Man Gets Probation and Mandated to AA and NA Meetings for Assaulting Pregnant Woman


Conard takes steps toward sobriety; Judge gives him probation for assault

(Lander, Wyo.) – Impressed with the way Brandon Conard has chosen to fight his addiction, Judge Norman E. Young gave the man a suspended sentence for felony aggravated assault and battery.

Back in June, Conard pleaded guilty to assaulting a pregnant woman as well as misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine. Those charges stem from a Feb. 7 call to his home where he allegedly struck a pregnant woman with a wooden paper holder. While officers were investigating the alleged assault, they reportedly found a silver spoon with a crystal residue on it which was sitting next to a hypodermic needle with a clear fluid and blood inside, the affidavit states.

Per the plea agreement, the state kept its argument for a maximum prison sentence of 3-5 years. Deputy County Attorney Tom Majdic said that while Conard has been going through treatment for his addictions, he needs to serve time for assaulting a pregnant woman. He also said that the victim had also wanted Conard to serve time.

But words from Conard himself and his public defender Terry Martin persuaded Young to allow for supervised probation. Martin noted that on top of already spending about eight months in jail, Conard also spent three months in substance abuse treatment in Casper. For the last two weeks, Conard has been out on an unsecured bond and going to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Conard said he goes to at least one meeting a day. NA Daytona Beach harassing citizens in Holly Hill.

He said he was an addict who was trying to put his life back together for his children. “My son was born while I was in jail, and that’s something I’ll never forgive myself for,” he said.

Young said that in reviewing the case, he had felt Conard should spend time in prison, especially after he allegedly violated bond by causing a scene at a local restaurant and was found with a sizeable number of prescription medications. However, Young said that unlike many defendants, Conard had taken real steps to address his addiction issues prior to being sentenced. He called it “appropriate and admirable.”

Therefore, Conard will serve three years supervised probation. However, if he fails probation, he will likely serve the full 3-5 year prison sentence. He was given credit for 323 days served already in jail and in treatment. A term of his probation will be to continue to attend AA and NA meetings. Daytona AA and NA meetings in Daytona.

6 thoughts on “Man Gets Probation and Mandated to AA and NA Meetings for Assaulting Pregnant Woman

  1. OMG… You know. I do not have a problem what so ever with people who were minding their own damned bizz walking down the street and getting caught with drugs, having committed no other crime being given probation.

    But this kind of stuff is no good. it is almost as if being on drugs is an excuse to commit crime now. Instead of adding time for a hate crime, they take time off for joining a cult, that will protect you when you prey on unsuspecting people within.

    • Right oddness, he actually is convicted of a felony for harming a pregnant woman and he gets such a light sentence? I am sure it was a stepper judge that loves AA. I cannot believe this light sentence.

      This judge gave him brownie points for joining a cult that and that puts vulnerable women will be at risk.

      • This guy just looks like any other AA/NA member. I knew a thousand of these fellows. Sponsored a few.

        No one would ever know why he was there in the meeting. I had a friend when I was young in recovery, he had to go to prison for some reason. He let on for a long time that it was drug related. Turned out he was busted for oral copulation with a minor under 14.

        I had no idea, and for years I would ask this puke for advice.

        One time he pulled me aside when a friend of mines daughter was playing and teasing me, and layed this whole child molester trip on me, and why I should not ever be kind to little girls…. at the time it was so strange. I did not get it until I saw his mug shot on the megan’s law websight.

        ahh the wonderful people I knew in the fellowships.

        • It really is creepy, the pasts of some of the fellowship. And this guy in the photo – how many people here believe he is being sincere in his quest for sobriety? I sure am not buying it – the timing of it just doesn’t work for me. And so now he has a light sentence and will get to mingle with other folks sent from the court and also vulnerable prey. If and when he commits some predatory act against someone in the rooms, will that judge be accountable for having made this sentence light and mandating him to AA? I see the judge here as being liable (though I am no legal expert) for any acts of predation this (expletive) commits in the rooms.

  2. Well despite the victim wanting prison time for this man and that the prosecuting attorney wanted 3-5 years for this violent man, the judge was impressed with his attending AA and NA meetings and getting other help that most likely was 12 step based. He got the AA get out of jail card. Now part of his probation is to continue to attend AA and NA meetings.

    • Its almost like this judge see attending AA meetings as washing away prior sins – in this case, legal issues instead of sins in a religious sense. Scary and creepy….how dare this judge not listen to the prosecutor and most importantly, the victim? What’s to stop this (expletive) from harassing/attacking the victim again now that he’s out due to the judge believing attending cult meetings is so great? Will this judge be liable if this man attacks the victim in some way?

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