Drunk Driver Driving to an Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting in Head on Collision Will do Jail Time

A drunk driver who caused a head-on collision after driving on the wrong side of the road was on her way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the time.

Mother-of-three Briege O’Hara is starting a nine-month jail term after she caused grievous bodily injury by dangerous driving to another driver. NA Daytona Meetings In Daytona.

The 61-year-old, from Belfast’s Antrim Road, was driving over the legal limit and was on her way to an AA meeting when she caused the collision near her home on August 27 last year. AA Daytona in Holly Hill Parks not paying rent.

O’Hara knew the man she injured and was “entirely remorseful” for what she had done, Belfast Crown Court heard yesterday. Daytona DUI Schools in Volusia County.

She pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily injury by dangerous driving and also driving with excess alcohol.

The van’s driver, a man in his mid 60s, sustained a fractured breast bone and left hand in the collision and lost his job as a delivery driver as a result.

Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland handed O’Hara an 18-month sentence, half of which will be spent in custody, and the remainder on supervised licence.

O’Hara was also banned from driving for three years.


Pacific Health System Has to Pay 2.3 Million to Boys Who Were Molested By 12 Step AA Sponsor Volunteer

$2.3M to victims in rehab sex abuse suit

By Kristina Davis JUNE 27 2014

 — A San Diego jury awarded nearly $2.3 million this week to two boys who were sexually abused by a volunteer at a National City rehabilitation clinic.

Wednesday’s verdict ended a 15-day trial against Pacific Health System, which operates an outpatient facility treating substance abuse and mental illness.

The boys were 13 when they were victimized by Robert Poizner, a volunteer and mentor who was tasked with driving the patients to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Instead, he took them to his apartment, molesting them and providing them with drugs for a roughly yearlong period, according to the 2011 complaint.

The abuse also occurred during overnight hotel and apartment stays, the suit says.

Poizner, 44, was convicted of 24 counts of sex abuse against children. He is serving a sentence of 82 years to life in prison.

The lawsuit alleges that Pacific Health put Poizner in a position of power despite his own history of substance abuse and previous criminal convictions. The victims were particularly vulnerable, the lawsuit says, because the boys suffered from psychological problems along with substance abuse.

The jury deliberated for two and a half days before reaching a $6.5 million verdict, but also found that Poizner and, to a much lesser degree, one of the boys’ parents shared some of the responsibility for the conduct, thus reducing the amount Pacific Health owed. The jury found that Pacific Health owed one boy $975,000 in damages and the other $1.3 million.

“We are hoping outcomes with civil remedies for the victims force these facilities to do extensive background checks and more efficient supervision on their volunteers,” the boys’ attorney, Stephen Estey, said in a statement.

Pacific Health’s attorney, Douglas Guy, said Friday that it was premature to comment on the verdict.


Man Guilty of Child Porn Possession of Girl Being Raped by Her Father Attends Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Man guilty of possession of child pornography attends Narcotics Anonymous after arrest. These are some of the sick twisted people that sit next to you in a 12 step meeting.

A St. Charles man was ordered Wednesday to pay restitution to a child pornography victim, videos of whom are among the most downloaded worldwide.

It was part of the sentence for Gary L. Harris, 53, who pleaded guilty in March to aggravated possession of child pornography of a victim under age 13, and to possession of marijuana.

 Kane County Assistant State’s Attorney Nick Gaeke said it was the first time he has sought restitution in such a case, and that he thought it might be the first time it’s been attempted in Kane County circuit court.

Harris will have to pay $5,000 to the victim, who was featured in several of the videos police found on his laptop computer and a DVD in 2012. Circuit Judge Karen Simpson also sentenced him to sex-offender probation for six years. Gaeke requested six years in prison. Harris could have been sentenced to as many as 14 years in prison.

The victim, who lives on the West Coast, was raped by her father repeatedly between 2000 and 2001, when she was 10 and 11, according to news reports. He videotaped the sessions and put them on the Internet. Her father pleaded guilty to production of child pornography and transporting a minor across state lines for sexual purposes in federal court in 2008, and he is serving a 50-year prison sentence. He also pleaded guilty to state charges of rape of a child.

The victim has spoken publicly about the effect of child pornography on victims, including the helplessness she feels knowing the videos are still being distributed and watched. She has sought restitution in federal and state courts, and her situation was cited in a Supreme Court case about the liability of child-porn viewers to pay restitution.

“Hundreds of people nationwide have been prosecuted for disseminating the images and videos of this victim,” Gaeke said after the sentencing.

Gaeke said the victim has bills for psychological and psychiatric counseling of at least $10,000 a year. He asked for $5,000, since evidence indicated Harris owned the pornography for about six months.

According to St. Charles police detective Andrew Lamela, Harris downloaded files off a peer-to-peer file-sharing site to which he subscribed. Police found 25 videos on the laptop computer and five others on a desktop computer. They also found 300 thumbnail images of child pornography leftover from deleted files, he said.

After Harris pleaded guilty in March, Gaeke asked St. Charles police to submit the videos to a child sexual exploitation unit of the federal National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The center identified at least 11 victims.

Harris’ attorney, Kathleen Colton, argued against restitution, saying he couldn’t have caused the victim harm because her exploitation happened years before he was arrested. There was no evidence he knew the victim or that she was being harmed, she said.

Gaeke argued ordering restitution would “impress upon offenders that child pornography, even simple possession, affects child victims.”

Harris began sex offender counseling in January and has been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, according to a court-ordered pre-sentence investigation report. In counseling, he said, “I have learned there are victims. To them I also apologize.”

Simpson said: “The statement is really, it’s very moving and it brings home to myself the seriousness of this offense.”

The judge likened child pornography distribution to a pyramid scheme: “Some real live human beings are raping these children” on the videos, which are then promoted via the Internet and downloaded by voyeurs. She noted that the victim has been stalked and that people still seek her out.

She also said not enough attention is paid to the matter.

“It winds up being a paragraph maybe in the local paper, when really it (the news) ought to be posted online, maybe on YouTube,” Simpson said.


Continue reading

AA Member Sentenced to 375 Years for Sexually Assaulting and Impregnating 14 Year Old He Met at an AA Meeting

Willis Demond Carwell (Source: Anderson County District Attorney)

 Another story about a child who was sexually assaulted by a man she met in Alcoholics ANonymous when she attended AA Meetings with her Mother. This man was on parole at the time and had a lengthy CRIMINAL record.

Anderson County man sentenced to 375 years in prison for sexual assault of child

Posted: Oct 31, 2013  by Marshall Stephens – bio | email

From the Anderson County District Attorney’s Office:

PALESTINE, TX – Willis Demond Carwell, 32, of Palestine was sentenced to a total of 375 years in prison on five counts of sexual assault of a child on Tuesday afternoon at the Anderson County Courthouse. Daytona Beach AA Meetings Schedule.

A jury of eight men and four women reached verdicts of 75 years on each count at 1:13 p.m. on Tuesday following a sentencing hearing which started on Monday.

Carwell showed little emotion as District Judge Pam Foster Fletcher who presided over trial read the jury’s substantial verdict. Holly Hill Commissioner complaints.

Anderson County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Watkins represented the State of Texas with assistance from District Attorney Doug Lowe.

Carwell had earlier pleaded guilty to the assaults which are second degree felony. However, the possible punishment range was increased to a minimum of 5 years and maximum of 99 years or life because Carwell had been to prison for burglary of a habitation. Holly Hill Police Complaints in Holly Hill Florida.

The female child victim testified in response to questioning by Assistant District Attorney Watkins about how she came to know Carwell.

“My mom took me with her to a meeting of Alcoholic’s Anonymous and we met and I talked to him (Carwell).  He came over to our house after that,” the victim said. Continue reading

Drunk Indiana AA Member Arrested for Starting Fights at Linton Church AA Meeting

Mary K. Brian

How about that an AA member drunk and starting fights at an AA meeting. These are stories AA and NA love to cover up. Not a healthy or safe place to send your loved ones or take your kids with you.

Woman accused of being intoxicated and trying to start fights at an AA meeting

Thursday, February 27, 2014
By Anna Rochelle, Co-Editor

One woman was arrested Monday after police got a call that an intoxicated woman was starting fights in a church in Linton where several people were trying to have an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Holly Hill NA Daytona Meetings in Hollyland Park refusing to pay rent.

Mary Kathleen Brian, 45, of Bloomfield was booked into the Greene County Jail where her bond was set at $500 surety. She was released after posting $50 cash and is due to appear in Greene Superior Court next Monday. AA Daytona Meetings in Daytona Beach.

Officer Nick Yingling was on patrol when he was dispatched to the church and was met by a man standing outside saying the woman was inside the building fighting with people.

He reported that as he walked inside the church, he saw three people who were trying to hold Brian down. He said she was swinging her arms with closed fists trying to hit them, and she was yelling and cussing. SMART Recovery meetings in St. Augustine Fl.

The officer told the individuals to let her go, but she then approached the officer and raised her arms at him. He grabbed her, pushed her against a wall and put handcuffs on for her safety and his. Judge Will Drug Court and religious court mandated AA meetings.

She was reportedly still yelling and cussing when one of the individuals said they were having the meeting when she came in yelling and trying to start fights with everyone.

Yingling said he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Brian who told him her brother-in-law was supposed to pick her up for the meeting but he never showed. She began drinking whiskey and then drove to the meeting herself.

She was then taken into custody and transported. Orange Papers Anti- AA.

When Brian appears in court for an initial hearing, she will be charged with public intoxication that endangers a person’s life, a class B misdemeanor.


Woman Stabbed Man to Death That She Met at Alcoholics Anonymous


Another one bites the dust…….

Woman pleads no contest in fatal stabbing
February 19, 2014 

Robyn Kathleen Gevas, 38, pleaded no contest on Jan. 21 to voluntary manslaughter and admitted using a knife to kill Callie Joshua Evans Jr., 62.

A no-contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea at sentencing. In exchange for her plea, the Napa County District Attorney’s Office dropped a murder charge. Continue reading

AA Member Sentenced for Punching 71 Year old Man During an AA Meeting

Doug Stekkinger

           Doug Stekkinger

Man to be Sentenced for Punching Elderly Victim

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A 48-year-old Santa Barbara man who punched a 71-year-old man during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will be sentenced to up to nine years in state prison on Friday.

Doug Stekkinger was found guilty of three felony charges including elder abuse, assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, and battery with serious bodily injury. Stekkinger was also convicted of a special allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury on someone 70 years of age or older, which would significantly increase the sentence.

On April 12, 2012, Stekkinger attended an AA meeting at the Veteran’s Memorial Building with his dog, Blue. A confrontation between the older man and Stekkinger ensued about whether or not dogs were allowed inside during meetings. Stekkinger subsequently punched the victim in the face, shattering his cheekbone in three places.

According to a statement from the DA’s Office, the “victim put his hand on Stekkinger’s shoulder and attempted to counsel him that dogs were not permitted on the premise during meetings.” Stekkinger plead not guilty to all felony counts, claiming he acted in self-defense and that the man grabbed his neck before he punched him. The case went to trial, which lasted three days. AA Daytona Beach Meetings Holly Hill, Port Orange and Daytona.

“This is a travesty — one punch,” said Ted Stekkinger, Doug’s older brother in November. “AA is supposed to be a place for serenity.” He said his brother has lived in Santa Barbara for about 25 years and had been “straightening himself out.”

“If someone grabs you, what do you do?” Ted went on. “Stop and ask to see their ID? ‘Oh, you’re 69, I can punch you.’ Or, ‘Oh, you’re 70, I can’t punch you,” added Ted, who is a retired police officer. Deland Drug Court Michael Jewell and Judge Will AA Meetings.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Stekkinger has an additional conviction on his record, but prosecutors wouldn’t go into detail on the previous case. Recent police reports indicate Stekkinger was also arrested for misdemeanor sexual battery on October 8 after detectives obtained an arrest warrant for him after he allegedly grabbed the buttocks of a 23-year-old woman at a beer festival in late September. He has been in custody since his November assault conviction. Holly Hill Commissioners problems.


It is About Time Alcoholics Anonymous is Challenged

AA should’ve been challenged and quashed before it got off the ground! Better late than never though.

It’s Time We Challenged Alcoholics Anonymous


By John Johnson,  Newser Staff Posted Feb 11, 2014

(NEWSER) – A slew of new books is challenging the 75-year “hegemony” of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Maia Szalavitz at Pacific Standard thinks it’s about time. Over the decades, it’s become nearly an accepted truth in this country that AA is the one and only path to sobriety. And sure, the 12-step program that demands participants surrender to a “higher power” is the right path for some, but it is most definitely not the right path for everyone. “For what other medical condition does 90 percent of the treatment consist of meetings and prayer?” asks Szalavitz. Daytona AA and NA meetings Holly Hill Florida.

Indeed, one of the problems with AA’s “non-medical and moralistic” approach “is that addiction continues to be seen by many people as a moral failing rather than a disease.” Another? One of the biggest studies of recovery found that the vast majority of addicts kick their habit “without any treatment—professional or self-help—regardless of whether the drug involved is alcohol, crack, methamphetamine, heroin, or cigarettes,” writes Szalavitz. That’s something our booming rehab culture isn’t eager to spread around. Click for the full column, which includes a list of the recent books taking on AA. NA Daytona Beach.


AA Member / Violent Sex Offender Kill Young Teens in Home Invasion-Akron Brothers Accused in Barberton killings


Police arrested 22-year-old Michael Hendon, left, and 30-year-old Eric Hendon Friday. The brothers are charged with three counts of aggravated murder in the death of two Barberton teens and their father in a New Year’s Eve attempted robbery.(Courtesy of Barberton Police Department)

Akron brothers accused in Barberton killings set to appear in court Wednesday

BARBERTON, Ohio — Two brothers accused of killing two teenagers and their father on New Year’s Eve are scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Michael Deon Hendon, 22, and Eric Donta Hendon, 30, are each charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Their initial appearance is set for 1 p.m. in Barberton Municipal Court.

Police arrested the men Friday, accusing them of targeting John Kohler and Ronda Blankenship’s 7th Street NE apartment to rob of drugs and money, according to a release. Police have not said what led them to that conclusion.

Kohler, 42, his stepdaughter, Ashley Carpenter, 18, and son David Kohler-Carpenter, 14, were each shot to the head. Ashley and David were pronounced dead at the scene, and Kohler was kept alive on life support until Friday afternoon, the Summit County Medical Examiner said. Continue reading

After Blinding a Man With a Beer Bottle This Women Goes to AA Meetings

In a gruesome violent brutal attack this women joined in and committed more horrible vicious crimes against the victim. She went to AA after blinding this man for life and received a slap on the wrist by the court. No one is to dangerous or sick for AA or NA meetings. Beware- this is difficult to read.

“As the attack continued, Clause reached into the vehicle with a broken, jagged beer bottle and shoved it into Martin’s right eye, twisting and dragging it down his cheek. He is now permanently blind in that eye.”

“She said was trying to turn her life around by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and receiving counselling. She said she wants to get her Grade 12 diploma and possibly go to college.”


Woman jailed in beer bottle attack

A 26-year-old woman, who blinded a man with a broken beer bottle during a vicious attack at a 2010 party, was sentenced Thursday to 2 ½ years in custody less time served. NA Daytona Area Meetings in Holly Hill, Ormond Beach and Port Orange.

Kelli Lynn Clause was credited with 12 months for time spent behind bars, leaving 18 months yet to be served. Volusia County Drug Court and AA and NA Meetings.

Clause was convicted by a jury of aggravated assault after a three-week trial held in Cayuga in April 2013. Continue reading

Baby Slapping Man Goes to Daily AA Meetings Before Sentencing by Judge

Joe Hundley slapped a baby so hard on a flight it left a scratch. Like many do he ran to AA meetings, most likely to impress the judge in hoping for a lighter sentence. We shall see on Monday. Actually many people who abuse children go to AA and NA meeting to comply with family court. 

Man in toddler slapping case to be sentenced

Sunday, January 5, 2014

ATLANTA (AP) — A man who admitted to having slapped a crying toddler on an Atlanta-bound flight is set to appear in court Monday for sentencing.

Joe Rickey Hundley pleaded guilty in October after reaching a plea agreement with federal prosecutors. Hundley used a racial slur to refer to the 19-month-old boy and then hit him under the right eye as the flight from Minneapolis began its descent to the Atlanta airport, authorities have said.

The misdemeanor simple assault charge carries a possible prison sentence of up to a year and a fine of up to $100,000. Prosecutors have recommended a sentence of six months in prison, but Hundley reserved his right to argue for a lower sentence. Prosecutors are not recommending any specific fine. Hundley has agreed to pay any restitution ordered by the court.

The judge is not required to follow the recommendations in the plea agreement when he sentences Hundley.

The agreement also requires Hundley to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program and attend anger management classes. He told the judge in October that he had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings almost daily since March and has already enrolled in an anger management class. Continue reading

Author Gabrielle Glaser OP-ED Piece ‘Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route’

Here is a great Op-Ed piece by Gabrielle Glaser! We are off to a great 2014 already!


Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

Published: January 1, 2014 

THIS New Year’s, a good number of those who struggle to control their drinking will resolve to abstain from alcohol. No halfway measures. Quitting is the only way.

The cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States, embraced by doctors, the multibillion-dollar treatment industry and popular culture. For nearly 80 years, our approach to drinking problems has been inspired by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Developed in the 1930s by men who were “chronic inebriates,” the A.A. program offers a single path to recovery: abstinence, surrendering one’s ego and accepting one’s “powerlessness” over alcohol.

But it’s not the only way to change your drinking habits.

Bankole Johnson, an alcohol researcher and consultant to pharmaceutical companies who is also the chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, puts it this way: “We are wedded to the abstinence model as the goal, despite evidence that there can be many successful outcomes.” Continue reading

Another Man Convicted of Child Pornography Possession and Dissemination Mandated to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

How many child porn sellers and sex predators have to be sent to AA and NA meetings before child advocates will care that AA and NA invite teens to these meetings with these people with no safety regulations and no leaders? Will the FBI ever care? Child protective services care? Somebody help us to stop this insanity.

Craig Cilley of Belchertown receives two-year jail sentence on child pornography charges, with six months to be served


Thursday, December 5, 2013

NORTHAMPTON — A 30-year old Belchertown man, convicted of child pornography possession and dissemination, was sentenced Wednesday to a two-year jail term and probation on those charges.

Craig Cilley, of 418 Chauncey Walker Road will serve six months of that sentence in the Hampshire County House of Correction, with the remainder being suspended for three years while he is on probation.

During that time, Cilley must undergo sex offender treatment, have no unapproved contact with children under 18, not reside with any child under 18, have no employment or volunteer activity that would put him in contact with anyone under 18, remain drug free and submit to random testing, attend two Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a month, undergo mental health treatment, grant the probation department access to any of his digital devices to examine their contents and Internet activity, avoid providing any child under 16 access to any electronic device that has online capability and forfeit any computers, digital storage devices, cellphones and accessories used in the commission of the crimes for which he was convicted. Continue reading

Milwaukee Who Man Died in AA Meeting From Alcohol Withdrawals 12 Years Ago Identified

Mystery solved: A man whose identity remained a mystery for 12 years after he slumped over dead in a 2001 Milwaukee AA meeting has been identified as this man, 53-year-old Oliveros Perdomo

What I find sad about this story is here is a man who wanted to quit drinking, and quit drinking without proper medical treatment. He went to an AA meeting instead and died. People are being sent to AA meetings without the medical help they need to deal with withdrawals from quitting drinking cold turkey. Stop sending people to a religious cult!

Mystery man who died at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 2001 was divorcee, 53, who was thrown out of his ex wife’s house and never seen again

  • The man had no identification and no one at the Milwaukee AA meeting knew him
  • No family or friends ever came forward to positively identify him
  • Thanks to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System at the U.S. Department of Justice, the man has been identified as Oliveros Perdomo, 53, and his remaining family notified

Milwaukee Co. officials identify man who died during Alcoholics Anonymous meeting 12 years ago

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: December 2, 2013

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County officials have identified a man who died more than 12 years ago while trying to get help for his drinking problem at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

No one knew the name of 53-year-old Oliveros Perdomo when he walked into the Milwaukee meeting in 2001, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

He also had no identification on him when he collapsed beneath a sign that read, “But for the grace of God…”

Tests later revealed he died from a withdrawal seizure due to chronic alcoholism.

“It was like he ran out of breath,” AA member Jose Gonzalez said at the time.

For months, authorities tried to identify him. Police showed his morgue photo to people in the neighborhood where he was last seen. The same photo appeared in newspapers and on television. People searching for missing loved ones became aware of the case, but left the morgue disappointed. Continue reading


This Episode is a must see that covers rape, 13 stepping and murder by Alcoholics Anonymous members. 


Episode Rapist Anonymous…go figure. Compliments of Massive

Leaving AA   www.leavingaa.com  

Well, well, well… are the writers of Law & Order SVU reading our blogs and finally getting it right and telling the truth about AA? We hope so.

Tonight as I watched, I hardly could believe my eyes and ears as Mr 13 stepper, stepped up to the plate, he hit the nail on the head for me as a guy with 10 years of sobriety, slinging AA slogans like he began AA in kindergarten and what not….

You can watch it via the following link:

Rapist Anonymous
(Available Until: 02/07/2014)

AND if you writers out there are reading this…thank you from all us ex steppers and anti-AA ers!

Season 15, Episode 9: Rapist Anonymous Nov 20, 2013 Detective Amanda Rollins (Giddish) helps her friend Lena Olson (Amy Seimetz) press charges against her lover when she accuses him of rape. But Lena’s history with the suspect and her proclivity for rough sex makes the he-said she-said investigation too difficult to pursue. When the case escalates to murder, a dangerous love triangle is discovered and Rollins is forced to confess her private life on the stand. Written By Anonymous– wait a minute….are they kidding… not posting the writer of this episode….are they an ex stepper?

Elizabeth Garner who Cheered for the Tennessee Titans Accused of Sex Abuse of 12 Year Old Boy Agreed to Attend AA Meetings

Elizabeth Garner, 42, reportedly pleaded no contest to a count of reckless endangerment and was sentenced to 18 months probation.

Another person charged with sex crimes against children took a plea deal, this time for reckless endangerment. She tried to have oral sex with a 12 year old at her parents home during a party. She is married also! All she got was probation and mandated AA meetings.

The buxom blond initially faced charges that included aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for rape of a minor after her arrest earlier this year.

Garner was accused of trying to seduce the young boy by fondling his penis and trying to pull down his pants after cornering him in a bathroom during a party at his parents’ house.

Former NFL cheerleader accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old boy gets 18 months probation: report 


Former NFL cheerleader accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old boy gets 18 months probation: report

Elizabeth Garner, 42, who cheered for the Tennessee Titans for three seasons until 2008, also reportedly agreed to drug screenings and to attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week when she was sentenced in October. Garner, who is married, allegedly tried to perform oral sex on the boy in a bathroom during a party at his parents’ home.

A former NFL cheerleader accused of trying to perform oral sex on a 12-year-old boy was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading no contest to a reckless endangerment charge, according to a report. Volusia County Drug Court and Judge Will.

Elizabeth Garner, 42 — who cheered for the Tennessee Titans for three seasons until 2008 — pleaded no contest to a reckless endangerment charge before her sentence in October, TMZ reported. Daytona AA Intergroup Meetings in Sunrise Park by Bruce O.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/nfl-cheerleader-accused-sexually-assaulting-12-year-old-boy-18-months-probation-report-article-1.1518231#ixzz2l0wm37Jr

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

This sick Child porn distributor became an AA member after his arrest on child pornography charges. He got off easy with only 10 days in jail and probation. He was facing 10 years! AA helped this dirt bag get the AA get out of jail card.

Man gets jail and probation for child porn

 November 08, 2013 11:00 pm  •  Andrea J. Cook Journal staff

A Rapid City man will spend time in jail and on probation after pleading guilty to child pornography charges.

Circuit Judge Robert Mandel suspended the execution of two concurrent five-year prison sentences for 41-year-old Waylen S. Block, but imposed a 10-day jail sentence and three years probation when Block appeared for sentencing Friday.

Block was charged with three counts of possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography in March. He pleaded guilty to two charges, related to images found on his computer.

Pennington County State’s Attorney Gina Nelson left the sentencing to Mandel but informed him that it was the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that alerted local officers to Block’s conduct. He was posting graphic downloaded images of small children on an adult site, she said. AA Meetings in Holly Hill Parks

Nelson recommended a prison sentence.

Block’s attorney, Randall Connelly, said his client was a daily drinker who battled depression during the year he viewed the images. Block cooperated with investigators.

After his arrest, Block took “dramatic and aggressive steps to correct his behavior,” Connelly said. His client joined Alcoholics Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous, the attorney said. Block faced a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine on each of the two counts he pleaded guilty to. Holly Hill Police Department Complaints.NA Daytona meetings in Daytona Beach Florida and Port Orange.


Woman Stabs and Kills Lover Attends AA Meetings Before Court Hearing

Men need to be careful too attending AA meetings, as female killers attend as well to impress the judge to get lighter sentences. She attended AA for 3 years after stabbing her lover death before her plea deal.

Richmond Hill woman pleads guilty to manslaughter in stabbing

Looking for closure
Jennifer Hutchin holds up a photograph of her brother, Greg Goodeve, who was killed in 2010 in Richmond Hill. Mr. Goodeve’s girlfriend, Renee Laurence, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in his death.
ByJeremy Grimaldi  November 7th 2013

A woman who killed her lover during a booze-fueled night in 2010 has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and requested her bail be revoked so she can begin serving her expected six-year sentence. NA and AA Daytona Beach Meeting.

Renee Laurence, 34, who admitted guilt in the 2010 stabbing death of Greg Goodeve, called an end to court proceedings that were expected to continue until 2015, had it not been for the Nov. 1 plea bargain. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous a Gathering Place for Predators by Amber Weinacht Yahoo Contributer

So glad this excellent article writes about the 12 step organizations of AA and NA.

A Gathering Place for Predators

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous

What if, at the lowest time in your life, those who are supposed to help you, prey on you? It happens every day, in countless AA and NA rooms across the world. The story has the same lame routine and ring to it every time. The new, freshly sober gal comes to a meeting, hoping for clarity and a new way of life, and before you know it, there’s a man schmoozing her up, trying to get on her good side, with more than just good intentions at hand. This has been termed “13th stepping” and most women new to the program have no idea what 13th stepping even is. The one thing most freshly sobered up AA and NA patrons usually don’t count on is meeting other people who are more sick than themselves. They come in with rose colored glasses on, ready to see the world with new eyes and never figure that the problems they might encounter in the rooms themselves may be as bad or worse than the problems they already have. The question is, why don’t the old-timers and those who have been around the program for a while help these women? Better yet, why doesn’t the World Board in both programs set forth clear rules on this issue?  AA and NA Daytona Meetings in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach.Those within the walls of AA and NA include those that want to be sober and are there of their own free will, those that aren’t sure if they even have a problem but want to check out a meeting or two, those ordered to attend by judges in cases such as drunk driving, and then there are those who have to come as part of a treatment program for other problems such as sexual crimes or other felonies they have committed. There are countless felons in AA, who by all standards are not all bad, but there are those who have committed sexual abuse, there those that have tried to kill their wives and girlfriends, those who have raped, and pedophiles. The list goes on and on. Perhaps judges in criminal courtrooms should stop ordering those who have committed sexual offenses into these programs and instead insist that they get individual counseling or inpatient treatment. Sadly, that wouldn’t entirely solve the problem even if such orders were issued however, because once those with sexual addictions figure out that meetings are a place to meet vulnerable women, they keep going back, even after court ordered sanctions have ended.Frequently in the rooms, people say, “Keep your own side of the street clean, and take your own inventory.” What this means essentially is don’t worry about what others are doing. It is none of your concern. This is precisely the response that one newcomer got from from the World Board of NA after calling to call attention to a man with seventeen years of sobriety that made 13th stepping a regular habit. “What this man does is single out the newcomers. He’s around fifty years old and keeps an eye open for any fresh meat that comes through the doors. Doesn’t matter their age. They could be his age, or even under 18. If they look good to him, he pounces. He got to me when I had about thirty days sober. What these guys do is take women like me who have to leave everything behind in order to start a new life, and they sort of brainwash us I guess, make us feel like we can depend on someone and that all is not lost. What eventually ends up happening is that these girls and women build their foundation upon him and other men like him, and eventually they find out that not only is he lying to her, he’s screwing just about every other chick in the room. I’ve talked to women who wanted to kill themselves over this guy, and let me be real clear about this, it’s not just the guy that makes them feel this way. It’s the head game. These women are already at their lowest and desperately just need to feel like someone cares and we all know that’s human nature. This one man in particular is known on a national level in NA and has even gone as far as to pick up a sponsor on the World Board. I have no doubt that was intentional. He serves on state boards in Nebraska and attends national conferences where he is invited to speak often. Everyone knows about him, and when I called the World Board to report him and the damage he was causing, I was essentially told to go call someone who cares, that they don’t take anyone’s inventory. This isn’t a joke. The guy has something like 14 felonies, is one of the most manipulative men I’ve ever met and people just laugh it off while high-fiving him for being the guy that has three girlfriends in every state in the U.S. Meanwhile women keep relapsing over it. Some have relapsed over and over because he just doesn’t stop. This one guy and his actions have the potential to kill several, and he’s only one of hundreds, if not thousands who are lurking,” said one anonymous NA member. Continue reading

AA Member Troy Stills Kidnaps People to Get Ride To Kill His Ex-Wife and Children

This AA member thought it was a good idea to stop by his AA Sponsors house after kidnapping his mother and her boyfriend. Crazy people in AA!

Man Accused Of Tying Up And Kidnapping Two People In Grayson County

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX — A West Texas man is accused of taking two people on a wild ride after tying them up with cords.

Troy Stills, 30, of Roby, Tex., was indicted on two counts of aggravated kidnapping.  According to court documents, Stills tied up his mom and her boyfriend in June while he was staying on their property, using cords from a lamp and a hot plate.

He allegedly told them he wanted a ride to abilene to kill his ex-wife and children because he was told he couldn’t see them.

They wound up at his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor’s house near Van Alstyne, where he got out, and the alleged victims got away, documents state.

Stills is being held in lieu of $150,000 bond while awaiting trial.  If convicted, he could face from five years to life in prison.


Homeless AA Member Bank Robber Commits Suicide

Gary Thomas Stewart, bank robbery suspect<br />



AA Member Gary Thomas Stewart committed suicide after police tracked hm down at a hotel after robbing a bank. It is reported he had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. Most likely mandated to AA and NA meetings numerous times.

Bank robbery suspect dies of self-inflicted gunshot

Gary Thomas Stewart, bank robbery suspect

A homeless man suspected of robbing an East Naples bank at gunpoint Monday morning turned the gun on himself when Collier County sheriff’s deputies tracked him down at a Naples hotel later that day.

Gary Stewart, 55, died of the self-inflicted gunshot wound at Lee Memorial Hospital.

Less than an hour before the robbery, Stewart had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with others from the St. Matthew’s House homeless shelter, another resident said. After the meeting, he left on his bike.

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a black ski mask, authorities believe Stewart walked into the Wells Fargo 125 N. Airport-Pulling Road just before 10 a.m., and demanded money from a teller at gunpoint.

Stewart spotted deputies as they approached the hotel room where he was holed up later that day, reports said. Deputies reported hearing gunfire. When they eventually entered the room, they reported finding Stewart suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“It’s a loss,” said James Henry, a St. Matthew’s House resident who knew Stewart and happened to be in the bank at the time it was robbed. “It’s sad that his life had to end like that.”


Man Gets Probation and Sentenced to AA Meetings for Beating his Children


Another violent man gets the get out jail AA card.

Bay County man gets probation for attack on children, attempting to fight police

By Cole Waterman | cwaterma@mlive.com 
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on October 04, 2013

BAY CITY, MI — A Hampton Township father who police say fought with them after attacking his two children has avoided jail, though contact with his children is still forbidden.

Bay County Chief District Judge Timothy J. Kelly on Tuesday, Oct. 1, sentenced Robert E. Kribs, 42, to one year of probation, with 90 days in jail deferred. While on probation, Kribs is to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings once a week, submit to alcohol and drug testing, continue receiving mental health counseling and not have any sort of contact with his children.

Kelly is to review the no-contact provision in December.

Kribs in August pleaded no contest to single counts of domestic violence, attempted resisting or obstructing police and attempted interference with an electronic communications device. In exchange for his pleas, the prosecution dismissed two counts of domestic violence, second offense, and single counts of exciting a disturbance, interfering with an electronic communications device and assault, resisting or obstructing police. Continue reading

Man That Set Mother’s House on Fire and Assaulted Daughter is Mandated to AA Meetings

rosewell rear.jpg

Tory Bryant is considered mentally ill and plead guilty for assault and battery for hitting his daughter. In a plea deal they dropped 3 attempted murder charges when he set the house on fire with his mother, daughter and other child were inside. The judge mandated Tory Bryant to AA or NA meetings, anger management and a psychological evaluation!

Tory Bryant admits setting fire to his mother’s Springfield house

By Buffy Spencer, The Republican 
on September 24, 2013

Tory Bryant’s mother Rosalyn Bryant asked Judge Tina S. Page in Hampden Superior Court on Tuesday to find a way to get him help he needs.

Rosalyn Bryant said her son would never have set her house on fire – with her, his 5-year-old daughter, and another 7-year-old inside – if he hadn’t been drunk and high on drugs.

Page said since she was appointed to the bench 15 years ago, she has repeatedly talked about the need for a secure facility to which she could sentence people with mental-health issues such as the 24-year-old Bryant.

But since there is no such facility, Page imposed a 2 1/2- to four-year sentence to state prison. Tory Bryan pleaded guilty to charges, admitting he set the fire at the family home.

Assistant District Attorney Clarissa A. Wright showed Page photos of the Rosewell Street house, which had about $40,000 in damage as a result of the fire. Bryant’s mother, daughter and the other girl got out safely after the alarm sounded, and they saw smoke, according to the prosecutor. Continue reading

Another AA Member Financially Scams an Elderly Man he Met at Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a hot spot for Crooks Scamming Senior Citizens. Yet AA has voted to do nothing to protect the Elderly in AA Meetings.

Man stole from elderly, avoids prison sentence but must repay money


A Norwalk man who stole $11,000 from an 78-year-old man he met at Alcoholics Anonymous received a suspended prison sentence, but was ordered to repay the money, according to Ottawa County court records
Timothy Gilbert, 42, was charged after bank employees called police in December 2011 when they noticed the elderly man making unusual withdrawals from his bank account.

Gilbert had fed the man a story about needing $11,000 to get his father’s inheritance, and the victim agreed to lend him the money, according to police reports.

Gilbert was eventually charged with theft from the elderly. He was sentenced Thursday to more than three years in prison on the theft case and a 2011 theft case.

The prison time was suspended, and Gilbert was instead placed on three years probation and ordered to repay the $11,000, according to court records. He was also ordered to complete 100 hours of community service. NA Daytona Beach Area Schedule.


Woman Stabs Boyfriend in the Heart with BBQ Fork Goes to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Woman who stabbed boyfriend with BBQ fork avoids prison, gets 90 days in jail

Victim who is ‘very lucky to be alive’ begs judge to keep ex-girlfriend out of prison.
AUG 14, 2013
A 27-year-old Wakeman woman was given jail time and ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend more than $18,000 in connection with stabbing him in the heart with a barbecue fork.

Katie Lou Brooks, of Ohio, was convicted of aggravated assault during a previous hearing of the Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Tuesday, a tearful Brooks apologized to the victim and his family for the injuries he sustained during a drunken domestic dispute at a Norwalk location.

The victim underwent open heart surgery to repair the damage done during the assault and medical reports indicate his body hasn’t fully recovered, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said during the hearing. NA Daytona meetings in Holly Hill Florida.

“I know what I did was very wrong. I understand violence isn’t the answer to anything. I am not a violent person,” Brooks told the court. AA Daytona meetings in Sunrise Park.

Since the incident in May, Brooks told the court she has been regularly attended Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, counseling and volunteering around Norwalk. “I’m trying to show I am not an evil person. That this was a mistake, a big mistake,” Brooks said. Continue reading