Brian Arnett arrested at Metra Electronics in Holly Hill Florida for Raping 8 Year Old Girl

This is such a shocking story about a sick man who was arrested for raping and sexually abusing a little girl for a year. Brian Jefferson Arnett from Port Orange has a long criminal record and has had over a dozen charges in Hillsboro County, Florida of both felonies and misdemeanors including domestic violence.  His drivers licence was permanently  revoked for having over 4 DUI’s. He also had been mandated to AA meetings and other 12 step programs. Video clip of Brian Arnett Story below- Daytonana

Port Orange man charged with raping girl, 8

STAFF WRITER Lyda Longa  Daytona Beach

Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 nadaytona

A 51-year-old man has been arrested twice in two days, accused of raping an 8-year-old girl and threatening to kill the child’s mother if the youngster said anything about the assaults, Port Orange police said Tuesday.

The suspect, according to police, also hit the youngster when she would not cooperate with him and showed her pornographic images on his iPad.

Brian Arnett of Port Orange was arrested Monday and then again Tuesday afternoon, said Port Orange police Capt. David Meyer. Arnett was re-arrested after the State Attorney’s Office issued two more warrants for him on Tuesday afternoon, Meyer said.

When he was initially picked up on Monday, Arnett was charged with sexual battery on a person under the age of 12. His bail however, was $1,000 and Arnett posted that and was released from the Volusia County Branch Jail, Meyer said.

The two warrants issued Tuesday charged Arnett with another count of sexual battery on a person under the age of 12 and with lewd and lascivious molestation.

The suspect was arrested at his job at Metra Electronics in Holly Hill, Meyer said.

He is being held without bail at the Branch Jail and is expected to have a first appearance before a judge Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

According to the arrest report, the assault on the child was ongoing for a year. In addition, Arnett threatened to kill the youngster’s mother with a knife if the girl told anyone what was happening, the report states.

6 thoughts on “Brian Arnett arrested at Metra Electronics in Holly Hill Florida for Raping 8 Year Old Girl

  1. It is getting worse. What is so very upsetting is how the public at large just has no idea to what extent this is happening.

    I start work on my trauma in AA Wednesday. My experience in AA Has really made me see the world differently.

    Professionals are finding out though. I wish we had something to give to therapists etc explaining why predators thrive there. No victims only volunteers, what’s your part etc. Then they could see why this happens so often and why some ppl even blame themselves if they were mistreated by a fellow member especially the old timers. This must stop. Thank you antidenial and massive for all the time and effort you have dedicated to this cause. 🙂

    • Thank you Suntime! I am glad you are getting some alternative help to deal with what you went through in AA. There should be more support and professional help for former AA and NA members.

      Many therapists and doctors that encourage their clients to go have never even set foot in a meeting. Yet many therapists are aware that many mandated criminals and just plain nut cases go to 12 step meetings.A therapist I interviewed told me it is often done to cover their butt, as they actually fear liability issues if they do NOT suggest it!!! Un freekin believable! They need to start worrying that by actually telling clients to go to 12 step meetings will create liability exposure.

      • Thank you Antidenial!

        I’m appalled at how these criminals are just getting away with all this. The naive AA member has no idea. I’m probably going to be off the blogs when I’m doing my trauma work. I feel vulnerable right now so I have to be careful.

        Thank you for all the work you are doing. It puts my mind at ease to know that so many ppl now have blogs and sites that telling what AA is really abt. Once I’m stronger I’m hoping to contribute as well.

        I can only imagine what it must be like looking at all these atrocities everyday. It makes my stomach turn. What’s happening in the teen treatment centers is even worse. They get closed down but then just open a new one in another state with a different name. The activists for the teens that have been abused need help as well.

        Once again thank you. 🙂

        • That certainly makes sense to focus on your trauma work. We will be here when you are ready. You are spot on about the Teen Industry too- they need activists for that as well. In general I believe though because of the economy and the bad publicity many troubled teen schools have closed, and others are under more scrutiny. There is a link about it on this site.

          Thanks Suntime for your appreciation, it really, really helps! Look forward to hearing how you are doing in the future!

  2. I wonder if he went to the AA meeting in Sunrise Park or the NA meetings Hollyland Park and Centennial? A lot of men that are in domestic violence court end up in AA/NA meetings.

    This man had over 4 dui’s. He must of been mandated often over the years to AA meetings. To think of all the children he was around at meetings-ughhhh,

    • I was wondering the same thing. DID the parents know each other from AA or NA? Was he sentenced there. This is just horrible. I feel so sorry for the little girl.

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