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A Daytona Beach AA Member harassed citizens again at Sunrise Park Holly Hill Florida November 25th 2012. The AA member approached a man drinking coffee and reading his Sunday paper on the other side of the park from where the AA meeting was taking place.  She told this man that he needed to attend their AA meeting! She accused him of being a drinker. The man politely got up to move away from her and told her he did not need an AA meeting that he was not even a drinker.She started yelling at him calling him a liar. He told her if she did not stop harassing him he would need to call the police. She said ” fine, I will tell them you were harassing me! ” Another lying AA Member.

A citizen who saw what was going on walked over to a nearby pavilion, the AA lady was still yelling at the man, and the citizen asked her to leave them alone. That is when she started running toward the citizen in the pavilion like a mad bull. She came into the pavilion and got right up in the citizens face and started screaming. The man she originally was harassing had called the police, and she then took off in her car shortly after. Luckily no one was physically harmed.

Why does Volusia County Intergroup and the City of Holly Hill continue to allow Daytona AA members to harass citizens in Holly Hill parks? This has been going on for many years.

When the Holly Hill PD showed up, the Crazy Daytona AA Lady had left in her car loaded with Sunoco stickers.

Even after that outrageous harassing behaviour to other citizens in the park, this same woman came the next Sunday December 2nd to the Sunrise Group AA meeting.


  1. Just another example of how “sensitive” some people are in AA and NA. Screw up your life with drugs and alcohol, get sober, then expect every body to give you special privileges.

  2. This kind of thing has been going on for years at Sunrise Park! I remember more than two years ago when I and other community members were having a picnic and playing checkers and scrabble with our kids. A HUGE group of pushy rehab people took over. Most of them just come to the meetings to get their probation papers signed. They came in on top of us, threw their books and backpacks down all around us and told us it was time for us to go because,”we are going to have our meeting now!”

    After years of getting threatened and run out of Sunrise Park every night and twice on Sunday some local citizens decided that if this corporation didn’t rent the pavilion and we were already sitting in the pavilion when they showed up, why should they be able to force our community picnic with our children out?

    On that night we decided we had been pushed around and harassed enough so we simply continued with our picnic, playing checkers with our children. That’s when the Anonymous group chairperson started yelling at us and banging on the table! He told us” were going to have our meeting and you need to hear what we have to say!”

    After 8 meetings a week for over 15 years I think our children had heard more than enough of what they talk and swear about at these loud, explicit, graphic drug rehab park takeovers. They obviously weren’t concerned about what my children were hearing! He and other members insisted on taking over and telling their drug stories in front of our children as if it were their very own exclusive drug rehab center! They just figured we would end up leaving by intimidation because they were used to getting away with just about whatever they wanted.

    Members got mad and rude, threatening and intimidating our community members. One member yelled,“I’m packing and I ain’t afraid to use it!” Anonymous members started taking pictures of citizens, which we found to be very strange and concerning. They took pictures of the community members for weeks and then some community members started bringing their cameras to document it for safety!

    When the police were called the group’s chairpersons and sponsors always denied the threats and covered for each other. The police always sided with the rehab mob blaming the picnickers, who have no police record by the way. I guess it was easier to blame the few citizens.
    Both the police and the rehab groups did everything to protect the image of these groups as being safe and responsible even though this is far from the truth.

    Here it is over two years later and the public nuisance continues with citizens being harassed by corporate organization members who feel they have the right to advertise our city parks and take them over regularly as their very own place of business! Like they say, you can believe they don’t let this happen in Daytona and Ormond Beach! Why do corporations get away with taking over Holly Hill Parks multiple times a week without any permits or payments?

    I’m glad this site tells it like it is! I know that years ago there was a petition taken to City Hall to put in place similar park policy for all organizations that would seek to advertise and monopolize our parks to set up regular business. A lot more people would have signed it if we took the time to get more signatures.

    The truth is that most people were so intimidated and scared and didn’t want to get involved. I don’t blame them, they got no help from police when they were called! Only a few are willing to put themselves on the line. I appreciate their courage and concern to stand up for Holly Hill and our children’s safety in our city parks!

  3. This is a shame that this continues to happen on our parks. Even with other improvements the City Of Holly Hill is doing in the parks, stopping AA/NA from harassing us in the city parks is not one of them.

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