NA Meetings Disrupts California Chico State University Student Neighborhood by Harassing Young Women

This building on Cherry Street holds Narcotics Anonymous meetings in a student neighborhood. PHOTO BY TOM GASCOYNE

Here is another neighborhood having problems with NA Meetings. We can sure relate to this in our parks in Holly Hill Florida Volusia County. We have both AA and NA meetings with a long history of violating park rules and threatening and harassing citizens. I hope these Chico students can get some relief.

Compatibility concerns

Unease over location of Narcotics Anonymous meetings

By  This article was published on .

The landlords and parents of Chico State students who reside near the intersection of Cherry and Sixth streets are a bit up in arms these days over a new neighbor who’s moved into the building that for years housed Ed’s Printing.

The new neighbor is technically the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a local church that hosts Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the building. The meetings began in May. The building, located at 550 Cherry St., is owned by the “Gordon G. Living Grier Trust.”

The concerns voiced by the landlords and parents are directed at the people who come to the 17 weekly NA meetings, stand outside the building and smoke cigarettes, and, according to some, spread needles on the sidewalks. They also allegedly go through trash receptacles and make unsavory remarks to the young women who live nearby or walk past on their way to school. AA and NA Daytona Meetings in Port Orange and Holly Hill.

Robert Combs is the parent of a student currently attending Chico State. He says his daughter and roommate had to move out of a nearby house because of the presence of attendees at the NA meetings. Combs is a Chico State graduate and is president of the school’s Parent Advisory Council.

In an email titled “Has Chico Lost its Sense of Place?” Combs writes that his daughter “was very concerned to see those seeking counseling were loitering outside the facility prior to meetings, smoking, going through the students’ garbage and making lewd comments to our young adults, many of whom are on their own for the first time.” Continue reading

Daytona Beach Community Bayberry Lakes Builds New Park and Playground to Keep Out Sex Offenders

What a great idea not having sex  predators that go to NA Daytona and AA Daytona meetings from living near the playgrounds!

Daytona Beach neighborhood builds park to keep out Sex Offenders

Children enjoy their new park in Daytona Beach’s Bayberry Lakes neighborhood. Homeowners association leaders put in the park so the law that prohibits sex offenders from living near parks can be invoked. Florida Department of Law Enforcement records showed Monday that 52 sex offenders were living in the neighborhood’s ZIP code.


Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DAYTONA BEACH — Bayberry Lakes’ new playground, with its slides and monkey bars, is more than a fun place for kids to play: It is also the community’s preemptive strike against sex offenders. Holly Hill Hollyland Park Sex Predators and NA Meetings.

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The playground was strategically placed to cover an open zone where sex offenders could have moved into the community off LPGA Boulevard.

The playground appears to be the first in either Volusia or Flagler counties built to block sex offenders from moving in to a community. A spokeswoman with the state Department of Corrections said she did not know of any other community in the state that had taken such an initiative. Sheriff’s Offices in Volusia and Flagler counties said they had not heard of a community doing such a thing. Sunrise Park Holly Hill and Sexual Predators.

It was the idea of J. Ryan Will, a Bayberry Lakes resident who also happens to be a prosecutor for the local State Attorney’s Office.

“I just started looking for ways to keep sex offenders out of the neighborhood and I knew from my job that there were residency requirements with respect to parks and playgrounds,” Will said.

The community of 328 homes is nearly built out and already had Champion Elementary School in the north end and a park in its community center at the other end, each one creating zones where sex offenders could not live.

State law bars sex offenders whose victims were younger than 16 from living within 1,000 feet of a school, child care facility, park or playground. A similar Daytona Beach city ordinance is stricter, excluding sex offenders and sex predators from living within 2,500 feet of such facilities. Continue reading

Atheist Parolee Forced to Attend 12 Step Drug Treatment Program Wins Federal Appeal for Monetary Damages

Barry A. Hazle Jr.

Now we are talking! Yes!

Atheist parolee wins federal appeal, is entitled to damages in rights case

By Denny Walsh

Published: Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013 – 12:00 am
Last Modified: Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013 – 9:20 am

An atheist parolee who was sent back to prison after he balked at participating in a religious-oriented drug treatment program must receive monetary compensation, a federal appellate court ruled Friday. Volusia County Drug Court and St. Johns County Drug Court.

The ruling overturned the verdict of a Sacramento jury, which decided that Barry A. Hazle Jr. was not entitled to monetary damages, even though his constitutional rights had been violated. The 13 Step The Film Monica Richardson.

Hazle did a year in state prison on a drug conviction. When he got out, his parole agent, over Hazle’s strong objections, forced him to enter a treatment program that required acknowledgment of a higher power.

Hazle continued to complain, so he was removed from the program and arrested. His parole was revoked and he was thrown back in prison for an additional three months and 10 days. NA Daytona Meetings at Hollyland Park run off park patrons by intimidation.

In September 2008, Hazle sued California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials. Six weeks later, the department issued a directive that parole agents may not compel a parolee to take part in religious-themed programs. A parolee who objects should be referred to nonreligious treatment, the directive said, citing federal case law.

U.S. District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. found that Hazle’s forced participation in the program ran “afoul of the prohibition against the state’s favoring religion in general over non-religion,” thus violating rights guaranteed him by the Constitution.

But, when the case went to trial on the issue of money, the jury refused to award damages for his loss of liberty and emotional distress. Holly Hill City Commissioners under scrutiny.

Burrell denied Hazle’s motion for a new trial, ruling he had forfeited a challenge to the verdict by not objecting before the jury was discharged, and that the jury did not find a specific defendant responsible for damages.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Burrell is wrong on multiple issues. Continue reading

Sexual Predators are Thriving In Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

The hands of AA are there.

Do Sexual Predators Thrive in Alcoholics Anonymous? YES!

When I got sober at 17, AA welcomed me with open arms. I didn’t know back then that some of them were dangerous.

By Lily Weinstein

The good news is, you can be anything you want to be in AA. A writer, a flamenco dancer, a bank robber. I’ve met sober drug dealers and sober Oscar-winners. We’re nothing if not diverse, and to my mind, that’s one of the greatest blessings of the program. There’s a richness and breadth of experience in the rooms that’s unlike any other place I’ve been.

The bad news is, you can also be a sexual predator. Volusia County Drug Court.

I got sober at 17. For all of my drinking and drugging, I was still pretty naive. I had never had a boyfriend, I was a virgin, and I’d maybe kissed three boys ever. I was still a kid in all the important ways, except for the fact that I was a blackout drinker.

I thought young people’s meetings would be a safe place to clean myself up, but it turns out, not so much. Without knowing it, I was becoming a target.

I wish someone had told me, “Just because a guy has long-term sobriety doesn’t mean he isn’t going to take advantage of you.”

The young people’s meetings I went to all over Los Angeles featured a revolving cast of men that I would call perverts. They weren’t the obvious kind of creeps, either, with windowless white vans and long trench coats. They looked like everyone else at the meetings: tattooed and cool and smoking cigarettes.

These men swarmed me, as they did every other newcomer too young and inexperienced to distinguish between the loving hand of AA and the clammy hand of a predator. They welcomed me to the meetings, they gave me over-long hugs, they offered me smokes when I was still too young to buy my own. I felt absolutely enveloped by the program. I had never had so many people pay attention to me in my life.

But what I thought of as harmless flirting—and all flirting is harmless when you’re 17 and your curfew is 10 pm—these men rightly interpreted as vulnerability.

There was J, who asked me to his house to “read the Big Book.” When I arrived and asked what we were going to read, he laughed and showed me to his bedroom. I let him kiss me and grope me because I didn’t know I was allowed to say no. He was a grown-up; I was a kid. He’d been sober 15 years; I’d been sober a few months. He was in his 30s; I was 17. My parents had taught me to respect adults, and that’s what I thought I was doing. It can’t be wrong or immoral if J is doing it, I thought; he has a million sponsees and he’s a grown-up. NA Daytona Area Meetings refuse to pay rent to for Holly Hill Meetings.

There was C, who was 36 and also had double-digit sobriety. He had a daughter a few years younger than me. It’s strange to look back and call it rape—because I’ve been assaulted under much less ambiguous circumstances—but that’s absolutely what it was.

Part of what was so pernicious about these experiences was that no one was pointing a gun to my head. At the time, I felt like I was just doing the AA things that everyone talked about: having fun, blowing off steam, and enjoying that we-made-it-off-the-Titanic camaraderie. I didn’t know enough to be terrified when C told me to call him Daddy.

The problem, in my opinion, is systemic. AA is designed for adults, for people who have years of hard-won knowledge behind them, adults who do things like smoke, gamble, get tattoos and have sex. Yay for adulthood! All that stuff is fun.

But what happens when you throw teenagers into the mix—teenagers who, for all their posturing and pretension, are still children, albeit with grown-up bodies? We’re like fish in a barrel. Holly Hill AA and NA Meetings in Parks.

One of the seminal moments in my sobriety happened when I was about 19. I was at a meeting—one of the biggest in LA—with my best girlfriend. The speaker that night was a handsome guy in his early 40s. He was charming and funny: think George Clooney with tattoos and a former heroin habit. He was about five minutes into his pitch when he casually announced that he used to rape women.

My best friend and I locked eyes—both of us had been sexually assaulted and just hearing the word rape was enough to raise the hairs on our arms. We were dumbfounded that this man was coolly admitting that part of his alcoholic “bottom” was forcing women to have sex with him. For him, raping women was just another part of “what happened.”

It wasn’t his confession alone that was so disturbing, though. It was the room’s reaction—non-reaction, actually. No one stormed out of the meeting. No one threw rotten fruit. I don’t even remember seeing anyone else look uncomfortable.

The message I got that night was deafening: AA will accept you no matter what you did in your drinking days. You can even be a confessed rapist. Continue reading



Monica Richardson grass roots founder to stop 13 stepping in AA, financial scams, sexual abuse and murder and rape in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, will be interviewed by Katie Couric Tuesday July 16th 2013 at 3:00 p.m. Along with with well known author Gabrielle Glaser for her new book that was released by Simon and Shuster  ” Her Best Kept Secret- Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control”.

A Must Watch!

Gabrielle Glaser in her book explains why AA is not the answer for many women and also interviewed Monica Richardson for her book that she devotes an entire chapter to.

Monica Richardson discusses as a previous 36 year AA member about the dangers of court mandates and the crime that happens when you co mingle vulnerable members of society and violent court mandates and sexual predators. Court mandating is being done against people’s constitutional rights as AA has been determined to be religious enough that no one should be forced to go. Yet this happens in our courts every day by Judges.

This information about the ineffectiveness and the real dangers of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is much needed to inform the public that there is more effective treatment and that AA or NA is not a safe place to send your loved ones- especially teens.

Monica Richarson has a website  and  that is a must read for those that want to learn more about these important issues. She also has her own popular Blog Talk Radio at

She was interviewed by Big John Radio Show in Daytona Beach about 2 years ago that sent a wake up call to many listeners. Monica did an interview herself with a local business owner who had been threatened by Daytona AA and Daytona NA members in the City of Holly Hill with no help from Holly Hill PD or the City of Holly Hill in Volusia County Florida. Those events inspired the website about the  12 step madness in Holly Hill and around the world.

Another Woman On Her Way to AA Meeting Gets in Car Accident

Car accidents caused by woman allegedly on her way to AA meeting 

By Karen Workman
Posted:   05/09/2013

Woman gets in series of accidents, tells police she was heading to AA meeting

A Michigan woman who is accused of causing several car accidents Monday later told officers she was on her way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The 42-year-old, who has not been named, failed sobriety tests but had no alcohol in her system, police say. After she was arrested, however, police say they found prescription pills in her purse, including some that were not prescribed to her. She’s accused of hitting one car, knocking it into another and then hitting an SUV, which crashed into the lobby of an adult education building.

AA Member Investment Broker Nicholas Polito Sentenced to Prison In Ponzi Scheme

AA Member Nicholas Polito sent to prison for ripping off his clients at PNC Bank in Ponzi  scheme.

Prison Term, Restitution For Bank Fraud Scheme

Posted on: 11:54 am, April 29, 2013, by 

WILKES-BARRE — A former investment broker who admitted to swindling more than a half million dollars from his clients learned his fate Monday.

Continue reading

Narcotics Anonymous Member Threatens to Kill Everybody at NA Meeting Inside Delray Beach Church

Man already wanted for threatening to kill at a church now accused of impersonating Boynton cop photo

Narcotics Anonymous member Tair Karimov threatend to shoot up people attending an NA meeting and killing everybody in January. This man was Baker Acted on December 25th 2012. Later he pretended to be an undercover cop and robbed someone.

The pastor of the church was not very happy of not being told of the incident at his church as stated here.The pastor of the church, Dr. Charles Mory, told WPBF 25 News he was never made aware of the threats.

“I have people arriving here all the time and I’m sure when they get out of their car they think this is a safe place,” Mory said. “So, yes, I think we should have been notified.”

Continue reading

Man Arrested For Shooting Up Neighbors Cabin Then Bonds Out and Goes To AA Meetings


 AA Member  David R. Willer 66, is found guilty of felony endangering safety by reckless use of a firearm. This after he fired into a neighbors cabin. Now this guy is crazy! You have got to read this article. The court did an evaluation on him saying he had a narcissistic personality disorder and characteristics of a sociopath. In jail he threatened to kill the jailers, the SWAT team that arrested him and stack them like a cord of wood. The SWAT team found 14 firearms at his house. He had previously threatened to kill his own wife and burn a house down.

After the arrest, he gets out on bond and goes to a 12 step Rehab at Resurrection Behavioral Health in Chicago. Then he goes to AA meetings! Yes! Just the kind of man you would want to hold hands with in AA, right?

Continue reading

Man Convicted of Raping Cousin is Mandated to AA Meetings

We need to talk about rape by AA members. We need to talk about rapist being mandated by our court system to NA and AA meetings. We need to talk about teens and rapist co-mingling in 12 step meetings.We need to talk about 13 stepping in Alcoholics Anonymous. We need to talk about AA World Services voting to do nothing about sexual abuse in Alcoholics Anonymous. Let’s hold AA responsible. We need to mandate AA to prevent sexual abuse by AA members. Continue reading

Daytona AA Member James Maxwell Pleads Guilty to Rape Of 9 Year Old Girl

Daytona AA member James Maxwell, who had been mandated to AA meetings for repeatedly stabbing a Daytona Beach prostitute in the chest, pleads guilty for raping a 9 year old little girl. He also is charged with the murder of 2 women. The courts mandated this sicko to AA meetings knowing that prostitutes, other vulnerable women, children and teens would also be attending. Volusia County Child Protective Services needs to look at this growing problem. In fact Stewart Marchman and Vince Carter Sanctuary send teenagers to Volusia County AA and NA meetings. Complaints have been filed with the Governor, yet they continue to send them.


Joseph Reiner (Booking Photo)

Joseph Reiner Convicted Killer

A SEVEN-MONTH INVESTIGATION of the Michigan Department of Corrections revealed shocking problems: Agents failed to properly supervise ex-cons accused in a recent series of high-profile murders,  many weren’t sent back to prison for new crimes or failed drug tests. This has cost the lives of many innocent victims.

Joseph Reiner is an example of the system gone awry. He was a heroin addict and had been mandated to 12 step treatment centers and AA meetings. He was convicted this year of killing a 69 year old woman. Across this country ex-cons like Joseph Reiner are mandated to AA meetings, putting other members in grave danger.

Sex Offender felon Alan Wood and Felon Tonia Watson who went to NA Meetiings together, murdered 80 year Nancy Dailey while Alan Wood was an absconder from the law and on probation.

This investigation exposes the tragic  violent crimes that are being comitted by ex-cons on parole like murder and rape.

Continue reading

Going To Addiction Treatment Rehab Can Kill You

Many addiction treatment providers are more interested in lining their pockets with money than serving those in need of effective addiction treatment. So many take on patients that they are not properly trained to care for. Most are 12 step based programs mandating people attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. AA and NA 12 step philosophy can not come close to treating the needs of the mentally and physically ill that come into their rooms. In fact it can do more harm than good. Thus having dire consequences as explained in the following article by Psychology Today.

When choosing an Addiction Treatment Center do your research to see if they are qualified to handle your specific needs.

Continue reading

Drunk Colorado AA Member Smashes Car Into Church Holding AA Meeting She Was To Attend

AA member Brenda Geers is in a lot of trouble for allegedly smashes her car into the very church she was to attend her AA meeting! So much for the idea that AA members are just a group of sober people getting on with their lives.

Continue reading

Army Trying To Brainwash The Entire Military With AA Program That Has No Science Behind It

Military Not Doing Enough to Curb Alcohol, Drug Abuse, IOM Concludes

This story also includes strong criticism of the program from a number of prominent people in the psychiatric community who said the Army was trying to “brainwash” its entire military population with a program that has no sound science behind it in evidence-based medicine.

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Convicted Felon Alcoholics Anonymous Member Arrested After Call to LSU University With Bomb Threat

William Bouvay Jr. mug

Felon AA Member and Baton Rouge resident William Bouvay Jr. was arrested for calling in a bomb threat bomb threat to LSU University. He has a long rap sheet of run-ins  including multiple accounts of domestic abuse, theft, improper telephone communication, violation of a protective order and attempted second-degree murder!

Last year in 2011 he was court mandated to attend AA meetings after pleading guilty to felony domestic assault and battery after being charged with second degree murder!

Continue reading

Woman Uses Pit Bull as Weapon Is Convicted Of Assault Then Mandated To AA Meetings

This Canadian woman is a real danger to society with a major drinking problem and mean streak, like her Pit Bull that she ordered to attack and kill people. Thank goodness no one actually died, but the Pit Bull left many seriously wounded. She was sentenced to 16 months in jail. Then after she gets out of jail, she is ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings! This is one crazy lady I would not want to be sitting next to at an AA Meeting…..

Continue reading

NCMEC Is Not Interested In Sex Abuse Against Minors In AA

According to the attorney at the home office in Alexandria, Virginia for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), the fact that Alcoholics Anonymous invite sexual predators and violent felons to their meetings, along with targeting minors to attend was of no concern to them what so ever. Continue reading

Mary Kennedy Was an Alcoholics Anonymous Member at Time Of Suicide

Another AA member commits suicide. Mary Richardson Kennedy had joined AA 5 months prior to committing suicide by hanging herself.

Continue reading

Pedophile Banker Mandated To Alcoholics Anonymous As Part Of Plea Deal To Not Be Registered As Sex Offender

More proof of pedophiles being mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous. This sick man, who was the president of a bank, did a plea deal that included going to AA meetings. This way he would not be registered as a sex offender! I cannot believe these judges are mandating these men to AA meetings where children and minors are present! AA and NA are in on it too! Disgusting behavior on the part of the judges and AA World Services & Narcotics Anonymous World Services. Continue reading


From The FIX-

The longer I’m in AA, the more it tends to annoy me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be there. Can’t I be a member without being a zealot?

Neighbors Had Complained To Police Before About George Zimmerman Who Killed Teen Trayvon Martin

Here is a case where neighbors of George Zimmerman had went to police and complained about his aggressive tactics as Captain of his community watch group. He encouraged others to carry firearms. Yet police did not follow up on those complaints. After the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, 17 by George Zimmerman, police told the family he had a squeaky clean record. This was not true as he had entered into a differed court program , at this time we do not know if he was mandated to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or not. It did involve violence with a police officer over his friend selling alcohol to minors. Time will tell.

Sanford in Seminole County is not far from Holly Hill Florida, where we have a similar situation where Police Chief Barker totally dismisses the complaints from local citizens about aggressive behavior from Daytona Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings and Daytona Narcotics Anonymous members in our Parks. Citizens  have been threatened to use a gun against Holly Hill Residents and businesses. Maybe the City of Holly Hill will see the error in their ways, and protect the public that visits our parks. The Sanford Police Chief has stepped down. Good idea!

R.I.P Trayvon Martin


George Zimmerman Neighbors Complained About Aggressive Tactics Before Trayvon Martin Killing

A volunteer community watch captain who shot an unarmed Florida teenager to death last month had been the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated community for aggressive tactics, a homeowner said.

George Zimmerman has not been charged in the Feb. 26 shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17, who was walking home from a convenience store in Sanford, Fla., near Orlando. Zimmerman, who patrolled the Retreat at Twin Lakes development in his own car, had been called aggressive in earlier complaints to the local police and the homeowner’s association, according to a homeowner who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

At an emergency homeowner’s association meeting on March 1, “one man was escorted out because he openly expressed his frustration because he had previously contacted the Sanford Police Department about Zimmerman approaching him and even coming to his home,” the resident wrote in an email to HuffPost. “It was also made known that there had been several complaints about George Zimmerman and his tactics” in his neighborhood watch captain role.

The meeting was attended by Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, the detective assigned to the investigation and an unnamed member of the city council, according to the homeowner’s association newsletter. The chief couldn’t immediately be reached for comment about the complaints. A member of the homeowner’s association board, who asked not to be quoted by name, said she “hadn’t heard about any complaints” about Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s phone number is disconnected and efforts to reach him have been unsuccessful.

Talk of prior complaints against Zimmerman comes as pressure mounts on law enforcement. Protesters have gathered outside Sanford police headquarters. The Martin’s family and attorneys have held press conferences calling the killing an outrage and pleading for Zimmerman’s arrest. High school classmates and citizens are granting interviews to reporters asking why no one has been charged. And as the story continues to gain national media attention, civil rights leaders, including members of the NAACP and the Rev. Al Sharpton, said they are preparing to join the family of Martin, who was black. Zimmerman is white.

“This case is disturbing to say the least,” Sharpton told Huffpost. “This is appalling, to think that this guy admitted to initiating the conversation and that there was no crime other than the killing of this young man. Yet, [Zimmerman] is walking around with no threat of an arrest.”

Sharpton said he will travel to Florida this week.

Here is a case where neighbors of Georgr Zimmerman had went to police and complained about his aggressive tactics as Captain. George Zimmerman Arrested 11/18/2013.

Zimmerman called police the evening of the shooting to report Martin as a suspicious person, police have said. A dispatcher told Zimmerman to stand down and an officer was on the way. Zimmerman confronted the youth anyway and Martin was shot in the chest with Zimmerman’s 9 mm pistol, police said. Police questioned Zimmerman, then released him.

According to Martin’s family, police initially told them that Zimmerman said he acted in self-defense and that his record was “squeaky-clean.” Public records show he was arrested in Orange County in 2005 on charges of resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. Those charges were later dropped.

Benjamin Crump, the Martin family’s attorney, filed a public records lawsuit last week seeking the 911 recordings for the night of the shooting. Crump said people with access to the tapes told him Zimmerman made a comment about Martin’s race during the call and said he had no intention of letting the youth get away because, “they always get away.”

“I don’t think they have any intention on arresting this white man for killing this black boy,” Crump said on Sharpton’s radio show Monday.

Chief Lee said during a Monday afternoon news conference that his department’s investigation should be concluded by Tuesday and delivered to the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office. Lynne Bumpus-Hooper, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office, said once the case is handed over “it will be thoroughly digested and we will make decisions.”

Protestors jeered Lee during the news conference when he said he does not believe his investigators have enough evidence to charge Zimmerman in the killing, according to local news accounts. Lee said that he believes that “we can get through all the ugly thoughts and all the disagreements and all the ill will and hard feelings and truly come together as a community.”

“It is with that thought that we want to make sure that we due a fair and complete and thorough investigation so that we can reach some form of justice with this event,” Lee said. He added “that there is the right for someone that has a concealed weapons permit to carry that weapon” and that police support the neighborhood watch program.

“In this case Mr. Zimmerman has made the statement of self defense,” Lee said. “Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don’t have the grounds to arrest him.”

One person shouted, “The black community sees your department protecting the shooter,” and “a little black boy is dead.”


Man Mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous When a Minor- Murders His Grandfather

When Kenneth Wilkinson, 22 was a minor he was mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous for 60 days. With the court not allowing him to drive until he was 21 also put pressure on the youth. How do you get to 60 AA Meetings when you can’t drive?

For reasons unknown, this man dragged his 84 year old grandfather who had Alzheimer’s, behind his truck for 6 miles to his death. One can’t help but feel that maybe sending a minor to AA meetings was NOT what this boy needed. He did not go to all of the AA meetings. Most minors do not feel comfortable with the message of powerlessness, or the fact that most participants are much older. Yet some courts are sending minors to AA and NA meetings, even though they have no meetings specifically for them.

Willits man charged with murder appears in court
By TIFFANY REVELLE The Daily Journal
Updated: 03/21/2012 02:11:59 PM PDT

Kenneth Wilkinson, 22, was in Mendocino County Superior Court today to be arraigned on a murder charge and a special allegation that he tortured his grandfather, Richard Mel Wilkinson, 84. Reliable sources said Tuesday that the younger Wilkinson allegedly killed his grandfather by dragging him behind a truck for nearly six miles Saturday night while left to care for him for a few hours, possibly in a drug-induced psychosis. “He’s not a violent person,” Kenneth Wilkinson’s mother, Kris Pearce, said outside the courtroom Wednesday while waiting for the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department to transport her son from county jail for his court appearance. “This is completely out of character for him.” Public Defender Linda Thompson took the case and said she needed a week to prepare for the young man’s arraignment, which was rescheduled for 8:30 a.m. March 29 in courtroom A. He remains at the jail under a no-bail hold in the meantime.

Pearce said her son had never been diagnosed with a mental illness but had struggled emotionally throughout his life, having been picked on at school as the “skinny kid.” As an adult, he had a drug and alcohol problem, but said his drinking wasn’t heavy, according to Pearce.

Kenneth had been in court in 2008 for an allegation that he had possessed alcohol as a minor, and had been put on a deferred judgment plan. The arrangement meant the charge would be dropped on the condition that he attend 60 days of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

in the year’s length of the plan, but according to the Mendocino County Superior Court, he didn’t comply. Pearce said that sent him into a “vicious cycle,” where he could not get a driver’s license until he was 21, making it hard for him to get a job and take care of his court obligations.

Alcoholics Anonymous Member’s Husband Arrested In Her Murder

AA member Nicole Pietz, was 8 years sober when she was brtually murdered 5 years ago. Her Husband was arrested for 2nd degree

Nicole Pietz Murder Scene

Husband of Nicole Pietz charged with second-degree murder
By KOMO Staff Published: Mar 21, 2012

SEATTLE — Prosecutors have charged the husband of murder victim Nicole Pietz more than five years after her death. Martin “David” Piez has been charged with second-degree murder. He is being held on $1 million bail.

The 33-year-old Lynnwood woman disappeared in Jan. 28, 2006 after leaving home. A week later, a hiker found her body in Burien, dumped in a field of overgrown blackberry bushes. Two weeks later, her car was discovered at a parking lot in Seattle’s University District.An autopsy revealed Nicole Pietz had been strangled, but her killer was never found.

David Pietz, who was the last person to see his wife alive, had said that when he woke up around 8:20 a.m. on Jan. 28, 2006, his wife had already left. But forensic evidence showed Nicole Pietz likely died around midnight the morning of Jan. 28 — a time when David Pietz claimed his wife was asleep in their bed, investigators said.

David Pietz also failed a polygraph test, and when detectives asked him to retake the test, he refused and hired an attorney. A search of Nicole Pietz’s car turned up DNA evidence belonging to both David Pietz and his wife, “but Nicole’s DNA was in very small quantities, while the defendant’s DNA was in much greater quantities,” investigators wrote.

The couple had financial problems and the marriage was “in some degree of turmoil,” the document said, adding David Pietz had extramarital affairs and tried to get other women to join him and his wife in bed.

Detectives added David Pietz had conducted an Internet search on his computer for swinger’s clubs as well as ways to cheat on one’s spouse. And just weeks after his wife’s death, he began looking for phone numbers of women to date.

The victim’s mother, Gael Schneider, said news of the arrest brought her tremendous relief.

“I can’t even tell you, I’m so elated,” she said. “My stomach was just like it has bees in it. And (I was) thanking God over and over, and over for finally granting this prayer to me.”


Nicole Pietz’s body was found without the wedding ring she always wore, her mother said. There was nothing under her nails indicating a struggle, and she was wearing the night guard she wore to bed. Schneider added her daughter was headed to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“I don’t think she’d be wearing a night guard going to her 8-year sobriety meeting,” said Schneider. “She would have been dressed to kill.”

“When I heard about all his affairs and just the way he had been treating her in public…and Nicci was going for her 8-year sobriety coin the next year, but he was always suggesting they go to places where there was alcohol, which made her crazy,” she said.

12 Stepper Employed At Project 90 Rehab Found Guilty Of Murder

The retrial of Mohammed Haroon Ali found him guily of first degree murder. He was once known for his sponsoring of young people when he worked at Project 90 San Mateo CA, a 12 step based facility. It named after the suggestion of ‘ 90 meetings in ninety days. Ali murdered his girlfriend Tracy Biltnikoffs at the substance abuse rehab with a Narcotics Anonymous meetings going on at the time.

Biletnikoff re-trial: killer takes stand
By John Servatius

Already in prison for first-degree murder and a 64 year-to-life sentence, former CSM student Mohammed Haroon Ali took the witness stand Feb. 29 in a bid for a voluntary manslaughter conviction and time served. This comes during his second trial in the strangling death of Tracey Biletnikoff on Feb. 15, 1999. She was the daughter of Fred Biletnikoff, the Oakland Raiders’ wide-receiver and Hall-of-Famer.
In 2009, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco overturned Ali’s conviction, citing racial discrimination as the reason that at least one African-American was left off the jury. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the appellate decision in 2010. Ali’s retrial began Jan. 25 in Redwood City.


The buzz around Friendship Hall, the P-90 facility in downtown San Mateo that Monday evening was that Ali had relapsed, and that he wanted Biletnikoff’s car keys.

The witnesses were recovering substance abusers waiting for a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to begin. Jean San Genito-Martin, R.N. and Paula Panizzi, a contract manager with county alcohol and drug recovery services, testified that many of those present outside the building were against Biletnikoff giving Ali the keys. Biletnikoff was also in the crowd.

Ali was in his office in the back of the facility playing computer games. Biletnikoff went to see him at the urging of Paul Galindo. At one point, according to witnesses, she was sitting on Ali’s lap, consoling him.
According to detectives and the defendant’s own statements, Ali grabbed Biletnikoff’s keys out of her hands when she wouldn’t give them up or give him a ride to relatives.

She was standing in front of the office door, which was closed, blocking the defendant’s escape. He put his hands on her shoulders “to move her,” he said, because of the difficulty in getting past her. She slapped him several times, calling him various expletives and a loser. His hands went from her shoulders to her neck.
After that, the defendant said, he drew a blank.

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