Carjacking In Holly Hill By Convicted Car Thief Randolph Harris lll Injures Woman,76

A Carjacking occurred In Holly Hill Fl by convicted felon Randolph Harris, who had recently served 2 years for carjacking, and has a long criminal history. This is not an uncommon profile of who is mandated to Daytona Narcotics Anonymous and Daytona Alcoholics Anonymous. Continue reading

Another Sex Offender Mandated To Alcoholics Anonymous

by George Lauby (North Platte Bulletin) – 5/15/2012

Micheal Pappas will continue to serve out a tough probation sentence, despite a request for a reduction from the defense.

In court Tuesday, defense attorney Robert Lindemeier requested Pappas be released early from a sentence of five years of probation. Pappas has served four years. Continue reading

AA Member Steals Car From AA Buddy And Charged With Child Abuse In Red Lobster Incident

AA Member Steven Vigil steals car from AA Member and then gets arrested for Child Abuse and Stealing a car.

Steven & Linda Vigil Passed Out at Red Lobster With 5-Month-Old Daughter

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Murderers And Sexual Predators In Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings-Are You Safe?

Here is an eye opening article written by addiction specialist Laura Tompkins about the dangers to people attending AA and NA meetings. The courts are mandating sexual predators and murderers to these 12 step meetings. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor Testifies In Court For Violent Felon Sponsee

This convicted felon had his AA Sponsor get on the stand on his behalf to help this man get the ‘AA get out of jail card’ , and it worked! This gun wielding felon gets probation, even though the judge found his past violence and criminal background make him “a huge risk” for probation!  Continue reading


AA Member and Pedophile Sean Calahan was sent to jail for preying on women in Alcoholics Anonymous. This man had been arrested in the past for sexually molesting a 12 year old boy.He was mandated to AA Meetings and sex offender counseling on a deferred sentenced. He also was found with multiple shotguns!

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