Hershey Man High On Drugs And Naked Jumps On Moving Vehicle

What’s a man to do when under the influence of methamphetamine, cocaine, PCP and marijuana and feeling hot and naked? Jump on a woman’s moving vehicle doing 1700.00 worth of damage, then after all is said and done – go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings!

Hershey man chooses probation
by Dillon Daigger (The North Platte Bulletin) – 3/15/2012

A Hershey man who jumped on a moving car while naked and high on drugs in June was sentenced Thursday to six months probation. Joshua Weir, 23, of Hershey pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and criminal mischief.

Lincoln County prosecutor Tanya Roberts-Connick told the court she didn’t think Weir would succeed at probation. She requested Weir be sentenced to jail and ordered to pay restitution to the car owner. Judge Kent Turnbull gave Weir a choice – 30 days in jail or six months probation. Weir chose probation. He said he’s attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings since he was arrested March 2 and is looking for employment. “Roofing season is just around the corner,” he said.

Turnbull also ordered Weir to pay $1,700 to the car owner and told him he will be subject to random alcohol and drug testing. Turnbull said Weir’s criminal history is “not unknown” to the court. “I don’t think you wanna come back in front of me,” Turnbull said. “If you get any violations, I’ll credit you for time served, but I’ll still hammer you.”

The crime occurred on June 27. Weir went to a friend’s house under the influence of methamphetamine, cocaine, PCP and marijuana, police said. Weir said he felt hot and broke out the friend’s window, “jumped on a car and started running down the street taking his clothes off,” according to a court affidavit.

Weir’s friends tried to get him into a truck to take him to the hospital, but he broke out the truck’s window and ran away, police said.

Soon after, the naked Weir jumped on the hood of a woman’s moving car and banged on the windshield and top of the car. The terrified woman accelerated, causing him to fall off the back, police said.

Weir eluded police for over eight months until he was arrested, according to sheriff’s records.