Waukesha sex offender accused of befriending victim using fake name

Posted: Mar 26, 2015 6:43 PM EDTUpdated: Mar 26, 2015 7:09 PM EDT

A convicted sex offender could end up back in prison for lying about his name and trying to reunite with one of his victims.

Prosecutors in Waukesha charged 52-year-old Jack Moore this week with illegally changing his name, a class H felony for registered sex offenders.

“We believe that he sought [his victim] out,” Waukesha Police Sergeant Jerry Habanek said Thursday. Dangerous AA Daytona meetings have court mandates.

Back in 1989, the then-27-year-old Moore and his accomplice, Lisa Farkas, lured women back to their apartment. Moore tied one victim up for 10 hours while Farkas sexually assaulted her. A judge sentenced the pair to prison in late 1990.

“It is not a normal crime, but it was a very serious crime,” Habanek said.

Police say Moore got out on parole in 2009 and started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at a local church in 2010. There, Moore found his victim from about 20 years prior. Dangerous Daytona NA Meetings in Sunrise Park.

“They became friends, they were both battling the same disease, working on it together,” Habanek said. The victim did not recognize him… He looked different. It was 20 years later.”

Moore invited his victim over to his apartment using the alias “Jack Winters.” For several months the victim had no idea who Moore was.  The criminal complaint says they exchanged phone numbers and spoke 72 times on the phone in one month.

“The victim was at his apartment and saw a tattoo that was on his arm,” Habanek said. “That tattoo was something she remembered from the sexual assault.”

The victim confronted Moore, but court documents say he explained, “He had done time, referring to prison, with Jack Moore… And that Moore “was not getting out… for a long time.” The victim didn’t believe Moore and contacted Waukesha police.

“Not only that 20 years ago he had sexually abused her, there was also a secondary betrayal,” Habanek said. “Because he had gone through alcoholics anonymous with her, pretended to be someone he wasn’t.”

Moore claims he didn’t realize who his victim was until several months into their friendship, telling police he figured it out after seeing her name on a utility bill. Moore said he “decided it would not be good to tell her who he was.”

“As you would imagine, she is terrified,” Habanek said of the victim.

Waukesha police couldn’t say why it took four years for charges to be filed, but Moore faces up to six years in prison. He’s due in Waukesha County Court April 6.

Habanek says the victim is even more scared of Farkas, who is currently free on parole. The sergeant warns all abuse victims to always be aware of their surroundings and the people they choose to interact with.


  1. Forgot to add – this Mr. Moore looks like a real winner, doesn’t he? Just goes to show you can’t be too careful with associating with folks in AA – you don’t know the pasts of anyone period and AA is structured so that you don’t.

  2. Un F’ing real. Just un f’ing real. Just think, if they were going to a lot of meetings and speaking fluent true believer AA there could be a constant supply of new victims, suppressed by the AA steps into not speaking of this and into ACTUALLY F’ING LOOKING FOR THEIR PART IN IT. Sorry for the all caps – this just really takes the cake. That poor victim – running into one of the two all these years later at an AA meeting. It’s not a far stretch to think she may have had issues with alcohol due to the attack all the years before and to run into this POS again after 20 years…..I hope she has good non AA support in her life, I really do. What a twisted tale of AA insanity. Un F’ing real.

  3. Here is info about his female accomplice-

    Sex Offender Living on E. Main St. After Release From Prison
    Lisa J. Farkas has a history of luring women into an apartment with another man before tying up and sexually assaulting victims.

    A 45-year-old Waukesha woman has been released from prison into Waukesha and will live at 1104 E. Main St.

    Lisa J. Farkas targets adult females, according to a news release from the Waukesha Police Department. She has a history of working with a male accomplice to lure an adult female to an apartment. They would tie up the female victim and sexually assault her together in the late 1980s. On another occasion, Farkas burned one female victim with a lighter during sexual activity.

    Farkas is described as being 5-feet 7-inches tall, 176 pounds with brown, thinning hair and green eyes. She has an 8-inch scare on her lower left abdomen and two tattoos – a J.M. broken heart on her right arm and a broken heart on her left arm.

    The accomplice in the case, Jack Moore, was also found guilty in the assaults. He remains in prison, according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ sex offender registry. Moore was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the rapes, according to the Milwaukee Sentinel.

    Farkas previously was released in the community in 2000 and was the first woman to prompt a community-wide notification, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Her probation was revoked in 2010, court records show.

    She will be a life registrant with the sex offender registry and will be submitting to face-to-face registration with law enforcement. She is to have no unsupervised contact with minors, no taverns/bars/liquor stores, no contact with victim and not to purchase/possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs. She is to comply with sex offender rules and will be on G.P.S. monitoring while under supervision.

    The Waukesha Police Department Crime Prevention/Community Relations Bureau is available to help set up Block Watch groups and provide you with useful information on personal safety. Crime Prevention may be reached at 524-3769 or 524-3774.

  4. What is the most disgusting about the whole thing is that according to AA ideology, Moore isn’t even really guilty. People in AA are supposed to be anonymous so that their past doesn’t matter. Also, according to AA ideology, his victim should realize “her part” in her previous sexual assault. A “tough” sponsor would even require her to make a 9th step amends/apology to Moore for “resenting” him, which is probably why it took 6 years for her to prosecute. She faced pressure within AA not to.

    • Hi Silver, that is a great point. This lady was most likely told not to report for years by other AA members and that is why it took so long to charge him. Maybe she is deprogramming from AA after all of these years!

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