Retired Catholic Priest Charged In Holly Hill Sex Sting At Ross Point Park

 Holly Hill undercover police nabs 6 men in sex sting,including Paige A.Blakely a retired Catholic Priest! He told police that this was not an uncommon event for him as he goes “cruising” to meet up with men. This has been a problem in Holly Hill Parks for many years. Even though local citizens and businesses have complained to Holly Hill PD about activity at Sunrise Park for years,the department has done little to stop the crime there. Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous members even thwarted efforts by the community by removing Security Camera Signs! It seems they felt it might deter their court mandated felons and other criminals from coming to their Park meetings.How incredibly selfish is that? The police and AA/NA know that level 3 sex offenders and violent criminals are mandated to AA Daytona and NA Daytona thoughout Volusia County and the United States. Holly Hill PD has been notified that Sunrise Park is listed online as a “cruising area” for years. They are also aware of sex crimes at Sunrise Park, Holly Land Park and Centennial Park for a very long time.

This gay cruising website below has recieved over 1500 reviews for Sunrise Park! OMG……….

Holly Hill cops: New Smyrna Beach man, who was a priest, arrested in gay sex sting
Posted Wed, 2011-11-23 01:18

Accused was a former Catholic priest at St. Ann’s R.C. Church in DeBary


Paige BlakelyCourtesy photos / Paige A. Blakely, 61, shown in handcuffs in the larger photo by Holly Hill police, and in an earlier photo when he was a Catholic priest at St. Ann’s Church in DeBary, was among half a dozen men charged in a gay sex sting Thursday in a park restroom.

HOLLY HILL — A 61-year-old former pastor and retired Catholic priest who lives in New Smyrna Beach, is among a group of men rounded up in a sting alleging gay sex in a restroom at Ross Point Park in Holly, police said.

Blakely, a former pastor at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in DeBary, exposed himself to an undercover cop and allegedly told him he was “trying to experience what it was like,” and that was trying to get a “thrill” at the same time, police said. He also made a reference to “cruising,” a term men use when looking for gay sex, according to his charging affidavit.

Blakely, a former pastor at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in DeBary, exposed himself to an undercover cop and allegedly told him he was “trying to experience what it was like,” and that was trying to get a “thrill” at the same time, police said. He also made a reference to “cruising,” a term men use when looking for gay sex, according to his charging affidavit.

Blakely was issued a summons charging him with exposure of sexual organs. However, Blakely was subsequently released from police custody without transport to the Volusia County Branch Jail where he would have had to post bail. He and the other five men were issued trespass warnings not to return to the park. has been unable to reach him for comment.

The Diocese of Orlando released a statement stating Blakely had contacted Bishop John Noonan and informed him that he had “received a summons from the Holly Hill Police Department for a misdemeanor allegation regarding indecent exposure.” The diocese said the bishop barred Blakely from acting o functioning as a priest, pending the legal outcome of the criminal case against him.

The other five men arrested in the Holly Hill sting include:

David Louis Mecco, 80, of Daytona Beach, exposure of sexual organs;

Bernard Henry Cowart, 52, of Holly Hill, exposure of sexual organs and resisting arrest without violence;

Terry Allen Stamps, 50, of Daytona Beach, unnatural and lascivious acts;

Eric Dreisbach, 50, of Ormond Beach, unnatural and lascivious acts;

Don Allen Cupit, 50, listed as homeless, unnatural and lascivious acts.

additional article about sex sting-

Pope Benedict XVI speaking of child sex abuse is not exclusive to the Catholic Church. All institutions need to address the problem with’exacting standards’.This would also include Corporate Alcoholics Anonymous and Corporate Narcotics Anonymous that has been known for sexual abuse by their members, yet they cover it up and actually encourage minors to attend meetings alongside sexual offenders.



Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Member taking Security Sign from Sunrise Park entrance that was there to deter the growing crime at the Park. This would include threats of violence,assault,harassment,foul language and littering by Daytona AA/NA members.Many other crimes such as car break-ins,drug dealing,vandalism and sexual assault have occurred in the park since the removal of multiple security signs.  Even with crime going up in Holly Hill, and NA Daytona membership growing by leaps and bounds because of court mandating criminals to AA/NA, Serenity By The Sea NA ,The Next Step and More Will Be Revealed Groups interfered with efforts to keep people safer in Sunrise Park. Consider these recent stats-crime up 20.1% in Holly Hill,yet Daytona was actually down -11.5%,the State of Florida was down -2%,Volusia County was flat compared to last year! Now Serenity by the Sea has spread to other parks/playgrounds! Keep in mind that no one is accountable in these groups.Literally,no one is in charge. Narcotics Anonymous has no control over rogue groups.                                                                                                                        View "Picture_Park_717.jpg"

Here is what used to be at Sunrise Park to protect the families and children.View "741.JPG"


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  1. So the priest told the police this was not uncommon for him to be “cruising” ? Since this article the Ross Point bathrooms have been torn down because of this long ongoing problem with gay cruising, they seem to be coming to Sunrise Park right up the street now! What did the City of Holly Hill think would happen?

  2. This is a Big News story for local Holly Hill about a house boat that ran ashore over 4 months ago and had to be pulled out by professionals. At least this story involves a Boat and Sunrise Park, instead of AA and NA members harassing locals. Sunrise Park is a Riverfront Park. Let’s get it back to it’s original purpose of being a park along with all Holly Hill Parks, instead of them being a drug rehab center for the county.Or for pervert meetings…..

    Holly Hill houseboat shoves off to storage; hundreds watch vessel dragged into river
    February 9, 2012 2:05 AM Posted in: East Volusia Tagged: houseboat , Robert McGary
    Robert McGary’s houseboat is towed south on the Halifax River. The boat had been stuck on a sandbar since the no named storm in October. (N-J | David Tucker)
    HOLLY HILL — It’s gone.

    The 52-foot, 60,000-pound houseboat that graced Holly Hill for four months finally hit the water Wednesday morning after three tugboats yanked and yanked and yanked, and freed the vessel from its sandy perch on a tiny island off Riverside Drive.

    After an attempt to tow the boat off the spit of land just south of Sunrise Park failed Tuesday, city officials hired a second company — Sea Tow — and waved goodbye as the vessel rolled into the Halifax River and was pulled to its temporary home at the Aquamarina Daytona off South Beach Street.

    “It’s kind of emotional,” said Jack Short of Ormond Beach as he watched the houseboat slowly disappear from view just before 11 a.m. “I’ve been looking at it since it’s been there and it was just something to look at every day.”

    But frankly, police were tired of looking at it.

    “The positive here is that the boat is off the island,” said police Chief Mark Barker, whose officers had been battling with Robert McGary, the owner of the floating residence. “One guy asked me if we can have an annual festival called the Holly Hill Houseboat Festival.”

    But seriously, Barker said, the main thing was to get the houseboat off the island — which is owned by the state — and do as little damage as possible to the sea grass that grows there.

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