News Flash- Alcoholics Anonymous Sued for Wrongful Death of Karla Brada


October 14th 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous Sued for Wrongful Death of Karla Brada

 Mendez vs The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc

Today ,  the server arrived at AA World Headquarters and served AA  with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Eric Allen Earle was convicted of first degree murder of Karla Brada recently and will be sentenced later this month. They met in an AA meeting.

Now the lawsuits begin. More justice for Karla.

Stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “News Flash- Alcoholics Anonymous Sued for Wrongful Death of Karla Brada

  1. Howdy! This article couldn’t be written much better!

    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept talking about this. I will send
    this article to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a
    good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

  2. Yeah right. AA HAS DONE SO MUCH for the community and is regarded high in the welfare and judicial system. Bad eggs. Their everywhere. I bet most people in Aa are saying wtf I just go and stay sober and it works for me. Media hype trash. We have police and a system to deal with this. Not a venerable non professional group of drunks… and what what I hear great people when their sober. Sum maybe not. Bit like a school playground. Just thinking yes their is an issue and needs attention but don’t trash something that helps people and its their security. Sometimes I wander what happened to humanity.

    • Wow are you off based. I guess you are not in AA are you Jules? Many people that go to AA are not sober. The only requirement to be a member is a desire to quit drinking, not that you actually have. Do you know how people are arrested driving to AA meetings? Many.

      Why in the world would you call the safety of women and children in AA media trash? Really? You are okay with no safety guidelines for women and children in AA or NA? How can the police help AA members when they are told to keep crimes against each a secret?
      That by calling the police it would break anonymity?

      I am sure you are smart enough to know other organizations have safety guidelines and rules to follow. Why on earth should AA be any different? Do not their own members lives deserve being protected? Did not AA/NA member Karla Brada deserve her 12 peers to aid in saving her life instead of throwing her to the wolves?

    • I am NOT understanding why this family is blaming AA rather than the criminal justice system that allows a current victim to bail out her suspected or known offender? That IS CRAZY! I care about/for all AA/NA members but that doesn’t mean I am going to walk across the street with them! I am confident treatment centers still warn about 13-steppers, and instruct no dating during your first year sober. There are offenders everywhere we go people!
      know whom you are keeping company with before you do so…do not just walk across the street with anyone! Which would include letting them into your home!

  3. Please! The American way now is to sue everyone or anything that moves! What happened to this young woman is not the fault of AA! Don’t get me wrong it is tragic and sad. It is the fault of the system. Predators of all kinds are released to the street every day. They can be found all over the world. As far as AA goes it has saved my life. I have been involved for nearly 25 years and owe the life i have today to the organization and the people in it. Yes there are bad eggs but they are everywhere, but anyone who thinks that AA deserves to be sued out of existence really needs to look into the good this program does and the lives it has changed.

    • Suing AA seems to be the only way to get their attention. Predators in Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs have been sexually molesting, harassing and raping for decades and they have flat out refused to do anything to keep AA safer. Why should they not be sued? Do you not think it is crazy to invite mentally ill, sociopaths and violent felons to the very same meetings of women and children who do not have a violent background? How would you like your school or daycare to allow just anyone to teach your child? Would it be okay to have a 3rd level sex predator to teach your 13 year old child and tutor them privately? Of course not. If they hurt your child you would sue the school district! Why should AA or NA be any different?

      What if the Boy Scouts let a pedophile take your son on a camping trip and never told you of his background? Then your son gets molested by this man, are you to blame? Is the child to blame? Think about it….really.

      • A judge sends someone to Aa who’s a risk of reoffending. Would you send Yr client to a bunch of wolves. No. would u invite wolves to Yr home. No. Its a society problem. We believe in second chances. We believe people can change.. hell maybe Aa should not let anyone in. Then it will really be a safe place. Sadly I feel for the young lady and her family.god bless all

        • Yes I believe in second chances. This is not about that. This is about making the rooms safer and putting into place safety measures to reduce violence, emotional abuse and financial abuse. Just because violent felons need help does not mean they should be co-mingled along with teenagers, college students, grandmothers in 12 step meetings.

          Would you like your child’s teacher to be a sex predator or a rapist? How about their babysitter or tutor? Well the way AA is set up now there is nothing that stops these sorts from sponsoring minors in AA or NA. NOTHING! Are you really okay with that?

        • Australia tried to do something, why not the rest of AA? This is no longer on their website though. Uhmmmm

          Dealing with Predators

          The Central Region’s 2001 Regional Forum took a bold step by holding a special session to discuss the issue of sexual, spiritual, and financial predators at AA meetings. Predators are AA members who take advantage of other members in various ways, such as:
          • sexual harassment
          • sexual attack
          • pressuring members to join a particular religious group
          • borrowing money
          • selling goods for personal gain
          • offering investment schemes
          • theft of group funds.

          While they aren’t at all common, the damage they do can be enormous. The saddest thing about this type of activity is that it is often practised on vulnerable new members who are least able to use their judgement and defend themselves.

          The discussion started with one member giving an account of being assaulted by another member just after she had joined the fellowship. This quickly set the tone for the meeting:- predation is an extremely important matter. It was agreed that the best way to handle the problem is to deal with it quickly at the group level. Several simple but effective methods are available.

          • Talk to other members about it and raise the matter at a group conscience meeting. Take care that you aren’t just passing on rumours. Make sure you have well-established facts to work with.
          • Discuss the problem with the person suspected of preying on other members. Listen to their side of the matter. Let them know the group disapproves of predatory behaviour.
          • Make sure other members stay with the suspected predator whenever he or she is talking to vulnerable new members.
          • Raise your concerns with any of the members you think may be at risk from the predator.
          • Don’t think the matter ends with your group. The predator may leave your group and move to fresh hunting grounds. You may need to warn members in other groups.
          • Barring someone from meetings is an extreme step and should only be taken when other steps have failed.
          • In certain situations you may need to notify the police.
          • Under no circumstances should members resort to vigilante action and use violence to try to solve the problem. This would be totally against the spirit of the Fellowship and could turn the situation into a worse problem.

          It is clear that older members and office holders have a moral obligation to help protect vulnerable members. It’s possible they may even have a legal obligation to do so. Certainly we need to do everything we can to ensure newcomers know an AA meeting is a safe environment.

          Authorised for publication by The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous Australia

          – See more at:

    • Yep, that’s the kind of callous disregard for human life I became familiar with in these programs. Such individuals aren’t fit to live in free society. And, Joe, I hope you don’t have a spouse or children.

      • and to add- doesn’t your program tell you you can’t take someone else’s inventory?
        or, as one of the oldtimer women used to say in her ‘shares’- I’m not God, AND NEITHER ARE YOU.

        • Hi Sunkist, it seems common that steppers have to keep reminding each other that they are not God! Just a bit of Narcissism I would say!

  4. I would really like to see a copy of the actual document posted on the net because I bet money that AAWS will offer a deal and part of it will be that they can not disclose anything about the suit. Sooooo before this happens… lets get the paperwork out there for the world to read. I would hate to see this case disappear into the realm of Urban Legend because AAWS got a gag order on it before it got out on the net.

  5. I do hope this brings the lack of safety in many meetings along with other issues in the 12 step world to the attention of the public that tend to feel AA is a great institution. I certainly do not think it is a suitable place for young women!

  6. AWESOME! Let the lawsuits FLY! SUE! SUE! SUE! Until this pathetic excuse of a “recovery support group” is SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE!

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