Narcotics Anonymous Members Charged in Brutal Killing Of 19 Year Old Teenager

Narcotics Anonymous members James Ayers and Nicole Okrzesik, are charged in the brutal murder of 19 year old Juliana Mensch. James Ayers was on pre-trial release on a drug charge when he murdered Juliana Mensch.  He says his girlfriend Nicole Okrzesik actually tried to strangle her and he finished her off. Then they stole the 200.00 she had in her bra for drugs.

Nicole Okrzesik was arrested at 12 step Rehab Center Ambrosia Substance Abuse.


James Ayers Said He Strangled Juliana Mensch, Was Driving Around in Her Car, Police Say

By Rich AbdillMon., Apr. 2 2012 at 12:02 PM

Lauderhill 32-year-old James Ayers visited a friend at work last Wednesday, according to police, and “went into great detail as to how he strangled ‘Julie’ and left her body in a room that he was renting somewhere in Broward County where he and Julie were staying.” Ayers said the stench was so bad he had to move out of the room, which turned out to be in the 1100 block of NW Seventh Terrace in Fort Lauderdale.

Then things got complicated.

As Ayers drove off, the friend wrote down the New Jersey license plate number on the blue Scion Ayers was driving. He then called police, who discovered the car belonged to 19-year-old Juliana Mensch, from New Jersey. They also found that Mensch had stopped regular Facebook posts on March 23, the same day her parents say they lost contact with her. Police didn’t have to look hard to get to Ayers, according to the arrest report — at 9 that night, Plantation Police were called because he was at the West Broward Care Center threatening to kill himself. Ayers had apparently gone there to visit a former drug counselor, and, “having heard rumor that Ayers had possibly killed someone,” the counselor asked Ayers about it. So… Ayers told him the whole story. At some point after that, the police arrived, as they usually do when somebody goes around town talking about strangulations. Ayers waived his Miranda rights and was questioned by the Broward Sheriff’s Office, though available court documents don’t say what was discussed. Police did find the number of Diane Rosa, his Fort Lauderdale landlord, in Ayers’ phone, but had difficulty reaching her because she’d had a heart attack the day before. When they finally contacted her, she said she’d noticed that something “smelled dead” in Ayers’ room and gave police permission to search the room. When Ayers was told about this, he decided he finally needed a lawyer. BSO detectives “noted the smell of what they recognized as decomposing flesh” as soon as they arrived at the house, according to the arrest report. They followed the smell to Ayers’ room and looked inside to find a corpse under a pile of clothes. Early the next morning, police got a search warrant and found Mensch’s purse and ID in the bedroom.The arrest report lists charges for first-degree murder and a cocaine-related probation violation, but court records reflect only the murder charge.

Check this guys tatoo and Narcotics Anonymous Babble
And here’s the picture, posted last October with the comment “Did half of it myself with a homemade tattoo gun”:
Maybe it’s an Eminem reference; it could be a reference to drug and alcohol recovery (he was arrested at a rehab center); it could be that those were the easiest letters to tattoo upside down.
His “About Me” section also talks about how he’s reforming from a “not-so-good” lifestyle:

Ive been living a “not-so-good” lifestyle for a long time. I used to brag about things ive done that I now regret. I’ve treated myself worse than I’d EVER let anyone else treat me.I have had my freedom taken from me and I’m not OK with it. Its amazing how much you miss those creature comforts when they are suddenly taken from you. As of recently, I’ve decided to make a change. I try to practice honesty now, as hard as it may be considering how I WAS living. I no longer hurt people (on purpose) for my own benefit. The “Outlaw” lifestyle is overrated. I no longer look up to people that society looks down on. I have renewed my FAITH in my GOD, and strive to live a better life. I want to thank those few who have NEVER turned their backs on me (you know who you are), and my friends that continue to guide me in my new journey……I love all of you, new and old!


That’s a lot of qualifiers about no longer hurting people.

 As for that lifestyle, Ayers was charged with burglary, theft, cocaine possession, and grand theft at various times between 2002 and 2009.

9 thoughts on “Narcotics Anonymous Members Charged in Brutal Killing Of 19 Year Old Teenager

  1. I have had nothing but bad stuff happen me through my involvement with that “program”.I’ve had almost all of what little I had stolen from me from the slick talking people.What they preachin those rooms is rarely what they actually do.Anyone can come in and claim to be a guru or something,and love to analyze other people.They love to make quotes from their little book.The sponsor I had was a smooth talking control freak who acted like she was helping me while in reality she was just being ugly to me all the time under the guize of “honesty”.Beware!

    • Thanks for telling us about your bad experience with NA which helps to warn others. What state are you in? How long were you in NA? I have heard of stories complaining of feeling like NA members treated them like they were a bank. We have lots of stories of financial predators in AA and NA. Some are very sophisticated and others are just leaches and desperate.

      • Im in Ga.I got hussled by the desperate ones.When I first came around I was told I was at home and loved,and ofcourse I fed into it and kept coming back.I stuck around for two years while in and out of jail.Not to sound hoaky,but the whole time I was affiliated in this cult,I had the worst luck.I took to a woman who was staying at her sponsee’s house.The sponsee was very fragile minded and still is despite her desperate clinging to AA and NA.THe sponsor was a master of words,and the best liar I have ever met in my life.She claimed to have 14 years clean.She also made a point to bring up as often as possible that she had terminal cancer and was told she had only six months to live.That was over two years ago,and she is obviosly still alive because I found her mugshot from late 2012 when she caught a shoplifting charge.The sponsor talked her weak sponsee into allowing me to move in.So I did.I was desperate too.This convinced me that Addicts really do stick together.I eventually got locked up for a drug conspiracy that didn’t stick after stewing in jail for 5 months.When I got released I heard that the sponsor had wrecked the sponsees life.mrs.sponsee had leagal trouble due to the sponsor.The details are hazy,but I remember that the sponsor and sponsee had some kind of falling out,and the cops got called.They endedup in court,and the judge winds up kicking sponsee out of her own house,and sponsor gets control of it,and sponsees kids too.sponsee had to stay with her parents next door.I know for a fact that sponsor was providing sponsees oldest son with tobacco.
        Eventually Sponsor sank her claws into a guy with money,and a job working ofr a commercial airliner painting planes,and he was willing to bail her ass out every time she came around him with her hand out.He got her into a house,which I was invited to move into.(I had a good job at the time)The house was a revolving door for NA members.And many of them were going into sponsors room and the door got shut and locked for hours at a time.I eventually learned that she was selling her pills,getting high on roxycodone,and aderol in her room.When she puked her guts out she blamed it on the cancer.

        • HI Kyle- I think the sponsor-sponsee aspect is one of the most dangerous parts to AA and NA. This sponsor sounds horrible- but not surprising. So many outsiders tend to think that people who attend AA or NA no longer drink or do drugs. That is so far from the truth. Your story is a prime example of your sponsor dealing drugs.

          • I am just thankful I never have to learn that lesson again!I just wanted to belong somewhere.These streets are lonely!

  2. The courts are just sending more dangerous people to mandated AA/NA meetings like James Ayers. This was such a cold blooded murder. Juliana Mensch really thought they were friends! Nicole Okrzesik and Juliana Mensch had pancakes together in the morning before the murder. I think Nicole Okrzesik was jealous of her. You dont have to kill the girl to get 200 from her.

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