AA Member Arrested for Molesting a Toddler at Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Many child molesters and sex offenders are routinely mandated to AA Meetings as part of their probation requirements. Yet no one is ever warned at these meetings before their arrival. The molester does not have to tell people at AA meetings what their crime is. Then we have AA old-timers who prey on children and women as well. This AA pervert went after a little toddler! How disgusting, yet AA refuses to do anything to prevent child molestation by AA members. Daytona NA daytonana  nadaytona  Daytona

Bellingham man, 64, charged with molesting girl at AA meeting

Published: March 6, 2013


BELLINGHAM – A Bellingham man has been charged with molesting a toddler at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

After claiming several times he couldn’t remember touching the girl – but never denying it – Gilbert Ray “Butch” Hannah, 64, admitted to police he put his hand under her tights, according to charging documents filed last week in Whatcom County Superior Court. He told police it was an accident. Continue reading