Purpose of the Petition:

    American citizens are being put in great danger by our country’s practice of sending violent felons to AA and NA meetings. By implementing a cookie-cutter type approach, which sends everyone without distinction to AA & NA who has from the slightest ranging to the most severe problems with alcohol and/or drugs, our system, is guilty of being grossly irresponsible and in far too many situations, dangerous. Vulnerable American citizens, women and teenagers are being assaulted, raped and even murdered as a result of this unconstitutional and dangerous practice. Our US Constitutions is being dishonored and ignored. AA and NA claim to be “spiritual” and “not religious.” America’s courts do not agree with these claims as they are nothing more but clever semantics and word games allowing twelve step programs to operate outside of the rights of the American people. Currently, our laws are going unenforced. Why does the United States have specific laws in place to protect our nation’s children, elderly, disabled and vulnerable adults that we allow to be ignored? Who does this serve? It does not serve We, the People. This dangerous and unconstitutional practice must end.

    Our US Constitutions is being dishonored and ignored. AA and NA claim to be “spiritual” and “not religious.” America’s courts do not agree with these claims as they are nothing more but clever semantics and word games allowing twelve step programs to operate outside of the rights of the American people. In the ten year period between 1996 and 2007, five high-level US courts — three federal circuit courts and two state supreme courts – took a long and hard look at AA’s claim. These cases reached the highest level of judiciary scrutiny — only one level below the US Supreme Court — because they involved the critical issue of separation of Church and State. This separation is a fundamental aspect of US law, known as the Establishment Clause, and is explicated in the first amendment to the US Constitution, which states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” https://getsatisfaction.com/tenthamendmentcenter/topics/bill_w_vs_bill_of_rights
    Here’s what one of these courts, the New York Court of Appeals, in the case of Griffin v. Coughlin, had to say about the matter:
    A fair reading of the fundamental A.A. doctrinal writings discloses that their dominant theme is unequivocally religious.
    Indeed, the A.A. basic literature most reasonably would be characterized as reflecting the traditional elements common to most theistic religions. Thus, God is named or referred to in five of the 12 steps. “Working” the 12 steps includes confessing to God the “nature of our wrongs” (Step 5), appealing to God “to remove our shortcomings” (Step 7) and seeking “through prayer and meditation” to make “contact” with God and achieve “knowledge of His Will” (Step 11).
    Why does the United States have specific laws in place to protect our nation’s children, elderly, disabled and vulnerable adults that we allow to be ignored? Who does this serve? It does not serve We, the People. This dangerous and unconstitutional practice must end. Please sign our petition and make AA and NA meetings less dangerous for Americans who go to them seeking help not harm.

  9. Did you receive my post on the drastic differences that exist when one does a google search for news on the Match.com Suit and then on the AA suit for Karla’s murder? For some reason this post does not come up automatically on your site or on http://www.LeavingAA.com Perhaps it is due to all the links. I dont know. What I do know is that the Match.com story has become front page news…and the AA Murder story has been largely ignored. Now…I am very ANGRY.


    *****When one Googles the following term: “Woman Sues Match.com” listed below are the pages and pages of news sources reporting on this story within the past 4 days or less:

    abcnews.go.com › US

    http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com › Tags › NewsCached
    investorplace.com › Market Insight: Financial Articles › Weird StreetCached

    lovebscott.com › NewsCached
    news.softpedia.com › News › OddiverseCached
    http://www.democraticunderground.com › … › General Discussion (Forum)
    http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com › Videos › Tags › NewsCached
    http://www.onenewspage.us › Front PageCached

    *****When one Googles the following term: “Parents Sue AA for Daughter’s Murder by AA Member” the only sites that come up are our familiar anti-AA web sites and blogs except perhaps 1 or 2 outside outlets.

    We need to kindly give these outlets the opportunity to report on Karla’s murder and her parent’s suit…or please let us know why Karla’s story does not merit the attention that this woman’s beating by her Match.com date does.

    Would Karla’s case fund be covered by now IF it got the kind of media coverage that this woman’s story has received?


    Are AA murders just too common to be considered news?

    Is there a cover up of AA crime?

    Are media professionals mostly AA members?


    Thinking Minds Want to Know!

    • Thank you! I am just seeing that!

      YOU ROCK!

      I came here to share this tiny bit of news:

      Legal precedent is being set EVERYDAY!

      Now, if people are suing for suffering violent dates from online dating sites, it would be only logical to assume that AA & NA should be held legally responsible for violence that comes as a consequence of going to their overtly dangerous meetings for which they even voted not to do anything to deal with the violence.

      What’s more is that felons are not routinely forced to join online dating sites, while they are forced to attend AA & NA.

      Every case like this must be highlighted and made public so that all people with grounds to sue for their suffering will know that it is an option. They are NOT powerless and they can seek justice.

      This will force AA & NA to take measures to ensure people’s safety—of course they would do it to cover their ass and not fo rthe sake of their members…

      But whatever works!

      If it saves someone from being beaten, raped or killed, I ‘d say it’s worth it, eh?


      • Hi Illbefree! Exactly, that is what we want is to force AA to do the right thing. They need to put in safety measures to protect people. That is a good point about this woman suing Match.com for matching her up with someone who tried to kill her by stabbing her 10 times and stomping on her head.

        I think AA and NA have become evil entities because they know children are being sexually molested and raped by AA members yet vote to do nothing about it. It makes me sick that so far no one is holding them accountable. Hopefully Karla Brada will get justice for being murdered by the man she met at an AA meeting.

      • Love your site and love how you honored Karla Brada too.This story needs to be told. You did an excellent job! The warning letters are good too.

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