September 2013 AA Grapevine Admits 13 Year Olds are Being Stalked in AA Meetings

AA meetings in print, the September 2013 AA Grapevine admitting that 13 year olds are being stalked in meetings with “Unacceptable” and joking about using Ouija Boards to write the 12&12 in 2011

“It keeps coming up with the same letters: AA.” -Joe H., Vancouver, BC
AA Grapevine August 2011 cartoon winner.

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Submitted by JR Harris on Sun, 09/15/2013

AA Grapevine talking about AA member stalking a 13 Year old Girl at an AA meeting in the AA Grapevine September 2013 edition entitled “Keeping AA Safe” and the story called “Unacceptable.” Very sick puppies, you don’t expect the AA members recruited from jails and prisons to protect 13 year old girls you prevent them from stepping foot in the rooms first. Too little, too late, they have been covering this stuff up for 78 years….…

Every member of AA that has not spoken out about these common occurrences of abuse in AA should be ashamed of themselves…. Sunrise Group AA Meetings Bruce O. Sponsor