Making Friends In Narcotics Anonymous Can Cost You Your Life

Walter Davis met NA Member Ronald Matthews at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and they became friends. This friendship cost him his life. The social life within AA and NA meetings are fraught with dangers that AA World Services is fully aware of. People mandated or considering going need to be fully aware too!

NA friendship ends in death for one, prison for the other

   Written by
   Kimball Perry
  October 1st 2012

Walter Davis met Ronald Matthews at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and the pair became friends.

That’s why Matthews wasn’t surprised to see Davis show up at Matthews’ East Walnut Hills home Dec. 6. What was a surprise was that Davis brought a friend – and that Matthews would be robbed and stabbed to death moments after he opened his door.

Davis, 53, of Roselawn, admitted Monday to his role in the robbery and death of Matthews, 61. Matthews’ television, DVD player, cellphone and other items were stolen.

The cellphone was key to the case because records from calls made to and from it led police to another man who said he bought it. That information ultimately implicated Davis and helped lead to his arrest in the case.

Immediately after Davis pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of manslaughter and aggravated robbery, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Charles Kubicki, Jr., sent him to prison for 18 years.

That’s less than the potential life sentence the original murder charge carried. Davis also gave prosecutors a statement Monday, information they hope to use to catch the other man with Davis the night Matthews was killed.

Matthews lived in the Alexandria Apartments in the 900 block of William Howard Taft Road.

One thought on “Making Friends In Narcotics Anonymous Can Cost You Your Life

  1. It cost poor Karla Brady her life when her boyfriend that she met at an AA Meeting was charged with her murder. AA World Services is being sued over the murder of Karla Brada for harboring a predator and concealing it.

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