We Can Do So Much Better Than 12 Steps

Many agree with this letter to the editor!

We can do better than 12 steps

Letter to the editor
Posted:   04/17/2013
Our number one problem (health and otherwise) in Humboldt County is drugs? We treat our alcohol and drug problems with an 85-year-old prescription. I am talking to you, doctors. If your doctor treated your cancer the same way doctors did 85 years ago, you might get a new doctor. The emotional claims that 12-step programs work are over-blown and largely unrealized. It matters if Alcoholics Anonymous works or not. After all, we send our family members to 12-step programs in order for them to get help. We send criminals to 12-step programs for them to get God, stop crime, and clean up our cities. But 12-step programs do not work for most people, so, let’s quit wasting everyone’s money and time on the 12-step movement.

And the anti-progress aspect of the 12-step systems? Their language is archaic. Their practices are almost medieval. They are very much a sexist organization in their language, at least.

”Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” Our kids deserve better!

Let’s find a better way. NADaytona

Rick Boman



12 STEP Troubled Teen School Silverado Academy Utah Employee Rapes Students

Silverado Ranch in Panguitch, Utah is a troubled teen boarding school that incorporates the 12 step program for teens that come through their door. Eric Allen Glossen charged with sexually abusing at least kids at the ranch. This is an outrage that this was allowed to happen to these boys. It is down the road from Troubled Teen School Sorenson’s Ranch in Koosharem, Utah run by Mormons. It also has kids attending AA meetings.

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