Shooting an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Located at The Methodist Church

MV1126 Jimmy Moss, mug

Another Shooting at an AA Meeting after verbal altercation. Victim has not been identified.

Yerington man jailed after Friday shooting at AA Meeting

A 74-year-old Yerington man is in custody in Lyon County Jail after he allegedly shot a man after an altercation on Friday. Daytona AA and NA meetings in Holly Hill Fl.

The Yerington Police Department says it was called to The Methodist Church, 121 N. Main St., at 6:40 p.m. for a fight involving a gun. The investigation showed Jimmy Moss, 74, of Yerington was involved in a verbal altercation at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting that turned into a fight and ultimately resulted in a shooting.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken by ambulance and later flown by Care Flight medical helicopter to Renown in Reno. NA Daytona Meetings in Daytona Beach Fl.

Moss was booked into jail on suspicion of battery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. Bail is set at $80,000.

Witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call the Yerington Police Department at 775-463-2333 or Secret Witness at 775-322-4900.

3 thoughts on “Shooting an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Located at The Methodist Church

  1. AntiDenial, I agree with you fully. I think a few churches need to be sued to scare the rest of them into becoming even slightly informed about these groups.

    These churches are furnishing an environment that certainly enables dangerous illegal criminal activity. In particular the delinquency of minors.

    But too, I have been contacted by members in the past to buy chemicals for their meth labs.

    I do not know a single woman well via 12 step who has not been sexually harassed at best, raped at worst. I know a young woman who awoke one night to find a fellow from the group whacking it in her bedroom window.

    13th stepping is the most common thing. I like to limit the use of the term 13 stepping for extreme things. Not everyone who dates someone else in 12 step is a deviant criminal. That is a silly thing to think, But no woman I have known well in recovery has been unharmed by fellows in the fellowship.

    • Yes the churches play a huge role in enabling these very dangerous environments and even drug dealing and other illegal activities associated with AA and NA meetings.

      Interesting that you state you know of no woman who has NOT been sexually harassed on some level in AA. I am not surprised. It is a breeding ground for preying on women and others including men.

      I have noticed that more churches are requiring that AA meetings carry their own insurance policies. Churches are not going to discuss much openly, but you hear from AA and NA districts complaining of needing insurance when they did not before.

      Churches are leaving themselves open to liability. I believe they most likely have already been sued at times over 12 step incidences and that is why some churches ask 12 step meetings to leave. Also they are heretical and do not follow Christianity.

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