Concern Arises Over Criminal Histories of Park Employees

Here we have someone that is concerned for the children in playgrounds
being exposed to park employees that have criminal backgrounds.
I wonder how they would feel about court mandated felons attending AA/NA in their park with children on a daily basis?

3 thoughts on “Concern Arises Over Criminal Histories of Park Employees

  1. What concerns me the most about the State of Kentucky is that they make
    convicted sex offenders work at cleaning up the state using the PRIDE program.
    Recently James Bitner and Jennifer Collett were convicted by the Perry Circuit
    Court to 1000 hours of community service in this program. This program also
    actively tries to get girl scouts to work the same program. It is a tragedy
    waiting to happen.

  2. James Bitner was charged with 17 counts of first-degree rape, seven counts of
    first-degree sodomy, 22 counts of incest, three counts of first-degree sexual
    abuse and three counts of first-degree criminal abuse. Jennifer Collett was
    charged with 12 counts each of first-degree rape and incest. They may be
    working along side your daughters in Perry Kentucky.

  3. That is insane! I wonder if their are any restrictions on community service
    work depending on the crime in any jurisdiction.When I read your comment I
    realized the park in Holly Hill Fl where both AA abd NA have meetings (that
    have the blessing of the chief of police), ALSO has prisoners that do the
    landscaping and lawncare for the city.

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