AA Member Charged with Rape of 14 Year Old Teenage Girl Attends More 12 Step Meetings Afterwards

A Spring Hill man who “was horrified with himself” for allegedly having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl was arrested and charged with aggravated statutory rape.

Ronald Clinton Worrell, 45, 4021 Willford Way, was released on $20,000 bond several hours after his arrest Tuesday, according to Maury County Jail records.

He was arrested by Columbia police, who initially investigated a report of possible child sexual abuse on Oct. 31.

Because of the sensitive nature of the charge, few details of the case were made available.

A heavily expurgated copy of the police report said the assault on the teenage girl happened after she and Worrell watched a movie together at her mother’s home one night in July. Violent dangerous felons at NA Daytona and AA Daytona meetings.

Before the alleged abuse was disclosed to police, “Ron was horrified with himself (for) what he had done and he put himself back in counseling and started AA meetings again,” according to the report. “Ron had been in counseling previously for something and he has been in recovery.” Holly Hill Florida Commissioners and Daytona AA Meetings.

The report said it is not known what Worrell “was recovering from.”

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2 thoughts on “AA Member Charged with Rape of 14 Year Old Teenage Girl Attends More 12 Step Meetings Afterwards

  1. I’m coming to the the point where I am beginning to think EVERYTHING is being sent to AA or NA because it is a easy solution to the overcrowded jails and underfunded probation/parole system.


    • Sometimes I think that AA is really a warehouse for people who have fallen through the cracks of society…..so many people go there that really don’t have hard core drinking problems (such is my experience) and have been sent there as it is a catch all solution (so the system sees it) for every issue under the sun. All I can say is my best thinking got me out the door marked exit never to return. I felt “the sunlight of the spirit” once I reached the point of no return and realized I could not attend another meeting. After about seven months of laying law and recouperating (sp?) I started feeling I was having a spiritual experience – in the sense that I realized that I was in charge of my life to some degree and as an adult, I had the right to make choices and changes in my life as I see fit. This was very empowering and is a 180 degree turn from how AA wants you to see things.

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