Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor Found Mary Kennedy After Suicide

Mary Kennedy was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous at the time of her suicide. She was also not drinking at the time either. Her new AA sponsor of 5 weeks is the one that found her hanging. Continue reading

Mary Kennedy Was an Alcoholics Anonymous Member at Time Of Suicide

Another AA member commits suicide. Mary Richardson Kennedy had joined AA 5 months prior to committing suicide by hanging herself.

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This ex Cop killed 4 people while driving drunk going to work at the police station. A 24 year old pregnant woman, her 4 year old son and her 16 year old sister. The baby died later after delivery.He has since become an AA Member. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Paul Cox Brutally Murdered Couple He Thought Where His Parents In 1994

An archived article from People magazine in 1994 about an Alcoholics Anonymous member Paul Cox ,who brutally murdered a couple he thought where his parents. Even though his arrest came from a tip from an AA member, when asked to testify they balked! Yet the judge ordered the AA Members to testify. Wow, the New York AA members did not want to help convict a killer. Here is a snip from the article.

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