Alcoholics Anonymous Blames The Victim Of Sexual Abuse

This is just heartbreaking and typical AA mantra of the “what was your part in it” line. It is not an uncommon line when you are sexually harassed at meetings and complain.
Alcoholics Anonymous does nothing to prevent sexual abuse by their members.
They actually invite sexual predators to meetings along with children and teens!

4 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous Blames The Victim Of Sexual Abuse

  1. It would appear that AA and NA are not the only ones that encourage Rape victims
    to blame themselves for the Rape. ABC news has just run a story called “Peace
    Corps Pulls ‘Blame the Victim’ Rape Video After Women Complain”. This video was
    pulled and the practice of blaming the victim has been exposed by ABC News. The
    main question now is, why aren’t they running stories about what goes on in AA
    and NA? People need to get involved and ask why are they picking on a
    relatively small group like the Peace Corps, when NA and AA are huge?

    “The Peace Corps says it will immediately replace a training video currently in
    use and obtained by ABC News in which rape victims appear on camera describing
    what they had done wrong to bring on sexual assault.

    “Independently of what the producers of this video intended, I am afraid its
    take-away message is that if you are raped, then surely it is because you made
    poor choices,” said Harvard psychology professor Mary Harvey in a letter to the
    House Foreign Affairs Committee, which held a hearing Wednesday on violence
    against Peace Corps volunteers. “This video, rather than preventing rape, has
    the potential to harm rape victims.”


    Another article

  2. Where did this mindset of blaming the victim
    start? It is one thing to tell women how to be
    careful,it is another to blame them! I cant even believe that the Peace Corps
    would stoop this low.Any idea who’s great idea that was? It’s the Peace
    Corps-how could they?You are right about wondering why they got flack and
    Alcoholics Anonymous does not.

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