This is wonderful to see a book written about the obvious failings of 12 step addiction treatment inside America’s rehab industry. Anne M. Fletcher also sites many solid evidenced based options and alternatives to the current archaic model of the majority of rehabs.

“Inside Rehab”: How it could work better, and why it doesn’t

A startling new investigation of addiction programs says 28 days and 12 steps add up to inadequate treatment

Sunday February 3, 2013


Maybe Amy Winehouse had a point: However flippant that sounds, many a reader will be thinking it (or something like it) after finishing Anne M. Fletcher’s “Inside Rehab.” Fletcher visited 15 addiction-treatment programs, from the high-end to the bare-bones, and interviewed staffers, researchers, experts and over a hundred clients and their families. She collected data from an impressively wide range of studies and surveys. Nearly 3 million Americans seek help for substance-use disorders in specialty facilities annually (not including the nearly 2.5 million who opt for self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous) and we spend $35 billion on treating these disorders, so it’s surprising how little most of us know about what goes on in rehab.

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12 STEP Troubled Teen School Silverado Academy Utah Employee Rapes Students

Silverado Ranch in Panguitch, Utah is a troubled teen boarding school that incorporates the 12 step program for teens that come through their door. Eric Allen Glossen charged with sexually abusing at least kids at the ranch. This is an outrage that this was allowed to happen to these boys. It is down the road from Troubled Teen School Sorenson’s Ranch in Koosharem, Utah run by Mormons. It also has kids attending AA meetings.

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