Wife of AA Member Allowed Fellow AA Member John Siscoe to Brutally Torture Husband

The AA member that tortured John Michael Siscoe is considered one of they worst crimes committed in Toronto history. Siscoe met the man at an AA meeting! Siscoe’s wife is in court for her part in covering up the torture. You cannot be too careful in AA meetings. More and more people are reported being murdered, raped and mutilated by people they have met at AA and NA meetings.

Here is original story- AA Daytona Meetings


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Court Mandated Daytona NA Member Indicted In Murder of 2 Local Women

James Maxwell was indicted for the murder of Chasity Starr and Pamela Sue Will. Chasity Starr was a Holly Hill resident. He was already in jail for raping a 9 year old in a Park. He had been mandated to Narcotics Anonymous meetings to meet probation requirements for prior felony convictions. Why was this man even allowed on the streets? With today’s guidelines he would still have been in jail. So tragic that he raped a little girl and killed 2 local women while out on probation.

How can Judges and probation officers mandate AA and NA meetings for such dangerous felons, knowing children and teens are at these meetings as well? Why does the City of Holly Hill allow the likes of James Maxwell to go to 12 step meetings steps away from the childrens playgrounds?

Rape suspect James Maxwell indicted in killings of 2 women

August  9, 2012  6:00 PM

PORT ORANGE — A grand jury indicted James Maxwell — already a suspect in a child rape and abduction — today in the killing of two women.


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Daytona NA Member Sentenced to 24 Years In Murder of 14 Year old Bryce Parsons

Daytona NA Member Richard Newkirk was sentenced to 24 years in prison in a plea deal after he was indicted for 1st degree murder in the death of Ormond Beach 14 year-old Bryce Parson. Richard Newkirk was well known to Holly Hill PD and he had a lengthy criminal history related to drugs. Continue reading