Narcotics Anonymous Member Arrested For Molesting Child During NA Meeting

Ray Floyd Johnson Jr, 38 has been arrested for sexually molesting a child during a Georgia Narcotics Anonymous Meeting! This man was a criminal and was on probation for many crimes, which included Family Violence Battery. This is a prime example why children and adolescence should not be attending AA or NA meetings! When are the courts and AA/NA going to stop this barbaric practice of mixing minors and criminal together?

 I thought there were laws already on the books that are to protect are children from this sort of sexual abuse. Yet much like the churches, this practice is being swept under the rug by the judicial system and AA and NA. When will the children come first? Don’t they depend on us to do our best to protect them? Yet we are failing them miserably when it comes to continuing to mandate minors to AA/NA and allowing AA/NA to mix felons and minors at their meetings. Even though the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges ( NCJFCJ ) do NOT recommend mandating juveniles to AA or NA, yet many Judges still continue to do this.

March 29, 2012


Mark MillicanDalton Daily Citizen

Roy Floyd Johnson Jr.-Color-Thurs.jpg

DALTON — A Dalton man accused of sexually molesting an underage girl during a substance abusers support group meeting has a bond hearing scheduled for Friday in Whitfield County Superior Court.

Roy Floyd Johnson Jr., 38, of 810 N. Selvidge St., Apt. 13, faces charges of child molestation and sexual battery of a child. He was arrested in January for allegedly molesting a girl who was attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting with her parents. The girl was in a separate area when she said the incident occurred.

Johnson will also be arraigned on separate charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and loitering and prowling stemming from an October arrest.

When Dalton Police Department Officer Ashley Payne questioned the girl’s mother about how the incident could have happened, the mother explained that while she and her husband were attending the meeting her daughter and two sons sat “back away from everyone … (and) it happened while they were sitting back there.”

The girl’s mother told Payne she remembered Johnson coming into the meeting because he was “extremely late” and went straight back to where her daughter was.

“(The mother) didn’t think anything about it because the coffee sits back there and homeless people come in all the time to go to the bathroom and get coffee,” Payne wrote in an incident report. “(The mother) said she has never seen the man before at any of the meetings but does remember what he looks like.”

Payne advised the mother not to ask her daughter any more questions about the matter until the case was followed up on.

In August, Johnson was charged by the Murray County Sheriff’s Office with probation violation of a false imprisonment and family violence battery sentence. Assistant District Attorney Scott Minter said Johnson is set for a probation revocation hearing in Superior Court on April 11.

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  1. This really hits home. My wife came in tonight after saying she and our 8 year old son was going to church instead they went to a AA meeting. I had already voiced my concerns about her thinking about it and thought that the subject had been closed with a no way. I have been to these meetings and they are great for adults if you truly want to stop drinking or drugs. I myself have been drug and alcohol for 11 years so they do work I am living proof. I have seen the people that go too these meetings and if u think its a safe place for children lol You really do need help. For a parent to put their needs in front of their child’s safety is totally a joke. Some of these meetings have the worst people you can find hell some of them made me not want to go why would I bring my child. I’m pissed right now because my wife had a baby sitter its called the boys father (me). Im glad my wife is trying to better her self but don’t do it by putting our sons welfare at risk. Im all for AA but they should be closed to children so idiots like my wife wont have the choose and their spouses wont have to worry every time they drive off with them. If You cant find a babysitter hell read the steps and stay home AA isn’t a miracle worker you actually have to work on yourself outside the meetings. If I insulted anyone by calling my wife a idiot well I am pissed but I wont have to go get a drink or go to a meeting done that 11 years clean Keep your kids home their some sick people out their and they love AA .

    • Hello,

      You are absolutely correct in being concerned about bringing children to AA meetings. Use the search engine on this website then put in words like ‘child, minor, girl, boy, pedophile’.

      Because pedophiles are being sentenced to AA and they do not have to disclose that they are there.


  2. So I think that I would rather have a mother or father bring their child to a meeting than not to come to recovery at all due to people thinking that they should not bring their kids. This is once in a million type of occurrence, and I leave it to the parent to keep an eye on their child even when in meetings. The entire world is a dangerous place for everyone and caution should always be excised no matter where you are. But stopping parents from bringing their kids to a meeting that could very well save their life, and the child’s for that matter, is a ridiculously extreme knee jerk reaction to an extremely rare danger. I attend meetings on the regular (7 years +), and I know from personal experience that this is not common behavior.

    • Wouldn’t you rather be a member of an organization that actually takes responsibility for the crimes by their members and the perfect storm they create for sex abuse by AA members?

      Why should AA be exempt from putting in protection measures like Alateen does? They are a 12 step program. If they can do it , AA and NA can do it. But AA voted to do nothing to stop sex abuse against minors. Who are you to say this is a one in a million occurrence? AA is KNOWN for sexual exploitation starting with 13 stepping. Children should not be exposed to dangerous criminals who have been convicted of sex crimes, just because AA refuses to do absolutely nothing.

      I think your reaction is extreme by trying to minimize the harm that comes to women and children in the rooms. People have been raped, murdered and financially scammed over and over by AA members. You think this is a safe place for minors? You have really lost any sense of decency. People in their right mind do not expose children and teens to violent felons and sexual predators. AA members become brainwashed by the cult that this is okay to sacrifice the children for the Church Of AA. Wake -Up Call- IT IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The meeting you think could save their life could also take their life and rape their children. It will continue until AA is made accountable and 12 steppers stop covering up crimes and giving excuses for the irresponsibility of AA World Services and AA members.

  3. This is what can be found on the Tax return for AA World Service Inc.

    This sounds like it’s pretty connected to it’s groups.

    So why does AA World Headquarters try to say it has no say when child molestors are sent to AA meetings and in the same breath they are speaking at High Schools trying to recuit new young members.

    They are sick and need to be stopped. They ARE RESPONSIBLE at every level!

    • These organizations are well aware that their unsupervised anonymous meetings are packed full of mentally ill, dangerous violent repeat offenders from jail who are mandated to attend by courts time and time again.

      The organizational headquarters of these groups are also well aware of countless abuses being committed by it’s members, going all the way back to the 1930s!

      Clearly knowing the risks involved, after all these years, there was a recent organizational vote NOT TO IMPLEMENT ANY SAFETY MEASURES OR PROCEDURES FOR MEETINGS.

      It’s the old, “if we don’t admit that we know there’s a problem then we can avoid being legally responsible!”

      These organizations assume NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR HAPPENS AT THEIR MEETINGS, NO MATTER WHAT! Churches beware, you better have good insurance!

      They instead knowingly put the vulnerable attendees that they invite to their meetings, which they falsely promote as being safe, at extreme risk.

      When abuses occur, they are actively covered up, swept under the rug and denied by the organization loyalists who go to great lengths to protect the image of AA/NA! This demonstrates an obvious lack of authentic concern for the well-being of those attending their organization’s meetings.

      IT IS INCONCEIVABLE THAT THE COURTS REGARD AA/NA AS BEING SAFE AND APPROPRIATE REHABILITATION PARTNERS FOR PROBATION/PAROLE COMPLIANCE. There is no security, no supervision, no safety measures, and no professionals at these non-accountable anonymous meetings!

      As you can read for yourself in the many articles throughout the archives of this website, anything can happen at these meetings. When abuse occurs, the people chairing the meetings regularly interpret the “ANONYMITY” clause to mean that they don’t have to cooperate with police investigations!


  4. AA members going into High SchoolsDon Lafoy from Weyburn shared his experiences with drugs and alcohol with the staff and students of Radville Regional High School.
    Published on April 21, 2012
    Staff ~ Radville & Deep South Star

    Topics : Radville Regional High School , Alcoholics Anonymous

    Jessica Weightman

    On Thursday, March 29th, Radville Regional High School hosted there last guest speaker of the year. Don Lafoy, a recovering alcoholic from Weyburn, came to the school to talk to the kids about drug and alcohol abuse.

    Lafoy began to drink around the age of thirteen, shortly after his mother passed away. He was once a star athlete but as alcohol took over his life the things that use to be important to him fell by the wayside. “Life involving drugs and alcohol is an up and down road,” Lafoy said. “I liked the way it felt and the attention it brought.”

    Lafoy also spoke to the students about the consequence of alcoholism, not only drinking and driving but the other physical consequences. Lafoy lost part of three fingers in a press at the auto plant where he worked after going to work drunk. After he lost his fingers that he joined Alcoholics Anonymous and has since been talking at schools about his experiences. “It is a disease and it is not a fun disease.”

    Lafoy also talked about drug abuse. He never did drugs as a teenager or even as an adult, but through his work with Alcoholics Anonymous he has seen what drugs can do to a person. He told the story of a girl he had known who had committed suicide because she could not handle the drugs any more. He also told the kids that 80% of students in Weyburn know where to go for drugs. “You can tell people not to drink or do drugs, but the only one who can make the conscious thought not to is you,” Lafoy said.

    Don Lafoy uses a no nonsense approach to get his point across to the students and it was evident in how it affected the kids. They were all attentive and looked thoughtful, some even appeared agitated at some of the more graphic parts of Lafoy’s story.

    Lafoy concluded his talk by telling the students that what he told them was not a challenge or a list of suggestions for what he thought they should try. “I don’t want to hear about any of you doing it just because I did. This is my story.”

  5. An article about a major increase in parents of youth going to Al-Anon. It is so obvious that there needs to be real help for young adults and minors other than AA or NA. Even though this problem is exploding in Australia, people keep turning to AA. NOTICE- AA has no meetings for under 18 only. Nothing for minors. NADA. Yet they want you to think they do, and lure unsuspecting teens into the rooms along with the court mandated violent felons, like Roy Floyd Johnson Jr in this article who molested a child during a NA meeting

    Al-Anon Family Groups Australia reports spike in number of parents of young alcoholics attending meetings

    by: Evelyn Yamine
    From:The Daily Telegraph
    April 09, 201212:00AM

    DESPERATE parents are turning to alcohol support groups in record numbers as they struggle to cope with their teenagers’ binge drinking.

    New figures show 10 per cent of teens aged 16 years and under admit to regular drinking sessions, where they consume 11 to 30 standard drinks.

    Al-Anon Family Groups Australia has reported a spike in the number of parents of young alcoholics attending meetings, exasperated that their attempts to wean their kids off the bottle have failed. The group also held its first special support session specifically aimed at parents of alcoholics at the Alcoholics Anonymous national convention last week.

    There was also a well-attended session entitled Young Persons meeting – getting sober under 25 aimed at giving youngsters the tools to break the binge-drinking cycle.

    Al-Anon spokeswoman Chris Williams said “more and more” parents were attending meetings to deal with their child’s binge drinking and alcohol addiction.

    She said she understood the need for a special focus on the parents of alcoholics at this year’s AA convention.

    “Whether they’re teenagers or adults or whatever age, they’re still your child,” Ms Williams said. “It’s a different perspective than being a partner of an alcoholic. If you’re a partner, you can get angry and leave, but you can’t do that with your child.

    “Your child is a part of you and parents blame themselves so we help and support them.”

    An Al-Anon member, who only wants to be known as Marianne, attends the meetings because her son is an alcoholic.

    He began binge drinking when he was a teenager. At 19, he was caught drink-driving and lost his licence for two years.

    Marianne said her son had sought help but relapsed a number of times.

    She said she has noticed that more parents of teenagers and young adult alcoholics were now attending meetings.

    “You get upset and angry with your child, but you also love them and have compassion for them. You also have to get on with your own life too,” Marianne said.

    “They have to want and need help and they’ve got to admit they have a problem because you can’t force anyone into recovery. It doesn’t work that way.”

    Professor Greg Whelan, medical director of the addiction rehabilitation unit at the Melbourne Clinic, said his latest research showed binge drinking among teenagers and young adults was increasing fast.

  6. This is just the tip of the iceberg in 12 step culture. Parents should never take a child to a meeting or trust anyone in AA/NA. I know a women in AA whose mother’s sober boyfriend molested her at age 5.

    He was a well respected man with years of sobriety. They are sick, sick , sick.
    AA is not safe and neither in NA.

    Read the horror stories on AA/NA needs safety polices and procedures. Just like the boy scouts.

    • This is a broad, blanket and judgemental statement. Many people, probably including yourself, have made bad decisions in their life. Everyone deserves a second chance to right the wrongs they have done. You say not to trust ANYONE in AA or NA, however, I can almost guarantee that you, without knowing it, trust someone in these programs. These 12 step programs consist of countless professionals such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, actors/actresses and many more. These programs consist of HUMAN BEINGS just like you and I, and as a human being, each person should be held accountable for their OWN mistakes. These programs TEACHES people how to be responsible, productive members of society; they dot MAKE anyone do anything. Everyone has free will, and some people that come to these programs do not want what they have to offer. That is NOT the programs fault. Let’s start trying to hold ourselves accountable, before we start pointing the finger at someone, or something else. Much love to you all.

      • The fact is Nick, AA is not safe, and one really should not be trusting people in the rooms of AA, especially sending their teens to AA or NA meetings that have sex offenders and are asked to do sexual inventories!

  7. You don’t know if this man was an NA member, even the parents don’t remember ever seeing him before. this man is a predator, and could show up anywhere, NA, Church, a movie theater or the park. Though its horrible that there are people out there that are deranged and dangerous focusing on NA/AA as a dangerous place is just not true. Parents who bring there children to meetings in order to maintain their own recovery are giving them a life far better that they wold have if the parents were using, sometimes they just don’t have any other options, adolescents who are court mandated are given this option because often there is no other service that can offer them support where others, young and old try to create a safe place where there is an atmostphere of recovery. Nothing is perfect in life, We all need to watch out for one another, throwing the baby out with the bath water is simply a short sighted solution.

    • Actually this man was a Georgia Narcotics Anonymous member. He was mandated by the court system. AA and the judicial system is being highly irresponsible to mix violent offenders and children. Now we have yet another child that has been sexually abused by a Narcotics Anonymous member.

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