AA Deception and Deniability Article By JR Harris

This article gives insight as to why AA is so dangerous. There is literally no accountability when crimes occur within the organization in an attempt to not become liable for the murders and rapes that take place as a direct result to attending and meeting people at NA/AA meetings.

By JR Harris – July 18, 2011

Despite the fact that AA has a definite chain of command and an AA Corporate home office, it’s members claim that there is no controlling body in Alcoholics Anonymous and can not be held accountable for the actions of its members. It gets away with doing this because of what is called Plausible Deniability. In a nutshell they are using the AA members they recruit as prospects and the cloak of anonymity of  the AA Corporate Home Office in New York, to give them a way out of any trouble they may get into. If anything bad happens because of one or more of their members, they quickly abandon that member and disavow any control over that individual or group of individuals to protect themselves using Plausible Deniability by blaming those underneath them.

Plausible deniability refers to the denial of blame in loose and informal chains of command where upper rungs quarantine the blame to the lower rungs, and the lower rungs are often inaccessible, meaning confirming responsibility for the action is nearly impossible. In the case that illegal or otherwise disreputable and unpopular activities become public, high-ranking officials may deny any awareness of such act or any connection to the agents used to carry out such acts.

The big problem with this command structure is that currently a percentage of these members come from the court systems as potential violent criminals who deny this because of the anonymity that AA provides. AA is set up to make its members find “prospects” forindoctrination into Alcoholics Anonymous and where to find them.

“Perhaps you are not acquainted with any drinkers who want to recover. You can easily find some by asking a few doctors, ministers, priests or hospitals.” Pg. 89 “Big Book”

The above quote is from the original 164 pages of the “Big Book” and is considered the foundation of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. Over the years that followed the 1936 publishing of the “Big Book”, the “hospital” part of where they searched for prospects for Alcoholics Anonymous somehow changed to “hospitals and institutions” (H&I) with the institution part referring to the court system for DUIDrug and Alcohol Courts and the general prison population.
Because of the “cloak” of anonymity and the problem of getting an accurate count of its anonymous members, it is nearly impossible to find out how many people actually come from the court systems. AA members always claim that the percentage is extremely low, but you will also hear many times during meetings that they have been arrested and put in jail where they “hit bottom” and find the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous and the problems that we are seeing are not going to change until the cloak on anonymity and the plausible deniability of the AA Corporate Office and its individual members are made accountable for their actions.

5 thoughts on “AA Deception and Deniability Article By JR Harris

  1. Do you know any recent former members who can give me more details on this? My son just moved into their home, which is in mountainside, new jersey, and he will not leave. I am worried.

  2. The article listed above can not be retrieved from the link. Does anyone have a copy of it, since I have been asked a few questions about the group and have been doing some research.


  3. Has anyone out there had any experience with the Sponsorship Group of AA that
    meets in Chatham, NJ ? This group seems to be setting a great example that all
    the AA horror stories talk about. They are indeed a cult and they are ruled
    with an iron fist by a first class pervert named Jim. They have caused immense
    harm to people who were initially looking for help. Jim and his goons are
    notorious for taking advantage of women, using manipulation and coercion to get
    people to abstain from taking necessary medication, etc. They also pressure
    their new recruits to get a really lame SG tattoo on their forearm or wrist, in
    order to prove loyalty to the almighty home group. The strange thing is that
    they are always invited into various hospitals and institutions, where they can
    recruit and speak about their disgusting ideas. Spread the word about these
    fools, get the truth out there – people need to know!

  4. One of the all time most dangerous AA groups ever is based out of Chatham NJ.
    They are the Sponsorship Group and their leader is Jim B.

    Jim B. and his disciples have been ruining the lives of young women since at
    least 2000. To call what they do “13th Stepping” would be a
    compliment. It’s a disgrace. What goes around, comes around. They will
    eventually have to pay.

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