Daytona Beach Florida Transient Wanted On Cocaine Charges

Alberta Pangburn, a transient is wanted for violation of probation for multiple drug related and prostitution charges. Alberta Pangburn is listed as having been arrested over 26 times in Volusia County Florida ! Another example of someone being failed by Narcotics Anonymous of Daytona Beach Fl. The judges including Judge Will need to realize mandated 12 step programs are not working out very well, and is against people’s constitutional right to be forced to attend religious programs.

Update– Alberta Pangburn has been arrested three times since this last bulletin.
That makes for a total of 29 arrests total. It would be nice to see her turn her life around,
but a playground is no place to have court mandated criminals going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings!


27   (on date of arrest)

5 thoughts on “Daytona Beach Florida Transient Wanted On Cocaine Charges

  1. I also hope she can find something that will work for her to help her turn her life around. For her and so many others, this system of continuously being sent back to AA and NA after each arrest seem not to be working.

    After community members were threatened and harassed by people from the Park meetings and we couldn’t find any accountability from these groups or the local police we were forced to research all this on our own. It was a “RUDE AWAKENING” for me to discover just how common it is for people who have been arrested so many times to be just turned out again to attend AA and NA meetings.

    If you have a concern about someone who is hanging around your child and you want to know more about them you can simply go to the right-hand column on the homepage of this site and click on the Volusia County web link. Once you’re on the site you can click on the option for inmate information where you can type in a name and it will show you just how many times someone has been in the Volusia County lockup. Some of these people have pages and pages of arrests who are meeting in the park. This came as a big surprise to me as I didn’t even know people could get arrested that many times and be continuously turned out to just go to meetings!

    I don’t think most people realize that people can get arrested 15, 30 times or more and just keep being released to our parks to attend non-accountable, unsupervised anonymous gatherings! It’s unbelievable that the police don’t do anything for the citizens who are just using the park for its intended purpose and have been threatened by these people. It appears to be just the opposite, it seems that the police protect these groups and their members no matter what and blame the fifty year old citizens who have clean records. Even though there are no warning signs posted while they’re having their meetings in the park, I guess people are just supposed to know that they shouldn’t be there when they arrive if they don’t want to be blamed for being threatened by the court mandated attendees.

  2. This is crazy! Chief Barker ignores threats made by addicts on probation against people in the park, telling his officers it’s okay not to get any information about them. Now this AA member from the Sunday morning Park meeting,[ grateful member of AA/CA/NA ] is flat-out lying about how they “witnessed the entire inception of this action from the very first day and there has only been isolated actions of one or a few!”

    Don’t you For shame……… For shame……… US! Why don’t you do what your book tells you, be self-supporting and pay for a place to meet where our children don’t have to be in the middle of all this!

    I’m sick and tired of these people trying to make it look like there’s something wrong with us because we don’t like having our lives threatened and our children run out of the park by felons at huge probation meetings for drug court. I for one am glad people are standing up to this! Somebody’s got to. Most of us don’t want any trouble from the police so we just stay out of it and avoid the park.

    It just gets me so upset when I think about this AA Park meeting person trying to tell everybody that there’s only been one or a few things that have happened at our Park! We’ve been run out by huge meetings every day for almost the whole time I’ve lived here which is most of my daughters life! Why is it that Daytona AA NA don’t have any meetings in Daytona parks anyway? It’s time to tell more about some of the things we’ve been through. You can read some of it on rude awakening, AA NA stories and the AA NA photos. I know that AA group on Sunday morning has caused a lot of trouble with people at the park. Why don’t we tell more about that?

  3. Whether a group is for-profit or nonprofit is irrelevant when it comes to basic standards of NATURAL ACCOUNTABILITY !

    You stated that you had “witnessed the entire inception of this action from the very first day.”

    Quite a claim !

    If you are telling the truth about being there from day one, then you would know that you are being DISHONEST when you say that it was only “the actions of one or a few.”

    What about the fact that your longtime sponsors that chair these meetings have refused to cooperate with police investigations when your members have threatened citizens?

    It is considered common knowledge, not only within the community but with many in your own organizations as well, that substantially more than a few incidents have occurred.

    Maybe we need to refresh people’s memory!

    What about compassion for the many people who have been victimized by people at NA and AA meetings but were unable to find any accountability within the structure?

    Considering that most of your participants are court mandated and neither you or anyone else knows what they were arrested for or what their last names are, no one could reasonably deny the high risk demographic of your meetings. Couple that with the fact that you don’t cooperate with police investigations. As a responsible citizen, who hopefully cares about safety, do you think there might be a more appropriate place to hold such large, “high risk, probation compliance sessions” than at the children’s playground?

    We’re just wondering.

    I know that being able to smoke and not having to pay rent is a big plus for you guys but WHAT ABOUT YOUR 7th TRADITION of paying your own way?

    I think that the whole thing of feeling of being above the law in some way and not held accountable to the same standards as average citizens, coupled with the fact that you don’t mind running people out of a park pavilion to conduct your business, demonstrates an attitude of “SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS !”

    You insinuate that you may be dealing with “unfortunates” who couldn’t make it in AA/CA/NA and that our reason for bringing attention to this dangerous dysfunctional situation is because we’ve gone back to using.

    This comment is both juvenile and self-righteous !

    To wrap it up, WHERE IS THE SHAME in caring enough to take the unpopular stance of speaking the truth to keep functionality and accountability in recovery?

  4. This puts a real negative perspective on non-profit organizations who’s only task is to be available to help the still sick and suffering person.

    As someone who has witnessed the entire inception of this action from the very first day. I have only witnessed utter prejudice of entire organizations due to the isolated actions of one or a few.

    The organizations are not responsible for actions of individuals who do not wish to stay sober. Even the best parenting skills do not prevent poor choices or poor behaviors from their children. The organizations, as with parents, can only be structured guides in the hopes that alcoholics/addicts or children will turn out to be better people.

    The previous commentary was absolutely correct. This is something that the police department needs to look at more closely. There is already a strict punishment for anyone caught using or selling illegal substances within a specific footage distance of any school or public park.

    To wrap this up, since I have personally been victimized by this so called community concern group. You should have more praise for organizations that help to guide people to a better life unless you yourself were one of the unfortunates who “tried” AA/CA/NA and then choice to go back to that way of life.

    I am so glad that these organizations have shown me a path of compassion instead of the path of self righteous indignation displayed at the park shown on this photo above.

    For shame……… For shame…….

  5. Since Alberta Pangburn has been arrested 26 times and is wanted on a probation
    violation in Daytona Beach Florida for drug charges, you have to wonder what
    the Daytona police are doing. People are routinely told that as part of thier
    probation, they must go to NA. Is it possible that they want to arrest her for
    not going to the NA meetings held in the public parks of Holly Hill? Chances
    are that when they find her, they will put Alberta Pangburn on probation again
    and mandate that she go NA meetings in the public places of Holly Hill again.
    Does this make sense.

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