AA Member Arrested For Voyeurism in Target Dressing Room Using His Cell Phone

(Photo credit: Perkins Township Police)

Another AA member with sexual problems attending meetings and still getting into trouble.

PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A female victim physically restrained a man who had been using his cell phone to videotape her as she changed in a Target dressing room, Fox 8 News reports. Daytona Beach NA Meetings in Port Orange, Ormond Beach and Holly Hill.

According to a Perkins Township Police report, Zachary Ray Van Zandt, 21, of Sandusky, has been charged with voyeurism and disorderly conduct.

The 26-year-old female victim was changing pants Tuesday night in a Target dressing room when she saw “a phone under the door that appeared to be recording a video of her.” She grabbed the phone and exited the room. That’s when she saw Van Zandt, who demanded that she return his phone. Stop 13 Stepping in Daytona AA and NA.

The victim refused, instead using the phone to call authorities.

When Van Zandt attempted to grab the phone, the victim shoved him and struck him in the face. He then sat on the ground and waited for police to arrive, the report indicates.

Once on scene, the responding officer took Van Zandt’s cell phone from the victim and placed it into evidence. Smart Recovery Meetings Daytona Beach Florida.

Van Zandt told the officer that he has a problem, a sexual desire, for which he is scheduled to begin counseling next week. He said that was trying on clothes before going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when he heard the victim enter a nearby dressing room and thought it would be a “good opportunity to get some video.”

“I shouldn’t have done what I did,” he admitted. Holly Hill Parks.

After offering up that information, Van Zandt was arrested. He then proceeded to volunteer more info, confessing that he has videotaped and photographed approximately five other women in various states of undress in dressing rooms at Target and the mall. He added that he has taken videos and pics looking up women’s skirts in various locations.

Van Zandt, authorities say, might face additional charges pending the discovery of the contents of his cell phone.


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