Daytona NA Member Arrested In Sunrise Park Playground in Holly Hill Florida

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A mandated Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous member was arrested in Sunrise Park on June 11th 2012 in the children’s playground while he and his friend were drinking one beer after another, sitting on the bench in the playground shown in the picture below. The Next Step NA meeting that was being held by Don had just finished when this member and a friend decided to go buy beer across the street and bring it back in the playground to drink it, while a number of small children were playing.

After a citizen, concerned for the children called the Holly Hill PD, they arrived and arrested Billy Monteiro in the Sunrise Park playground, and took him out in handcuffs. The mandated NA member had outstanding warrants for his arrests for retail theft at Walmart, and frauduant use of a women’s credit card taken from her stolen purse. He had outstanding warrants for months, yet Billy Monteiro felt very comfortable drinking beer in Sunrise Park’s playground in Holly Hill with his friend! What is it about Holly Hill that so many criminals feel safe to commit crimes in our parks?

It turns out Holly Hill PD is pretty familiar with mandated Holly Hill NA member Billy Monteiro. Just last year he was arrested for Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Because he was said to be making meth in the room right next to a 3 year old, he was also arrested for neglect of a child.

Billy Monteiro has a criminal record going back 7 years! AA and NA members think it is okay to advertise their park meetings online, pay zero rent and expose innocent children and citizens to dangerous felons. Some have been convicted of sexual offenses such as prostitution, rape, sexual assault, and pedophilia, not to mention robbery, assault and battery etc.


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    • Yes both AA and NA are in Holly Hill Parks. They continue to violate park rules and refuse to pay rent. It really is a sad state of affairs in our parks.

  1. Jason Sparks arrested

    Booking Number 910915
    First Name JASON
    Last Name SPARKS
    Date of Birth 01/05/1975
    Race W
    Sex M
    Book date 10/17/2013

    2013 305473 CFDB
    2012 035379 CFAES

    Innocent until proven guilty of course…..

    Jason Sparks Holly Hill

    • Oh right I remember this guy Jason, he was not allowed in the convenience store across the street from Sunrise Park because he was caught stealing according to the business owners at the time. Boy was he mad too when everyone found out that he got kicked out of the store for stealing. He used to live on a boat right off of Sunrise Park on the Halifax.

      • Jason Scott Sparks might be released on his own recognizance, but his charges are still very much going forward so far. On the sexual offense against the kid under 12 his court date his 1/08/2014 and then on the grand theft charge his court date is 2/17.2014. Both of these are felony charges.

    • Hi Christine, Mr. Sparks was released from jail on Dec 11, 2013 on a R.O.R….meaning no bail. The State Attorney does not think he committed the crime and he will be exonerated in court on Jan 8, 2013. Feel free to come to the hearing. Next time before you post something about someone make sure they are convicted. lawsuits are coming down on agencies and people for the wrong they did to Mr. Sparks. And Mr. Sparks will try to move on with his life with his head up in Volusia county. He will continue to exercise in Sunrise park starting tomorrow morning. Next time leave your real name so we can pull up dirt on you Christine. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas

      • The State Attorney’s office have NOT dropped any charges for this or his grand theft. So you do not know what you are talking about Joe.

  2. (SNIP) Let’s don’t run, lets take back our park for ourselves and our children. Let’s all hang together in groups and CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!! Every time we are threatened and let them handle it. After so many calls they will get the hint and lock someone up. And then and only then will we get our beloved park back. So come on park goers lets not let the drunks, druggies and lying theives and Felons take our park from us. Instead of staying away lets pack the park and come here more often and enjoy our beloved park. We are going to stand up for what is right and good and decent. WE LOVE SUNRISE PARK!!!!!!!!! COME ONE, AND COME ALL AND ENJOY THE BEAUTY. (SNIP)

  3. A person tried to hit a man with a paddle last evening. I saw the whole thing. All because of beer. What a crying shame. Lets all get together and flood city hall with letters and meet with our city commissioner. This behavior has got to stop. I love Sunrise park.

      • Wow “Jason”, the world does not revolve around you. Why in the world do you think it is about you? Many incidents are happening in Sunrise Park. That is why locals are complaining to the the City of Holly Hill. It is about a problem that has existed for many years, with a stream of different people. We can only hope that the city and police department will step up patrols and other safety measures to protect citizens

  4. I was just approached by a (snip) guy tonight and he almost demanded I give him money for beer, and when I refused he got very angry and told me a lot of people have been found in the water. It scared me and my son. I am on a very fixed income and I can hardly keep food on the table. I felt like if I didn’t give him money for beer he could turn violent. Who is this person? I think they should have security there in the evenings. Does anyone else agree?

    • There seems to be a number of people in Sunrise Park panhandling and drinking beer. It is a growing problem. I think the City Of Holly Hill should request the Holly Hill police force to have uniformed cops in the day and evening walking a beat there. Also even having a cop car parked there would be good as well. This park being open 24 hours a day is inviting trouble. I would report to the police and the City manager what happened last night, and ask that they have more security at Sunrise Park. In the past the City has not been responsive, but if enough people write and call the city, maybe they will start listening to the park patrons.

      • The Holly Hill police should patrol these parks during 12 step meetings to cut down on the harrassment of locals trying to enjoy the park. So much for “peaceful assembly” of Holly Hill AA and NA meetings! More like organized dysfuntional dangerous criminal assembly.

  5. I was just approached by this man today. He was asking for money for beer and wanted me to go to the Holly Market to purchase it for him. I saw his picture for stealing from the market and I told him no. Don’t anyone buy beer and cigs for this person. He makes his money hustling. What a shame……… I didn’t know he was wanted in north carolina, because I would not of even talked to him. He said he had cancer on his head and tried to get people to feel sorry for him. I wonder how many good people got taken by that story? Is he an NA reject? I am just sick he is still in the park. God help us!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I had a man on a bike tell me that there was a man that lived on a boat that asked him ” when are you going to buy me beer?”. The same man said he told him he had skin cancer on his head too! This is a form of panhandling and harrassment which should not be allowed in Sunrise Park.

  6. Amen, youtoo! I know of the person everyone is speaking of. This person wants to help you put your boat in the water, always asking if you need help. I am sick of this person.we will just call him the bald mooch.Every word out of his mouth is a lie. He tries to be slick but when he helps you put your boat in he steals your ore or your cooler or anything else that isn’t tied down. He is so friendly untill you don’t say what he want’s to hear and then he goes into a rage. (This is one scary dude). He is on florida mug shots .com with a felony arrest from Seminole co. so you are right John63. Whom do we contact about this menace to society? Wow Sunrise park is sure changed since he moved in. Pray he will be gone soon. (snip), because he has money for beer and cigs. If anyone hears anything else please post. This helps us all.

    • It is a shame what is going on in Sunrise Park. So much drinking it is unbelievable! Locals need to complain to the the commissioners, the Mayor Roy Johnson, City Manager James McCroskey and the Holly Hill PD. Do not just complain to one person in the police department, complain to different ones. Putting complaints in writing helps as well. We have to make it impossible for the powers that be to say that no one ever complains. This is what Chief Mark Barker is famous for saying. The citizens need to come together once again and let our safety concerns be heard, and demand that the City do their job in making our parks safe and clean for children and tax paying citizens. There is more than one person causing problems in the park. It is a widespread multifaceted problem that needs to be addressed. I am glad to see people starting to raise hell about it all.

  7. Yea this is the guy who hit me up for a job. I talked to his old boss who he painted for and he said he has been in trouble in Georgia. Look on for his mug shot. I knew this guy was shady. Please post anything you can so we all know whats going on. What is this world coming to? Our wives and children go to this park. Let’s do some digging people and post the results. Thanks to the good citizens of Holly Hill for This website.

    • Hypothetically speaking,does this sound familiar?
      1) A man comes up and talks to you out of nowhere, in or around say, Sunrise Park, being super friendly and intense for someone you just met or hardly know. You notice that he bounces around from person to person, group to group making it his mission to know everything about everyone.
      2)When he’s not drunk yet, he can come across as being articulate and believable as he tries to quickly befriend you!
      3)He hangs around more and more acting like he’s your new best friend offering his help etc.. and if you were nice enough to trust him you may have been surprised to realize that he is actually using you and or stealing from you when you turn your back. ( NOTE ), this may take a while for you to realize as he might be continuing to talk friendly to you while he lines his pockets. It might be a good idea to do an inventory of your things!
      4) If you catch him in the act he maybe plays the old, buddy buddy no hard feelings card. This might hopefully prevent you from calling the police and maybe even get you to forgive him allowing him to potentially do it again.
      5) If you are like me, you really don’t like finding that someone who has been acting like your new best friend is stealing from you when your back is turned! If you don’t agree that it’s no big deal then you may have quickly been introduced to his aggressive side! It could be that this turns out to be a very different person than you thought! If this were to fit the profile it would be the profile of one intense calculating manipulating PREDATOR !

  8. Yea this is that bald guy. Wow is he wanted in Seminole County? Also warrants for marijuana possession in North Carolina? Wow could you help us get him out of the park? I have children i take there every day. Why is this park attracting such trash? God in heaven. I am going to quit going to the park untill they catch this guy. Has he been in any trouble here in Volusia co? We need to stay on the good men and Women of our police department for there help. What is his name? I can have my husband run him through NCIC. He is a Private Detective in Gainsville. PLEASE ANYONE WITH ANY MORE INFO PLEASE POST. WE NEED TO KNOW WHO WE ARE DEALING WITH. Thanks John and Christian Church for this info. God Bless you Both.

    • If it is the same person, he has had outstanding warrants in North Carolina for violation of probation going back to 2008. So he has been an absconder for many years. I wonder if he was an NA member once, and was mandated by his probation officer to attend N.C. Narcotics Anonymous meetings for marijuana possession?

      Sunrise Park is attracting a variety of questionable characters because the City of Holly Hill has no park policy in place. Even though the citizens filled the City Commission meeting in early 2011 with a petition begging them to put park policy in place like our neighboring cities have, the citizens were made out to be villians for trying to clean up the parks and protect our children. I heard it was politics and the police chief Mark Barker kept saying nothing could be done, and blamed the victims! Well why is it Daytona and Ormond do not have such problems? When they do have problems they handle it swiftly, and do not play around. Even with all that being said, citizens were still promised that park regulations would be addressed by the new Mayor Roy Johnson and new commissioners. Here we are 18 months later after submitting the petition to the commissioners, and still nothing! There continue to be numerous complaints and police reports of incidents in the Holly Hill Parks. Now that Ross Point bathrooms are gone, the problems there have been brought to Sunrise Park, making Sunrise Park’s problems exacerbated!

      • Even Centennial Park is having more problems now. NA Daytona has huge meetings on Saturday nights, making people leave who are sitting in the pavillions just like they do in Sunrise Park. There is a growing homeless problem as well, because Daytona and Ormond are stricter in their policies. I feel for the homeless, but at the same time the parks are for recreation purposes. Not shelters or drug rehab centers. There is a time and proper place for 12 step meetings, and there needs to be more help for the homeless, but not on the backs of our parks and playgrounds.

  9. There seems to be a homeless man in the Sunrise Dog Park on LPGA accusing the park goer’s of putting up posts about him that are not true. Well (snip), you are a thief you stole from the store (Holly Hill River Mart). You have been arrested for stealing cars. We can prove everything we are posting. You stole from your old boss when you were painting. Is that a lie too (snip)? It sure seems like you want to tell people how wonderful of a person you are, but you can’t walk the walk or talk the talk. Accuse one more upstanding person and we will post a new website with all the pictures we have of you in the park breaking the law. I am a big fan of Safety First. WE ARE GOING TO CLEAN UP THIS PARK JUST AS WE DID ROSS POINT. Smile (snip) real big for the camera. Guess where we have it installed? From a concerned citizen,and The area Christian Church Community.

    • I believe this person you speak of also has outstanding warrants in North Carolina for marijuana possession and driving on a revoked license. How he got a Florida license is beyond me. But his Florida license has recently been suspended as well for non payment of court fines of 675.00 plus interest in Seminole County in regard to an original grand theft charge of a car.

      • Looks like Jason Sparks SWEET TALKED his way into someone’s good graces and moved into their house. While the generous and trusting homeowner was out of town for job training, Jason took the liberty to drive the homeowner’s new car every day on a suspended license.

        Apparently that was not the only thing he helped himself to. This recent arrest was for FOR GRAND THEFT!

        There is store surveillance video of him stuffing his pockets as he joked with the store owners while there back was turned. These people were as nice as anyone could be to him.

        Look on Florida mugshots for his picture related to a grand theft auto arrest in Seminole County earlier this year! He did not comply with the restitution so they suspended his license. Before that he ran from North Carolina breaking probation for possession of drugs and driving on a suspended license.

        How was he able to even get a Florida license in the 1st place?

        • Jason Sparks

          Update- Jason S. Sparks arrested for 800.04(5)(b) – LEWD/LASCV.MOLEST.PRSN.18YOA/OLDER VIC.<12YOA This week. This is a sexual assault on a child younger than 12 years old! Jason is 37 years old.

          This happened in Daytona Beach. He is in jail- NO BOND. One can get life for this. He was on probation at the time for dealing in stolen property.

          • This guy Jason Sparks was a well known menace to Sunrise Park in Holly Hill. Many people complained to Holly Hill PD about this guy harassing locals for money,beer, food, stealing from Holly Hill River Mart across the street etc, but he was never trespassed from the park.

            Now he has just been arrested for sex abuse against a child. Hope they throw the book at him.

    • Go ahead and post your pics of me. Keep it up…You call yourself Christians? It seems more like the anti-Christ to me. Keep it up. Post pics,. I dare you!!!

      • You might want to read up on photographers rights on this site. If you are in a public park, people can take your picture. It is a constitutional right. Also arrest mug shots are public record.

  10. There is a man at the park who is always drunk and begging for money. He is a bald headed man with a tattoo on the back of his head. They said his name is Jason. He lives on a boat in the water at the park. He is a menace to the park. He begs for food and for money and always smells like a brewery. Please Holly Hill police help us we just want to be able to enjoy the park. He is a theif also, so watch your belongings. We are taking pictures to the City Comissioner.

    • Sunrise Park has had problems for years. Complaints seem to fall on deaf ears. I certainly though would not give up on putting pressure on the City of Holly Hill officials. Apathy is what allows it to continue. Citizens need to take pictures, complain and demand they keep our parks clean and safe. This is their responsibilty. This is what we are paying taxes for. When was the last time the pavillions were pressure washed and cleaned? They are filthy dirty.

      They did just arrest a known pervert in the park who was spotted by a citizen. The police never could catch him, even though he was in and out of the park throughout the day checking the children out in the playground. He had been trespassed before for masturbating in the park, yet with the Holly Hill PD a block away from Sunrise Park they could not catch this guy. Really??? There is also lots of alcohol consumption, littering, dog poop everywhere, mandated dangerous AA criminals going to AA and NA meetings in our Holly Hill parks. Keep complaining, keep taking pictures and demand that the City of Holly Hill raise their standards of care in protecting it’s citizens.

      Now that Ross Point bathrooms are gone we are just having more problems with Sunrise Park that is open 24 hours a day. It is an attractive nuisance and dangerous. Lets change all of that! Apathy will get us nowhere!

  11. This emotionally and mentally unstable man, who was arrested in Holly Hill just last year for manufacturing methamphetamines in a house with a 3-year-old, was caught on June 11, 2012 drinking tallboy beers right in the sand area of playground where many small girls were playing as night approached.

    A citizen who saw this called the Holly Hill Police Department to alert them. Although he was handcuffed and taken out of the playground with an outstanding warrant for his arrest, it turns out…..



  12. For sure thre are 12 steppers in the Holly Hill police department as well as city officials. This is the reason that they allow this dangerous practice to continue in the first place. They like to say they have a right to peaceful assembly. Yet threatening people and harassing them is not peaceful assembly. Also NA of Daytona is out of Daytona, they do not use any of their parks for any meetings! So the City of Holly Hill is just allowing a dangerous situation to continue because of the AA and NA members in the government.

  13. It makes no sense. But I ask you this. Find out if the police chief is in AA. I know a guy with 30 years in AA was the a Police Chief of honolulu for a few years. They hide it well.

    Just out right ask him. If he is he can not be unbiased when dealing with this case. EVery person you folks are dealing with in this community..the first question you need to ask, the Lawyers, Judges , even police …is ….are you in AA. If they are they can not help you and ask for anoterh person who is unbiased. Contact us at

  14. Great investigative work into the public records!

    I consider this to be a classic case study!

    I openly challenge anyone who encourages and supports large groups of unsupervised, court mandated, repeat offender felons,to use public parks/”playgrounds” for conducting drug rehabilitation compliance sessions to read this article and related comments!


    Is it possible that there might be a more appropriate and considerate place to conduct these unsupervised court mandated drug rehabilitation sessions?

    Believe me these people would never be permitted to congregate unsupervised in large numbers while they were still in jail and yet, fresh out of jail they are encouraged to converge unsupervised on our parks/ playgrounds where our children play !

    It is not that the organizers and supporters of these park/playground meetings don’t understand the obvious inappropriateness and the increased risk it poses to our children, these groups have made it clear….


    Well, this certainly makes sense that Billy himself was a mandated NA member by the way he interacted with the other NA members at Don and Phil’s “Next Step” group Daytona Narcotics Anonymous public park meeting.

    He was In the park/playground because they knowingly, carelessly attracted him into the park/playground to come to their park/playground drug rehabilitation meeting,
    as they do everyone else straight out of jail that are mandated to get drug rehabilitation compliance papers signed.

    One might ask why organize and hold” anonymous” unsupervised court mandated drug compliance sessions in a public park/playground?

    Could there possibly be a more appropriate place for all parties concerned to conduct such business?

    They continue to disregard their 7th tradition to get a free ride. They also like it because they can chain smoke. For this they put our children at risk and ignore the obvious and valid safety concerns of our citizens.

    Regardless of the NA and AA traditions, that they recite at the beginning of each meeting, they insist on engaging in and fanning the flames of controversy by fighting the community!


    • If AA and NA cared they would see to it that these groups came up with a better place set up shop than where our children play! They know they put our kids at risk by bringing all these people to our playgrounds. No one watches these groups and they know they can get away with whatever. I’ve been there when jailbirds from these groups started trouble and all the police did was blame the people who called for help. I know that Holly Hill police chief Mark Barker says everything’s A-OK and there is no cause for concern, really?? I don’t see him or his kids play in our parks so how would he know? I wish he or anyone else would try to tell me and my kids that it’s all good because I would love to tell them what I’ve seen and I know!

    • I think it is absurd that the government is even mandating NA meetings. The fact that the AA groups and the various local governments are aware that the parks and playgrounds are being used for parolees to fulfill their probation requirements
      is shameful. Parks are not to be used for the Department of Corrections! It is to be used for recreational purposes. It violates zoning ordinances as well. This needs to stop in Holly Hill!

  15. Monday, June 11, 2012
    Tonight at Sunrise Park in Holly Hill, Florida;
    An associate of the, Narcotics Anonymous group, “THE NEXT STEP,” was arrested and taken away in handcuffs ,“LITERALLY RIGHT OUT OF THE PLAYGROUND.”

    Right after the meeting concluded, 3 members made a beeline toward the playground where about 10 small children were playing. A man who was at the playground waiting for them went straight up to them. They walked off quickly together toward the parking lot and then the man walked quickly back to the playground.

    There was something about this hook up that seemed unnatural and sketchy !
    I suppose it was because this man and the Narcotics Anonymous members acted suspiciously, looking around at people in the park as if to question if they were being watched.

    This of course attracted people’s attention.

    This man and his friend then sat drinking beer after beer, literally in the playground area with numerous small children playing all around them as night approached !

    Police arrived, discovered this going on, searched the man’s belongings and took him away in handcuffs !

    Sunrise Park is a no alcohol Park but to pound tallboy after tallboy while sitting on a bench inside the play area was over-the-top!

    By the way the prearranged, sketchy meeting went down between this man and his friends from the” Next Step”,Narcotics Anonymous meeting and considering how this man’s backpack was searched, it would not surprise me at all if he was found with more than just alcohol in his possession.

    NEXT STEP SPONSORS, PHIL AND DON are working hard to recruit ever greater numbers to the park/ playground. This has being a long-running, heated controversy that PHIL AND DON enjoy engaging in with concerned community members who have experienced harassment and threats from members of the NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS MEMBERS ATTENDING MEETINGS IN THE PARK/PLAYGROUND.

    SPONSORS PHIL AND DON fight this community. A community that has asked them to please consider honoring their traditions by using the money they collect at meetings to pay for an, “ANONYMOUS” place that they could more appropriately conduct their business. Most people who come to the meetings simply attend in order to get papers signed to comply with the terms of their early release from jail.

    For the children sake, please do the right thing and give this community a break !

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