AA Member and Pedophile Sean Calahan was sent to jail for preying on women in Alcoholics Anonymous. This man had been arrested in the past for sexually molesting a 12 year old boy.He was mandated to AA Meetings and sex offender counseling on a deferred sentenced. He also was found with multiple shotguns!

Wow- a great role model and diversity for adolescence and children who are encouraged to attend AA meetings. This practice by judges and Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous sending our children into the lion’s den needs to stop before more women and children are sexually assaulted by AA and NA members.


Sean Calahan

Sean Calahan

 Posted: Friday, April 6, 2012 8:00 am            

Sex offender sent to jail for preying on women in AA

POLSON — A sex offender violated his treatment agreement by having sexual relations with several women who he met in an alcoholic treatment program, and was sentenced back to jail for 10 years in Lake County District Court, Thursday, March 22.

According to court documents, Sean Calahan was serving a six-year deferred sentence for sexual assault after rubbing the back, breasts and buttocks of a 12-year-old victim. However, probation violations, including the many relationships, possessing a weapon and alcohol, means that the 34-year-old Polson man will be headed back to jail.

While his probation officer reported that Calahan demonstrated the ability to maintain self-employment for a substantial period of time, attended AA meetings and participated in sex offender counseling, “behind the scenes the defendant was living a much different lifestyle.”

The probation officer’s report said that on Jan. 10, 2012 several empty beer bottles were discovered in a trash can in the defendant’s kitchen. On Jan. 11, Calahan was found to be in possession of a compound bow, a 12-gauge shotgun, a canister of bear spray, two live .22 rounds, one live 20 gauge shotgun round and a seven and a half inch buck knife. The probation officer said that Calahan lied about possession of these items. Calahan said that he had used the weapons for protection of his children, even though they were in a building separate from the house, and that the buck knife was given to him by a friend, also for protection.

His cell phone contained a virtual female stripper, which is also a violation of his probation.

Also in the probation officer’s report, Calahan wasn’t supposed to have contact with other felons, but he did have a close, intimate relationship with a female who was on probation for forgery. In addition, he was close with multiple females who were in an alcohol treatment program.

“The defendant has been preying on women in the AA program,” the officer wrote in the court report. “He has admittedly had ongoing sexual relationships with multiple women, leading them to believe he’s not seeing anyone else. This behavior violated his sex offender treatment agreement and raises significant concerns from a supervision standpoint.”

The officer added that Calahan was manipulative and dishonest with them and his sex offender program therapist, saying that he appears to be a “soft spoken, sincere man” but that his actions indicate he is “sneaky” and driven by his sexual needs.

“He admitted he was a ‘player’ and recounted the recent drama he caused when two of his girlfriends met in a bar and proceeded to fight,” the officer wrote in his report. “The defendant said one of the intoxicated women ended up at his house where she reportedly scratched and hit him. The other girlfriend reportedly went home, but continued to call him throughout the night.”

The officer noted that when Calahan talked about this, he had no grasp of the seriousness of the situation. A folder labeled “Sean’s Dark Side, and Ugly truths, nasty defects” was found at Calahan’s house. The document included his hand-written journal entries.

The officer attached an entry made in October 2011, which included his thoughts of his behavior toward women.

“I feeds self. Its all about me. Feed the need to control another human being. Feeds Pride. Ego feeds it. Just want more and more. And I want it right now. And expect her to also. Will take sex where I can get it. Who ever I can trick or use. Usually women early in sobriety cause they are the most vunerable. They have the most insecuritys so just a few words and a little care and they fall rite in to my trap. Its not there falt but I make them think it is there falt and tell them I love them and everything will be okay.”

The defendant concluded his entry with “This is very sick and I want to get rid of this thought process and action.”

The probation officer said that Calahan is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual intercourse without consent by at least one woman in Lake County.

“The defendant is no longer considered appropriate for community supervision due in part to his dishonesty and possession of a firearm and weapons, his predatory behavior towards women and the fact that he was discharged non-compliant from community sex offender treatment,” the officer said in his report.

Calahan was sentenced to 20 years in the Department of Corrections with 10 years suspended. He also has to successfully complete Phase 1 of the sex offender treatment program.


  1. I think the expression ‘Mandated to AA’ should be completely banned and replaced with what it really it ‘Sentenced to AA’

    Ie: No one says ‘Mandated to Community Service’ they only say ‘Sentenced to Community Service’.

    We need to stomp out the spin doctor tactics by calling it what it is – Sentencing not Mandating.


  2. 48 HRS shows what is have long known……. AA hosts unwittenly predaters…..
    personally I had a predator from Denver Wally Weasle that infiltraltred my inter family personally causing breakup and heartache. He also claimed he was past member of police dept. What can I do to put in to place some kind of private knowledge of those predators.

    1. separate

  3. Too bad that this story has some key facts and points wrong. If you are going to publish such a story, get it right at least.

  4. Sorry for the victims in this case, but I am glad to see this story being reported on and the criminal going to jail where he belongs. AA and NA are filled with these weasels!

    • It is good to get a response, as for years….I have been trying to locate someone in a position of authority to report what happened to my sons and daughter in law in Parker. Is this for real and can someone in authority take this information and seek out a predator?

      Nancy Novis

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