Catholic Community Services Sued For Hiring 12 Stepper Director Seducing Patient and Wanting Threesome With 10 year Old Boy

Prominent counselor formally charged with attempted child rape

12 Stepper David Scratchley Arrested For Attempted Rape Of 10 year Old Boy

More People Like Karla Brada’s Parents Are suing organizations Like Alcoholics Anonymous that fail to protect those they serve.

7/17/2012 SEATTLE (CN) – The director of a Catholic drug treatment center lied about his credentials, seduced a patient, gave her crack cocaine and asked her to join a sexual threesome with him and a 10-year-old boy, prompting her to call police, who arrested the director for attempted rape of a child, the woman claims in court. Plaintiff T.V. sued Catholic Community Services of Western Washington and The Matt Talbot New Hope Recovery Center, in King County Court. Catholic Community Services manages and controls the Talbot Center, where (nonparty) David Scratchley was director of drug treatment programs from April 2006 to July 2011, according to the complaint. “David Scratchley held himself out as a psychologist and an expert on such topics as parenting, drug treatment, and mental health conditions accompanying addiction,” the complaint states. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Sued By Parents of Murder Victim Karla Brada

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services and Santa Clarita Alcoholics Anonymous has been sued by the parents of murder victim Karla Brada.

Parents Accuse AA of Harboring a Predator

Grieving parents say in court that their daughter was murdered by her sociopathic addict boyfriend because Alcoholics Anonymous concealed his history of domestic violence.

”  The Mendezes say that AA showed a “reckless disregard for, and deliberate indifference … to the safety and security of victims attending AA meetings who are repeatedly preyed on at these meetings by financial, violent, and sexual predators like Earle.” AA has known for years that meetings “are repeatedly used by financial, sexual, and violent predators as a means to locate victims,” according to the lawsuit in Superior Court.
But nevertheless the organization has no “specific policies and guidelines concerning conduct of so-called ‘sponsors'” and does little to supervise them.”

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