Due to sexual and illegal activity in the bathrooms at Ross Point Riverside Park, in the City of Holly Hill Florida, and without any input from citizens tore down the park bathrooms Monday. Where will people go to the bathrooms now? Right up the street to Sunrise Park  where the city commissioners Rick Glass, Donnie Moore, John Penny, and Liz Towsley Patton, Mayor Roy Johnson, City Manager James McCroskey, and  Holly Hill Police Department Chief of Police Mark Barker have ignored complaints from local businesses and citizens who have reported sexual and illegal activity there, drug dealing and advertised drug rehab meetings sponsored by Daytona AA and Daytona NA.

It is obvious it is who you know in the City of Holly Hill Fl, to get anything done! If it were not for the complaints from fancy Bed and Breakfast The River Lily Inn directly across the street from Ross Point Park, I doubt these bathrooms would ever have been torn down. The River Lily Inn is well connected in Holly Hill circles and was successful in solving their problems with the park bathrooms.

You should not have to own a fancy B&B or be Marina Grande On The Halifax to get the city to listen! Citizens have had death threats, and continue to be harassed from Daytona AA and NA members, and continue to have meetings in Sunrise Park, Holly Land Park and Centennial Park despite complaints from locals. They refuse to pay rent, they just take over and tell people ‘we are having a meeting’.

When locals have complained about drug dealing, sexual activity and having court ordered felons in our playgrounds via AA/NA meetings in Sunrise Park, Police Mark Barker has been dismissive. Formal complaints have been filed with the State of Florida against the Holly Hill Police Department in 2011 in reference to these matters. Yet still nothing is done about these complaints.

So I would ask the City Manager James McCroskey, and his good buddy Police Chief Mark Barker how are they going to deal with the soon to be ever increasing problems in our other parks now that they tore down Ross Point’s bathrooms? Mind you the Holly Hill Police Department is only blocks away from Sunrise Park, Hollyland Park and Centennial Park. Even with such close proximity, Holly Hill PD could not get a handle on the sexual deviants at Ross Point, even after they did do a sex sting in 2011 busting retired Catholic priest Paige Blakely.

There has been crimes of rape in Centennial Park & Sunrise Park along with other crimes like car break-ins. Is Holly Hill going to tear down those bathrooms too because they can’t handle the few parks with bathrooms? Check out Centennial Park on Saturday night at 7:30 PM when Daytona Narcotics Anonymous ‘Third Tradition’ has sometimes over 100 people having a meeting without any permit, fees and against zoning ordinances. They illegally park on the sides of the roads, making for a very hazardous condition. They take take over the park, and all of the available parking.

Also on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. we have a Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous meetings ‘Just For Today’ at Hollyland Park, and ‘Sunrise Group’ The Volusia County Intergroup AA meeting at 9:00 am Sunday morning at Sunrise Park. Why don’t they have meetings in the parks of Daytona Beach where AA and NA have their headquarters? Because Daytona Beach won’t tolerate their behavior and refusal to pay rent! Most at these meetings are NOT tax paying Holly Hill citizens. They are from Daytona and Ormond for the most part.

I guess the new City Manager and commissioners are getting spoiled with passing things through on the consent agenda. Now they even skip that formality and just do what the hell they want to do, and are starting to destroy buildings without input from tax paying citizens! How much did those bathrooms cost to build in the first place? Now even the bathrooms next to the Marina Grande On The Halifax, Daytona Beach-Holly Hill are always closed to please the MG on the Halifax developers. Again, the Marina Grande On The Halifax Condo developers have influence in Holly Hill Florida. Yet the citizens continue to be ignored.

Maybe River Lily Inn and the developers of the Marina Grande On The Halifax,  can also convince the Holly Hill PD to do something about the growing crime in general in Holly Hill Florida. It seems the City Commissioners just want to keep telling the Police Department what a fine job they are doing, when in reality they are the laughing stock of local citizens and of nearby city police departments.

Check out this video taken April 24th 2012 of the Holly Hill Commission meeting discounting  concerns by citizens of the increasing crime, and instead continue telling the Holly Hill PD what a fine job they are doing! What a slap in the face to the community!


Let’s see positive changes in November 2014, and see crime in our parks taken seriously.

Holly Hill Razes Bathrooms At Riverside Park

By CHRIS GRAHAM, Staff writer  May 16, 2012 12:05 AM


Holly Hill officials have torn down the bathrooms in Ross Point Park, a move some hope will flush out illegal activity in the area.But City Manager James McCroskey said that’s not the reason officials closed the facilities.”We’re planning to build a sun shelter,” he said Tuesday.McCroskey said the decision was made months ago to shutter the bathrooms, demolish the facility and build a shelter later this year at the park off Riverside Drive near Sixth Street.Staff members are responsible for daily maintenance of more than a dozen bathrooms throughout the city, and McCroskey said he wanted to consolidate their duties.The item will be added to the 2012-13 budget and it will be up to the City Commission to approve the construction of the shelter, McCroskey said.”It will be a place to get some families out of the sun,” he said, noting there are other such shelters in Centennial Park and nearby Sunrise Park, which has bathrooms.

But shutting down the bathrooms at Ross Point will hopefully cut down on a number of problems reported at the park, said Mayor Roy Johnson.

“We’ve had lots and lots of complaints,” he said. “I think the only thing they could do was shut it down.”

In years past, Holly Hill police have conducted stings in response to complaints of sex acts being performed in the bathrooms.

In November 2011, New Smyrna Beach resident Paige Blakely, a retired Catholic priest and former pastor at a DeBary church, was one of six men arrested after exposing himself to an undercover officer, according to an arrest affidavit. According to court records, prosecutors deferred a case against Blakely as part of an agreement.

Johnson said police can’t arrest anyone unless they’re caught in the act. Taking away the bathrooms should take away the temptation, Johnson said.

“It’s a good way of not having things that are immoral around children,” he said.

McCroskey said he’s heard rumors of sex acts occurring in the bathrooms but he said he doesn’t think it’s limited to Ross Point Park or the city.

“Every place has the potential of having that problem, but I don’t think it’s unique to Holly Hill,” he said.


Daytona News  May 14th 2012


Holly Hill Demolishing Ross Point Park Restrooms Holly Hill, FL- Crews were out Monday afternoon, taking heavy equipment to the bathrooms at Holly Hill’s Ross Point Park. Back in November, six men were arrested as part of a sex sting revolving around those bathrooms. NA Daytona Beach Meetings Ormond Beach and Holly Hill.

Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker said after the sting that he planned on asking the city to change the washroom to a ‘single-use facility’ to limit sexual activity there.  Calls to the City Manager’s office requesting comment were not immediately returned.

TV Coverage about sex perverts at Ross Point Park and how people can go up the street to Sunrise Park now! Thanks guys, that’s all we need is more sex perverts and court mandated criminals at Sunrise Park.

Click on link below-


Photo after the bathrooms were torn down without citizen input! Which Park will the perverts go to now? ON the news they mentioned Sunrise Park right up the street!


  1. Child safety advocate visits Daytona ‘anti-sex predator’ playground

    Lauren Book, is shown with Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will at the playground in the Bayberry Lakes subdivision. Book’s Lauren’s Kids organization was in Daytona Beach on Wednesday on her “Walk In My Shoes” 1,500-mile journey across Florida to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and promote laws to protect children.

    News-Journal/Frank Fernandez
    By Frank Fernandez
    Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

    DAYTONA BEACH — Lauren Book brought her “Walk in My Shoes” journey across the state to Daytona Beach on Wednesday to recognize a neighborhood that’s not playing around when it comes to keeping sex offenders out.

    Bayberry Lakes residents joined forces and wallets to build a $27,000 community playground, which gives kids a place to play while at the same time creating an exclusion zone. That zone sealed off an area in the neighborhood where sex offenders could have lived.

    Book, a survivor of child sexual abuse, praised the efforts of the community and Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will, who came up with the playground idea.

    “This is a stop that I could not miss here in Daytona,” Book said. “ We see a lot of pretty difficult things on our walk. We meet a lot of survivors who really are struggling. We meet a lot of kids who are in really dark places. We meet a lot of adults who are in really dark places. But when we have the opportunity to see a community that was empowered to protect its children, this is a stop that we could not miss and we were very, very excited that everybody rallied around this project.”

    Bayberry Lakes, off LPGA Boulevard, already had exclusion zones created by Champion Elementary School on the north and a park at its community center to the south. But a zone was open in the middle. The park sealed that gap. Law enforcement and corrections officials contacted last summer when the playground opened in August said they had not heard of a community building a park to keep sex offenders out.

    “The construction of this playground is an open and obvious display of our intent to protect our children,” Will said. “With the cooperation and support of the city of Daytona Beach, we were able to pull permits and construct the very first anti-sex predator park here in the state of Florida.”

    State law bars sex offenders whose victims were younger than 16 from living within 1,000 feet of a school, child care facility, park or playground. A similar Daytona Beach city ordinance is stricter, excluding sex offenders and sex predators from living within 2,500 feet of such facilities.

    The press conference also included comments by other officials including Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

    “I don’t mean to be sarcastic but if you think you are going to wait for the government to solve your problem it’s not going to happen,” Chitwood said. “It’s incidents just like this, it’s neighbors getting together and saying we have to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.”

    Daytona Beach Vice Mayor Patrick Henry spoke, saying that Chitwood had suggested the city enlarge the exclusion zone.

    “The people of Bayberry just took a great step in keeping our children safe,” Henry said.

    And everyone praised Book for her work. The 29-year-old Book is on her way to Tallahassee where she said it has been a good year for toughening laws against sex offenders.

    Gov. Rick Scott last week signed bills increasing notification requirements, including requiring higher education institutions to alert students that a sexual predator is on campus. Another bill increased prison sentences for certain offenses involving an adult victimizing a minor. It also prohibits gain-time for sex offenders convicted of certain crimes.

    Book said it’s important that people realize that a child can be victimized anywhere, including, like in her case, by her nanny in a gated community.

    “I wanted people to know that it can happen to all kids,” Book said after the press conference. “But we need to be aware. We need to talk about things. Parents need to have open and honest communication with their children and how important it is that communities like this lock arms to protect their children.”


  2. Wonderful news for Holly Hill! His misdeeds finally caught up with him.

    Holly Hill city manager resigns

    McCroskey: ‘I’m basically going to kick back and enjoy life a little bit’

    By Chris Graham
    Published: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:15 a.m.
    Last Modified: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 8:04 p.m.
    HOLLY HILL — Jim McCroskey, Holly Hilly’s city manager since 2011, has resigned, saying he wants to take a break from the responsibilities that come with the job.

    In a letter sent to commissioners dated Monday, McCroskey tendered his resignation effective May 31.

    Reached by phone Tuesday, McCroskey said he made the decision after talking to his family and considering his options. On Friday he was passed over for the same position in New Port Richey.

    “I decided to take a break from being a city manager,” said McCroskey, who was paid $110,500 annually and will not receive severance. “I’m basically going to kick back and enjoy life a little bit.”

    In the past year, the city was mired with controversial issues including an attempt to purchase a trailer park and build a retention pond in its place as well as a spat that drew national attention after the city told a biker organization that it would have to obtain permits to display additional patriotic flags on its property. The announcement came as commissioners prepared to meet Tuesday night and discuss an outside audit of city expenses that found numerous undocumented purchases in 2013 by the manager.

    McCroskey said he believes many of the city’s issues were motivated by the city’s upcoming election. City Commission seats have only a two-year term, he added.

    “The issues will continue to be a problem anytime you have an election come up,” he said.

    Still, McCroskey said he believes he and the City Commission accomplished a lot in two years, including starting a project to bury Holly Hill’s utilities, renewing the city’s sewer and water lines as well as completing the Daytona Avenue bridge project without using city money.

    “It’s been a fantastic year for getting things accomplished,” he said.

    In his resignation letter, McCroskey told commissioners he would be bringing Finance Director Kurt Swartzlander up to speed regarding upcoming projects.

    “I didn’t want to resign and leave everything hanging,” he said Tuesday.

    Commissioners reached Tuesday said they believe the time is right for a change.

    Mayor Roy Johnson said McCroskey had the best intentions in mind, but some of his tactics bothered people.

    “If it were me, I would have done it a long time ago,” Johnson said, referring to recent controversies while adding he didn’t have a problem with McCroskey. “I will gladly accept his resignation because there’s so many people against him.”

    City Commissioner Penny Currie commended McCroskey for making the right move.

    “I believe this is the best thing for the city,” she said.

    The City Commission is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. in the commission chambers at City Hall, 1065 Ridgewood Ave.

  3. James McCroskey Holly Hill City Manager

    Go figure Holly Hill City manager Jim McCroskey was past up for another job in New Port Richey. This man has been nothing but hostile towards many citizens. He is not supportive of making our parks safer. It is all about him not the citizens.

    Holly Hill
    Manager’s expenses prompt review in Holly Hill

    By Chris Graham
    Published: Monday, April 7, 2014 at 8:59 p.m.
    Last Modified: Monday, April 7, 2014 at 11:10 p.m.
    HOLLY HILL — Holly Hill will review its spending policies after an outside audit turned up numerous expenses without receipts by City Manager Jim McCroskey, including hundred dollar meals that were part of nearly $3,000 spent at local restaurants over the span of about a year meeting with county leaders and business developers.

    While most of his expenses were documented and the dollar totals aren’t large, some city commissioners and residents took exception to the purchases.

    “We shouldn’t be wining and dining people — not in Holly Hill — that’s why he has an office with a nice conference table,” Commissioner Penny Currie said.

    Reached by phone Monday, McCroskey defended the charges, saying he was conducting legitimate city business.

    “When I took this job I told (city commissioners) I’d be very aggressive on economic development issues,” said McCroskey, who was hired in 2011 and has an annual salary of $110,500. “I’ve been doing everything I can to bring business to town.”

    South Daytona City Manager Joe Yarbrough, Volusia’s most senior city manager, said each city has its own purchasing policy and its agenda determines how money is spent.

    “Everybody has a different way of handling it,” he said. “That’s a judgment call of the city manager, but they have to be careful not to bring disrespect to the city.”

    By comparison, Ormond Beach City Manager Joyce Shanahan spent less than $100 on meals over the past year, while Daytona Beach City Manager Jim Chisholm spent just over $3,000 on restaurant expenses with his city credit card.

    Howard Tipton, a former city manager in Daytona Beach and Orlando who has helped numerous cities hire new managers, called it a matter of public trust.

    “You’re entrusted with people’s money and you can’t be in a position where there’s any shadow of a doubt,” he said.

    While no one has accused McCroskey of violating city guidelines, an auditor with New Smyrna Beach’s Brent Millikan & Co. accounting firm recommended the city reinforce its credit card purchasing guidelines after finding several purchases by McCroskey not documented with receipts. A review by The News-Journal found more than 20 undocumented purchases totaling about $2,000.

    “We noted instances where some individual (purchase card) charges were not supported with the required documentation to evidence compliance with the City’s internal policies and procedures for the related purchases,” the firm wrote about the purchase card program, which is accessible to 52 city employees. McCroskey was the only city employee who routinely failed to turn in receipts for purchases, city officials said the audit showed.

    Records dating back to December 2012 show McCroskey, who was accompanied by various county officials and business professionals, spent $1,208 on 13 occasions at Caribbean Jack’s Restaurant in Daytona Beach, including a $329 bill in December for a VIP party with former race car driver and Christmas parade grand marshal Rusty Wallace. McCroskey reimbursed $100 to the city for alcohol purchased at the Daytona eatery, according to records.

    Alcohol was purchased at other locations, and though documents for those purchases do not show the city was reimbursed, McCroskey says he paid the city back for most, if not all, of the alcohol purchases.

    City staff are now reviewing the policies.

    Commissioner John Penny said he believes the city should examine adding a line item to future budgets that specifies restaurant expenditures and revise the current purchasing manual.

    “I believe it would be helpful for us to be more transparent,” he said. “I don’t believe the policy has been violated. The problem is there’s no policy to restrict what’s being purchased.”

    Currie said there’s no need for expensive lunches when residents are struggling to make ends meet, adding she has concerns about the missing receipts.

    “Some of our citizens’ children go to school without proper supplies and we have our city manager having lunch for $60 to $90,” she said. “That’s just a little ridiculous.”

    Mike Chuven, a candidate for the District 1 commission seat, said he believes the city manager’s expense account should go before the City Commission on a monthly basis.

    “I think it’s excessive and I think it’s abusive,” he said of the manager’s expenditures. “It is fiscally irresponsible.”

    Commissioner Donnie Moore said he did not have an issue with McCroskey’s expenditures. Mayor Roy Johnson said he would need to investigate the matter further, adding, “sometimes you have to spend money to make money.”

    McCroskey, who last week was passed over as a finalist for the city manager position in New Port Richey, said he did nothing wrong.

    “We’ve been pretty successful, I think, in bringing new business to the city,” he said. “I’m working at the city’s expense, not having fun at the city’s expense.”

  4. Wow Daytona cares about keeping sex offenders out of parks. When will Holly Hill care about this problem in their parks? Holly hill is in the dark ages, and they put criminals before innocent children.

    Anti-sex offender playground recognized

    By Frank Fernandez
    Published: Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:22 p.m.

    DAYTONA BEACH — Keeping children and neighborhoods safe will be the topic of a press conference on Wednesday at a playground built to bar sex offenders from the Bayberry Lakes neighborhood.

    Lauren Book, a survivor of child sexual abuse at the hands of her nanny, is stopping at the playground from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Wednesday as part of her fifth annual “Walk In My Shoes,” a 1,500-mile trek to raise awareness about child sexual abuse, promote laws to protect children and help survivors heal, said Claire Vansusteren, communications director for Lauren’s Kids.

    “They created this park specially to keep sexual predators out of their neighborhood,” Vansusteren said. “That’s why we wanted to walk through that particular neighborhood to raise awareness and pay tribute to what they have done.”

    The playground in Bayberry Lakes combines with a state law prohibiting sex offenders whose victims were younger than 16 from living within 1,000 feet of a school, child care facility, park or playground, and a city ordinance that bars them from 2,500 feet from such a facility.

    The playground is on Cinderberry Lane between Thornberry Branch Lane and Bayberry Lakes Boulevard.

    Book will be joined by Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will, who came up with the idea for the playground.


    • Hi Christine. This does not surprise me. We complained to Holly Hill PD about this guy all of the time along with many other Holly Hill residents. It fell on deaf ears. This proves we were right about Jason Sparks.

      • Jason Sparks seems to be a menace to society. He used to stalk us in the park.

        Holly Hill PD did not seem too worried about this guy. He was there in Sunrise Park for a long time harassing locals. He has stolen from Holly Hill River Mart and from the man he lived with that got him arrested.

        Now he has been arrested molesting a little girl.

        Does anyone know anymore about the events surrounding this arrest?

        • How do we know it was “girls” he had been arrested for molesting? It could also be little “boys.” I’m curious if anyone out there can find out more details about that.

          • Good point. He used to hang out with people in the park that were considered there to “hook-up” with other males. He even befriended a man that had been thrown out of the park numerous times for masturbating while looking at little kids in the playground. He moved into his house for awhile and drove the old man’s car around.

              • He did talk about working with troubled teens at a place one time. I forget where he said it was.

                He did have a young girl on his boat on the river at one time that got all scrapped up he said from her jumping off the boat and getting scrapped by barnacles. He did say he had young women on the boat getting really drunk.

                He used to tell people he had cancer on his scalp to get sympathy. There are accounts of him on this website my other locals. He absconded from another state when he came to Florida.

  5. No charges filed against ex-Holly Hill commissioner in Sex Abuse investigation

    By Chris Graham
    Staff Writer
    Published: Friday, April 19, 2013

    Prosecutors will not file charges against former Holly Hill City Commissioner Rick Glass following more than year-old allegations he sexually abused a disabled person, according to a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office.

    No information was filed this week against Glass, who now works for Holly Hill’s public works department, because “there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt” a crime had been committed, spokeswoman Klare Ly wrote in an email Friday.

    Reached by phone Friday, Glass said he had not heard of charges not being filed.

    “I’d rather not comment” until I do, he said.

    Glass was fired from the Arc of Volusia — formerly known as the Association for Retarded Citizens — after allegations he sexually abused a 41-year-old disabled woman. According to a report from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the incident, described as a “potentially inappropriate sexual encounter,” was discovered by a Department of Environmental Protection officer in October 2011.

    The suspect’s name was blacked out in the report provided after The News-Journal inquired about the case. The Department of Children & Families confirmed at the time that Glass was under investigation for an incident at Arc.

    Glass was first elected commissioner in 2007 but did not run for re-election in 2012. Penny Currie replaced him as representative for District 2. He started working for the city this year as a small equipment mechanic with an annual salary of $24,641.

    City Manager Jim McCroskey, who hired Glass to the city position, said Friday the case shows people are “innocent until proven guilty.”

    “It’s over with and I’m sure Mr. Glass is happy,” he said.


  6. Looks like Holly Hill is trying to keep our parks cleaner with the new no smoking rules.
    Many people saw AA Daytona Beach members this morning still smoking even after the new signs were put in. There was quite a few this morning smoking and littering. Unbelievable! I hope Holly Hill does not tolerate this. They have used and abused this park for years with no accountability. This needs to change.

  7. Here is Jason Sparks 37, that was recently arrested on September 19th 2012 for grand theft and dealing in stolen property. Jason had been harassing citizens in the park for months now. It looks like it finally caught up with him! A relief for those that visit Sunrise Park! This is the same Jason Sparks that got caught stealing from the Holly Hill River Mart and has been trespassed from there. Plus multiple complaints from citizens about his behavior in the park.

    Jason Sparks Mug Shot

    Here is the arrest info below-
    Booking Number 884109
    First Name Jason
    Last Name SPARKS
    Date of Birth Jan 5, 1975
    Race W
    Sex M
    Book date 9/19/12
    Inmate Status In Custody
    General Offense Code 1.)DEALING IN STOLEN PROPERTY
    2.) GRAND THEFT – $300 – < $5,000
    Arrest Type ONV
    Offense Date 8/29/12

    Agency Report Number 120003519

    Case Number 2012 035379 CFAES

    • safepark
      on August 26, 2012 at 2:45 PM said:
      If someone approaches you in a park, zeroing in on you being overly friendly and trying too hard to gain your trust too quickly , beware!

      There is a difference between a friendly encounter and conversation between strangers in a public place and a stranger spending a lot of time and energy trying to get too close to quick!

      We have had complaints of individuals who seem unusually, aggressively friendly and attach themselves to people in the park. They then try to act like a friend to get in your car or get invited to your house. This probably would not seem normal because is not normal.

      Many trusting people have been taken in by individuals like this only to find that things have come up missing. Please use good judgment when it comes to people trying to get too close too quick!

      When people in a community look out for one another in a natural and respectful way they get a sense of what seems out of place and can take appropriate action when necessary. Consider networking with other people in your Park to form a sort of neighborhood watch of some kind. This can be extremely helpful!

      If you feel that someone is acting suspiciously or approaching you and talking to you more than you like, just let them know you would appreciate being left alone. If they continue talking to you after you have asked them to leave you alone, let them know that they are harassing you.If they do not stop, simply call the police.






  9. I am glad so much energy was put into Ross Point, but it is Sunrise Park that has been on a gay cruising website for many, many years. Here is the link http://www.cruisinggays.com/holly-hill/c/areas/ Our parks should not be a meet up place to have sex by gay or straight people. Prostitutes show up there too. Some prostitutes even show up for 12 step meetings because of a drug and alcohol addiction.

    Now that Ross Point Park bathrooms are torn down, we now have even more criminal activity, alcohol consumption and perverts at Sunrise Park, including drug deals galore.

    Then we continue to have court mandated AA members threatening local citizens. Many AA and NA members have violent histories. Just recently in July, a Volusia County Intergroup AA member was asked to leave Sunrise Park for the day for threatening local citizens. Even though the man yelled and promised police to come back and cause the same threatening behavior the following Sunday, Holly Hill PD did not tresspass him or arrest him! Why does Holly Hill police tresspass a person sleeping in the park, yet a violent criminal that is threatening citizens is just asked to leave for the day? Oh that’s right he was an AA member! Anyone else would of been arrested and/or tresspassed.

  10. Please everyone help up keep a scammer and a thief out of our parks. He is bald headed with a tattoo on the back of his head. He lives on a boat as you leave the boat dock in Sunrise Park. He said his name is Jason. He is gross. He reaks of alcohol and is a mooch always asking the people who are having parties for money and food. And he drinks his beer out of a gatorade bottle. He is a menace to our community and we have reported this to Holly Hill police for Investigation. Lock up your valuables. He is still in the park although the police are right on his heels. Thanks River Lilly Bed and Breakfast.

    • I wish River Lily Bed and Breakfast would help out Sunrise Park as well. Keeping the bathrooms at Sunrise Park makes sense. We do need the help of the citizens of Holly Hill Fl and business owners like The River Lily Bed and Breakfast and Marina Grande On The Halifax to change the lax policies in our City that allows this all to continue.

      There was also a rape at Sunrise Park a couple of months ago.

      There is crime at Centennial Park, too. We do know a boy has been raped in those bathrooms, and they are filthy dirty. See story here at http://nadaytona.org/2011/11/20/na-member-sex-offender-rapes-minor/
      NA meetings are there Saturday night at 7:30 PM with a large crowd taking over the parking, illegally parking , littering, using foul language etc., and they refuse to pay a dime to the City.

      NA meetings meet Sunday morning at 11:00 at HollyLand Park taking over pavillions and they refuse to pay rent as well. They have had violence at this meeting as well- Read story here- http://nadaytona.org/2012/01/07/daytona-beach-narcotics-anonymous-member-swings-baseball-bat-at-fellow-na-member-during-argument/ Many children and families use Hollyland Park and are being put in danger by court mandated felons and sexual predators going to those meetings. These meetings are being advertised in their brochures and online website http://www.daytonana.org Look at the meeting list! Holly Hill Parks have become a setup for drug rehab businesses for AA that collect money and sell books , homeless camps and meet up places for sexual perverts and sex predators.

      Here is a story about an incident at Sunrise Park where citizens lives were threatened. The NA member was allowed to stay in the park!

    • James Harris, it sounds like to me that you are just a trouble maker yourself. Do you even know this guy? Have you ever sat down and had a conversation with him? And How did you get so close to him that you were even able to smell acohol on his breath? How did you determine exactly what was in his gatorade bottle at the time you saw him. Wow! Maybe you should put a police uniform on and join the force. I will find out who you are and for your best interest you have better used a ficticous name. You are obviously on my heels, so why don’t you just show your dirty face this afternoon around 3pm at the boat ramp and lets discuss all your facts against me in a civil, gentlemanly way, you malicious, dirty old man. I have never double crossed anyone in that park. And I have certainly never done ANY of the things that you are alledging that I have done. So what if I had a couple of beers after work one day and was in the park going to or from my boat. Thats none of your business. All i want is a nice sit down conversation with you explaining yourself. Have a blessed day Mr. “Harris”!!

      • Windjammer- FYI- you do not need to be real close to someone to smell alcohol on someones breath, or know what beer looks like with foam in a clear gatorade bottle. It also is not hard to tell when someone appears to be intoxicated. You seem to take people for fools. You indeed may have fooled some, but you are not as smart as you think.

        Your comment sounds pretty threatening to me…….

      • Okay Windjammer, in the 1st half of this comment it’s, “do you even know THIS GUY?” We see multiple 2ND PERSON references like HIM and HIS.

        Next your comment turns more angry and threatening and then it happens, * * POOF * *, the real identity comes out…. 1ST PERSON with references of I, I’VE and ME! OOOPS BUSTED !!

        There is serious cause for concern as you see the mask come off and witness the wild out of touch personality fluctuations emerge! 1ST PERSON threatening intimidator, pretending to be 2ND PERSON gentlemanly, civil. This goes along with what people have said about acting all nice and friendly to get something but becoming aggressive it doesn’t go his way!

        This is more than just someone who is having trouble remembering who they told what lie to. This person seems to be having trouble remembering what lies he’s told himself. It’s like he’s having a major identity meltdown in every sentence! UNSTABLE?


    • If the truth be known, I’m sure that this james harris guy has done some things in life that he’s not proud of. He just didn’t get caught. I have had boating issues where I couldn’t get my boat onto the trailor due to some strong wind and current. Jason jumped right in helped me and if it hadn’t have been for him I would have spent 30-45 minutes out there trying to load my large pontoon boat. keep your head up Jason and don’t listen to fools like this James Harris. I know who you are and I enjoy conversations with you.

      • No matter who befriends you in Holly Hill parks like Sunrise Park, be careful! There are many predatory people in the parks looking to take advantage of peoples good nature. Do not bring people to your home that you do not know! Park patrons need to be very cautious, even to super friendly people they do not really know. There are many transients that are desperate.

        • I agree admin, the people of Holly Hill are well aware of the wide range of long-running problems at city parks. In general our beautiful parks have suffered from an obvious lack of will by city officials to adopt updated Park policies.

          Volusia County, Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach all have updated Park policies. Good Park policy would provide clear guidelines and standards to simplify this whole situation and eliminate any confusion about what can and can’t be done.

          Without standards, the bar is low and the results reflect that. These policies have worked for our neighboring jurisdictions and we need to let our Holly Hill mayor and commissioners know that we DO CARE by sending an e-mail, writing a letter or simply making a call. It’s easy, just a simple line to let them know that we want updated Park standards like our neighbors enjoy!

          A public facility that lacks standard guidelines creates problems. It becomes an attractive nuisance! Our parks have long had a reputation for having little regulation which attracts people who know they can take advantage and use our parks for inappropriate activities. Apathy in regard to updating our Park policy allows confusion and chaos to thrive as it has done for years!


    • I think this is the same guy named Jason that was caught stealing from the Holly Hill River Mart across the street, and the owners called the police on him.

      • Jason is not allowed at the Holly Hill River Mart since he was caught stealing at the store that was caught on their security video. The police have the video.

        I do not understand why Holly Hill continues to allow drinking in Sunrise Park Holly Hill. People just open up cans of beer and walk around the park with no fear. If Holly Hill does have undercover police there, they are missing a lot of crime! Or they are just plain lazy. People should also not be allowed to panhandle, rummage through trash cans and prey on people in Sunrise Park. Daytona and Ormond would not tolerate this behavior,
        or allow political groups to set up shop in the park and not even pay for a rental. They just run people off sitting in the pavillion just like AA/NA does, and do campaign work with paid employees. Holly Hill is allowing this to go on everyday as we speak.

    • You forgot to mentioned that this incident was 7 months ago and he paid that store $50 wich was way more than the amount owed. Get a life, You are the fuckin losers.

      • So what difference does it make if this was 7 months ago? When someone shoplifts from a store, the owner has no idea how much has been stolen over the course of time. The money that was paid to the Holly Hill River Mart was not even paid by the shoplifter, but a friend offered some money to offset what had been stolen, and to prevent arrest.

        • Well Gregg, “it was 7 months ago” so it’s no big deal, doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe it makes sense to people who steal a lot, I guess. Holly Hill River Mart is a mom-and-pop shop run by exceptionally nice, tolerant, trusting folk’s! There are not many places like this still out there. I’m sure they have to feel much differently now about trusting friendly people. What a real shame!

          Somebody shows up out of nowhere, acts like their new best friend, and practically camps out in front of their store. Giving this person the benefit of the doubt, these good-natured storeowners found that someone who they trusted, was robbing them blind while there back was turned.

          It is people like this that make it hard to trust someone.

  11. Here is the article where they did a sex sting operation at Ross Point Riverside Park Holly Hill Florida.
    This has a link to Sunrise being a cruising place for gays. The gay cruising site has over 1500 reviews for Sunrise Park! Even though businesses and citizens complained to Mark Barker and Steven Aldridge, no visible extra patrolling was done. They like to sit under the shade trees in Holly Land and chitty chat with each other, instead of parking and maybe even getting out of their police cars at Sunrise Park. Oh no. Police in uniform walking? Instead they drive on the lawn at times because they are too damn lazy to get out of their vehicle.

    They might do some undercover work there. But that is not much of a deterrent to criminals when they can’t actually actually see police cars in the parking lot or walking a beat. We begged them for help, and they blew us all off.


  12. Article that appeared in the Daytona News Journal about a petition that was signed by local citizens about the AA and NA meetings in Sunrise Park, as well as other groups. Liz Towsley Patton who has stated her daughter is an NA member, refuses to take the safety concerns of the people she is to serve. To this day the city commissioners can vote raises for themselves, the police department and the City Manager, but crime is going through the roof in Holly Hill Florida. AA and NA meetings have now spread to other Holly Hill Parks now because of a lack of leadership and competence in the Holly Hill City government.


  13. Here is a story about violence between NA members in Hollyland Park last year involving a baseball bat! They did not get a special permit for that major baseball game event either, even though they had way over 100 people from different counties attending. Police would have been there had they got a special permit, and this incident where the NA member nearly got killed by his fellow NA member would not have happened!


  14. Daytona News Journal May 14th 2012

    Holly Hill Demolishing Ross Point Park Restrooms
    Holly Hill, FL- Crews were out Monday afternoon, taking heavy equipment to the bathrooms at Holly Hill’s Ross Point Park. Back in November, six men were arrested as part of a sex sting revolving around those bathrooms.

    Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker said after the sting that he planned on asking the city to change the washroom to a ‘single-use facility’ to limit sexual activity there. Calls to the City Manager’s office requesting comment were not immediately returned.

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