Daytona Beach Official Mandated To Alcoholics Anonymous For Biketoberfest Beating

Judge Will mandated violent felon Mark Criswell to AA Meetings and probation.  No jail time. After the severe beating of a man during Biketoberfest, this man gets the AA get out of jail card!

 Did Judge Will offer Mark Criswell a secular option? Does not sound like it. This is a violation of the constitution.

Former Daytona Beach building official gets probation in Biketoberfest beating

By LYDA LONGA, Staff Writer
April 26, 2012 12:45 PM


Former Daytona Beach city official Mark Criswell — accused of pummeling a liquor company representative during Biketoberfest — pleaded no contest to felony battery and was sentenced to probation today.

The 52-year-old Criswell — the former building official for Daytona Beach — also pleaded no contest to obstructing an officer, a report shows. He will not see any prison time.

Criswell entered his plea this morning before Circuit Judge Joseph Will, the State Attorney’s Office said.

Will sentenced Criswell to four years drug offender probation and he must attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meeting per week, said Klare Ly, state attorney spokeswoman.

Adjudication was withheld on both charges, Ly said. A felony still appears on the individual’s record, but the felony does not affect the person’s ability to vote or maintain a ,  driver’s license, for example.

Police said Criswell beat up David Summers the morning of Oct. 15 at a bar at the 500 block of Main Street. According to the arrest report, Criswell shoved his city of Daytona Beach business card in Summers’ face and demanded that Summers lower the music at the bar.

He also threatened Summers, saying Summers would be “in a world of hurt” unless he lowered the music, the arrest report shows.

After Summers lowered the sound, he asked Criswell if he was drunk; Criswell began punching him about the face and head, the report shows.

The Daytona Beach policeman who responded to the beating, wrote in the report that the victim’s injuries were “severe” and would likely “permanently disfigure him.”

Criswell’s attorney David Kerce said his client just wanted to get this chapter of his life behind him and move on.

Kerce said Criswell did not get prison time because the judge probably respected the fact that Criswell has taken certain steps to “rectify his life.”

In addition, Kerce said Summers did not want to see Criswell’s life ruined.

2 thoughts on “Daytona Beach Official Mandated To Alcoholics Anonymous For Biketoberfest Beating

  1. David:

    Criswell is back to work, apparently.
    He reviewed a permit in January 2016.
    (4th entry of Google Search: “Mark Criswell” “Daytona Beach” 2016)

    Copies of the Cases (Public Record)

    Based on your comment Mark would have paid you less than $3,436.00
    I recommend double checking all the payments you did receive and all the mail sent to any contact address you used.

    In order to change the settlement amount they are required to notify you. If the State of Florida terminated his probation and responsibility for the settlement, without your notification, they broke the law.

    If Mark appealed the initial ruling you should have been notified and brought back.

    I would recommend digging deeper.
    Don’t wait too long.

  2. Btw I was the victim and all I know is he has violated probation and Im waiting to hear back why but I never received even 25% of my resitution

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