AA Sponsor Drugs and Rapes Children and Is Sentenced 30 Years

AA Sponsor Randolf Pozdol raped 2 small children of the mother he sponsored in Alcoholics Anonymous. She later died of an overdose. These children were only 4 and 7 years old when he started drugging them, raping them and then filmed the rapes. It is crimes against children like this that AA headquarters in New York City turn a blind eye to and REFUSE to take any responsibility for the horrific sexual assaults against minors by members of the Alcoholics Anonymous. The FBI needs to investigate both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for not providing a safe environment for AA/NA members. The FBI should look into how these two organizations are covering up these common crimes, much like the Catholic Church did. I believe this is criminal negligence by AA/NA. Our government needs to put a stop to their refusal to put in any safety guidelines to protect it’s vulnerable members. AA has officially voted to do nothing to prevent sexual exploitation of it’s members.

AA Sponsor who sexually abused his  girlfriend’s children claims he ‘did not hurt’ them.

Randolph Pozdol, 67,  was sentenced to 30 years in jail for the attacks – which he filmed. The  assaults occurred  over a  two year period.

By                                                                                                                                                                                                                        / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS  Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 8:51 AM

Randolph Pozdol

A Florida man sentenced to 30 years in prison Monday for sexually abusing two  young siblings used a perverted bit of logic to defend his behavior.

Randolph Pozdol told a federal court judge that he “did not hurt those  children” — who were apparently drugged into unconsciousness during the filmed  attack — because “they don’t know” what happened, The Miami Herald reported. The judge and prosecutors, however, weren’t buying his sick reasoning,  agreeing that what he did was “reprehensible,” according to The Herald.

The 68-year-old Pozdol reportedly sponsored the children’s mother in  Alcoholics Anonymous and had a relationship with her. From 2004 to 2006, he  sexually assaulted the brother and sister, investigators said, until their  mother died from an accidental drug overdose.

The boy was between the ages of 7 and 9 during the abuse, while his sister  was molested when she was 4 to 6 years old.

Pozdol was eventually nabbed in 2009, after an investigation led police to  him through his computer. Police said his IP address ranked first in Florida for  online trading activity of child pornography, according to The Herald. Investigators located more than 175 images and videos when he was arrested — including the film showing Pozdol sexually abusing the siblings, NBC 6 South Florida reported.

Another video featured Pozdol having sex with the children’s mother while  she was unconscious. Authorities investigated whether he may have had a hand in her death, but he  was never charged. Pozdol, who pleaded guilty to the abuse, acknowleged in court that “a period  of madness” led to him spiraling, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

His own son was shot and killed by police after a confrontation with law  enforcement in a Florida restaurant in 2011. Pozdol’s defense attorney tried to get the retired carpenter a lighter  sentence, arguing that he had no prior record, but U.S. District Judge Joan  Lenard was unconvinced. “There aren’t many offenses in the U.S. code more heinous than this,” she  said, according to The Herald.

Meanwhile, family members of the victims were angered over Pozdol’s claim  that he never hurt the children. “The guy’s a monster to think that the kids don’t know,” their uncle said  after the sentencing, according to The Herald. “They know they were hurt.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/florida-man-sexually-abused-girlfriend-children-claims-hurt-article-1.1120659#ixzz21dk8UoC9

Check Out His Pathetic Pleas For leniency For Being An Alcoholics Anonymous Member In this Article!http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2012/07/randy_pozdol_broward_child_rap.php


7 thoughts on “AA Sponsor Drugs and Rapes Children and Is Sentenced 30 Years

  1. When a person is trying to stop abusing alcohol or drugs they are at a major crossroad in life. They are in a vulnerable position and need real help from a qualified counselor and support in a safe environment that can help them make the transition successfully! All drug and alcohol rehabilitation support groups should have safety procedures and supervision because so many repeat offenders are court mandated. Many of them really don’t want to be there but they have to comply with probation and parole.

    Hardly a “microcosm of society!”

    In AA/NA there are NO safety procedures and they refuse to adapt any. There is also NO supervision and because everyone remains anonymous, you could very easily be sitting side-by-side with a DANGEROUS PREDATOR without knowing! It’s an unbelievably dangerous mix from vulnerable people to hard-core violent predators.
    It’s almost like a unsupervised masquerade party with a whole lot of dangerous people attending and you don’t know which ones they are!

    At these12 step anonymous meetings you never know what you’re going to get.


    • Thanks Admin, for posting the link the comment above, to raise awareness about the anonymous twelve-step organizations such as AA/NA/CA who are aware of widespread abuses at meetings but still refuse to have even basic safety measures in place.

  2. Here are just a couple of totally lame excuses from this AA sponsor child pornographer and child molester-

    He’s an addict.
    From the Herald:
    Pozdol told the judge he had struggled with alcohol addiction, and as he tried to tackle it, a sex addiction took over. He was active in Alcoholics Anonymous and claimed to have been sober for 20 years. His involvement with child pornography, he said, was “a really bad time in my life.”
    Also worth noting: The victims’ mother was Pozdol’s sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous. She was also dating Pozdol and appears in another tape Pozdol made in which he has sex with her while she is unconscious. She died of an overdose in 2006. “Bad time” indeed.

    Another excuse-
    It doesn’t count because the kids were unconscious.
    Pozdol asked for the mandatory minimum (15 years) because, he says, he “did not hurt those children… they didn’t know” what happened. See? All better. Never mind that he had a chest full of porn (in formats that included 8mm film) and was, according to investigators, “the number one IP address in the state trading in child pornography.”

    Wow-One Of AA’s claim to fame to have their AA Sponsor have the number one IP address in the entire state of Florida for trading child pornographer!

    Get Your head out of the sand 12 steppers and admit to the serious problems you have with pedophiles in your rooms. You guys are sick allowing this to continue.

  3. When a court mandated inmate is released to attend the nonprofessional, unqualified, addict sponsored, non-accountable, unsupervised organizations of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, they are informed that they must follow the advice of their nonprofessional, unqualified addict sponsor.

    If the court mandate does not do what the nonprofessional, unqualified sponsor instructs them to do, they risk violating the terms of their release and being sent back to jail!

    Just to break down the facts, we have courts throughout the country and much of the world mandating mentally and emotionally disturbed repeat offenders to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings as an alternative to incarceration. Many of these individuals are violent felons with amazingly long criminal histories.

    The practice of releasing inmates to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings instead of having them do the time for their crime is one that is being used at an alarmingly increased rate throughout this country!

    Inmates who are released to these unprofessional, unsupervised meetings, pay the courts money as part of the terms of their release. This is opposed to the cost of being incarcerated. You can see why this is becoming so popular with courts!

    Just look up the facts and figures about the recent explosion of drug courts in this country since 1989.

    Then look up the facts about the total lack of accountability and responsibility for implementing any common sense safety checks, measures or procedures to protect attendees within the unsupervised, anonymous organizations of AA/NA.

    With the many advances we have made with modern psychology and therapy why would we not give a real effort to provide qualified counselors in a safe setting, giving the vulnerable a real chance at real recovery?


    All opinions aside, just take an honest look at the facts. Check out the many news articles posted throughout the archives on this public awareness website.

    • This man is one of the sponsors that members are supposed to trust and listen to? If you are court mandated you are expected to follow your sponsor’s advice or else!

  4. This is disgusting what AA members continue to get away with under the guise of AA! What a sick, perverted man to harm those little children. How AA and NA can refuse to do nothing about this crimes is beyond me. They should be charged along with the the sex predators! They know this is going on, and allowing it to continue and get worse. They are no better than the Catholic Church in covering up sex abuse by their members. AA is an evil organization to allow this. One day the hammer will come down upon AA like it did the Catholic Church and Penn State.

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