Man Who Killed Dog by Throwing it Against the Wall Sentenced to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Man who killed dog by throwing it against a wall is sentenced to probation

An Omaha man who got angry and threw a small dog against a wall, killing it, was sentenced Thursday to one year of probation.

Brian M. Booker, 33, pleaded no contest to felony cruelty to an animal resulting in injury or death. He could have been sentenced to five years in prison. Douglas County District Court Judge J. Michael Coffey said he will revoke Booker’s probation and give him a six-month jail sentence if he doesn’t continue to attend anger management classes and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. AA Daytona Meetings are dangerous!

“I am pleased that you have been taking the steps needed to alter your behavior,” Coffey told Booker, who will not be allowed to live with or own an animal for 12 years.

“He has taken responsibility for his actions,” said defense attorney John Ashford. “He has done and will continue to do all the appropriate steps.”

Tom McKenney, an assistant prosecutor in the Douglas County Attorney’s Office, agreed with the sentence of probation. He said Cassi Dietz, Booker’s former girlfriend and the dog’s owner, also didn’t want to see the defendant go to jail as long as he continued to get help.

“I’m satisfied with the judge’s decision,” McKenney said. “This is best for everyone concerned.”

Booker, who is 6-foot-7, 265 pounds, admitted to Dietz that he became angry with her Pomeranian, Gizmo, on Sept. 28, 2014, and threw the 10-pound dog into a wall. Booker initially told Dietz that the 5-year-old dog fell from a countertop, hitting his head on the floor.

Dietz, who was not home when Gizmo died, said Booker later changed his story and told her the dog had gotten off his leash and may have been hit by a car. She finally succeeded in getting Booker to admit what happened several days later in a taped conversation.

“I hurt someone close to me and I am very sorry for what happened,” Booker said outside the courtroom. “I wish this never happened.”

4 thoughts on “Man Who Killed Dog by Throwing it Against the Wall Sentenced to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

  1. What a sick and twisted individual and what a bizarre system that sentences such a person to rooms with vulnerable people ripe to be taken advantage of. This one just boggles my mind. Someone who has such little respect for animals, how could you ever trust them to treat fellow humans civilly? The justice system needs to stop sending these losers to AA – or AA members need to start a deluge of lawsuits for having these types of perps sent to meetings in the first place.

  2. There is some talk of drafting various letters to those involved with this sentence, specifically the judge, and informing him that this is not actually an effective sentence. Instead, that Booker will probably become more of sadist after AA, and that he will also put other less violent and abusive AA members (and also, alack, their pets) at risk.

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