Musician Charged With Arriving at AA Meeting Very Drunk With Distressed Daughter

Birmingham Magistrates Court: A mother who is a well-known musician will appear on here Thursday charged with being drunk in charge of a child under seven years old

Actually this is not an uncommon occurrence contrary to popular belief. There is only a request for a desire to not drink or do drugs. Meaning people are welcomed to both AA and NA meetings drunk and strung out. Many AA members bring their children along too.

Musician to face court charged with taking her daughter to an AA meeting WHILE DRUNK

  • 40-year-old was ‘heavily intoxicated’ when she showed up for late-night meeting, it is claimed
  • Officers took her to a police station and her ‘distressed’ daughter to a ‘place of safety’
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Justin Lee Collins Found Guilty of Harassment Took Sexual Inventory of AA Member Anna Larke

The Big Book teaches members to take a sexual inventory of their sponcee’s  sex life. This includes taking young teenagers sexual inventory. AA and NA is not just about a support group of alcoholics/drug addicts supporting one another. There are deliberate exercises in invading AA members privacy about their sexual encounters, including confessing all of their sins to untrained, unstable nuts like Justin Lee Collins who was found guilty of harassing his girlfriend. He kept a notebook and made her recount every sexual experience she had ever had.

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